Largest Quake in 109 years Rattles Victoria Australia

A magnitude-5.3 earthquake shook a large area of Victoria this evening,  with its epicenter about 70 miles (120km) south-east of Melbourne.

Geoscience Australia says the 5.3 quake had a depth of about 6 miles (10km) and rumbled through Melbourne and communities including Bendigo, Ballarat, Geelong and Shepparton.

People reported hearing a roaring noise, with reports of cracks occurring in the walls and floors of homes.

‘(It was) the most severe earthquake that I would say we’ve experienced at Heathmont in 60 years to my knowledge,” said Graham Miller, a resident in Melbourne’s east. “The shaking continued for about 45 seconds, and my whole house was vibrating visibly.”

It is an unusual event, said Professor Mike Sandiford of the School of Earth Sciences at the University of Melbourne. “It was a significant shaking event. We don’t often get earthquakes which shake much of Melbourne.’

The Federal Minister responsible for insurance, Bill Shorten, says he understands it is the biggest earthquake in the area “in 109 years”.

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7 thoughts on “Largest Quake in 109 years Rattles Victoria Australia”

  1. Sorry. Little bit of a media beat up.
    Last nights quake was the strongest since 1982 – Mag5.4 Bollarra Victoria. 1969 Mag 5.3 again in Boolarra.

    Never the less. Quite unusual for Victoria Australia

  2. There was one recently in either NSW or QLD too that was a 4.something (lol I can’t remember much). We don’t see quakes much in Australia, but since last year we’ve been getting a few on the 4’s, now in the 5’s. What a shock! Hopefully things don’t get more severe D: Our structures aren’t made for withstanding earthquakes like those built near fault lines, so if a big one, or even a high medium one struck a well populated area, I believe it will be a lot worse than it should be x.x

  3. No doubt people like Australia’s high priests of AGW Tim FlimFlam Flannery and watermelon (green on the outside red in the middle) Bob Brown will attribute this to made made global warming.

    They’ll flap their hands around in agitated excitement and tell us all we need to pay even more carbon dioxide taxes, to stave off the catastrophic future of climate change.

    I however, put all the tectonic plate movements down to a lessening of the magnetic field.

    In un-scientific terms… when the magnetic field is strong… it grips tight, and holds things in place..
    Less grip.. allows more movement… hence more earthquakes.

  4. Best comment in The Herald Sun appeared about five minutes after the event!:

    Kerry T Posted at 9:20 PM June 19, 2012
    Global warming. At least the Carbon Tax will stop this in future. Thanks Julia for thinking of us all, unlike the Opposition.
    Comment 215 of 915

  5. media ignored the offshore quake off Vic coast about 2 weeks back as well.should have taken note.
    re buildings, well older ones at risk newer ones often metal framed so should cope.
    and a lot of victorian homes are weatherboard(wooden)
    so should do fine, they flex.

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