Largest October freeze in South Brazil in 20 years

Car windshields covered by a frost crust that was difficult to scrape.

The city of São Joaquim, on top of Serra da Serra Catarinense, recorded a strong frost in much of its territory on Monday morning (Oct 23) leaving the fields white and covered by a dense layer of ice.

It was the largest recorded October frost of the last 20 years in São Joaquim.

According to Climaterra, the lowest temperatures recorded in São Joaquim were -3.2º in the Cruzeiro Valley, -2.6ºC in the Caminhos da Neve Station.

In Cruzeiro was the largest frost in more than 20 years, in the oldest station, with -3.0°C and -8.4°C in turf, a record.

In Epagri, today record low of -1.4 ° C.


Thanks to Martin Siebert for these links