The last time Santa Fe saw snow this late in the season was May 7, 1969

Expected to be the largest storm on record to hit Northern New Mexico at this time of year.

The National Weather Service issued a winter storm watch, cautioning travelers and warning of the potential impact of freezing temperatures on fruit trees and other growth.

WINTER storm watch – just two days before the month of May.

A hard freeze of 24 degrees is expected at the Santa Fe Municipal Airport by Sunday morning. Such temperatures can kill plants and early blooms.

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5 thoughts on “The last time Santa Fe saw snow this late in the season was May 7, 1969”

  1. Funny how just 20 years ago Al Gore was screaming at everybody that we’d be swamped by seawater by now and never see snow again because of our evil SUV’s and 15 watt porchlights. And kids who disagreed with him would get a flunking grade in school! Those were America’s dumbest years.

    • Think of all those little kids that were forced to watch his movie. America’s dumbest generation is upon us.

    • Of course America would fall for this global warming B.S. That’s what one should expect from a country where grown men participate in a girls’ sport. Basket ball = net ball.

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