Late April Freeze Warning

Freeze warnings for eastern KY and for parts of eastern Ohio and WV.

…Late April Freeze Expected Tonight in Sheltered Locations…

Including the cities of Flatwoods, Greenup, Grayson, Olive Hill,
Ashland, Louisa, New Lexington, Crooksville, Somerset,
McConnelsville, Stockport, Athens, Marietta, Belpre, Jackson,
Wellston, Oak Hill, McArthur, Hamden, Pomeroy, Gallipolis,
Ironton, South Point, Clintwood, Grundy, Vansant, Kenova, Ceredo,
Wayne, Huntington, Point Pleasant, New Haven, Ravenswood, Ripley,
Parkersburg, Vienna, St. Marys, Belmont, Paden City,
Sistersville, Middlebourne, Harts, Alum Creek, Hamlin,
Teays Valley, Hurricane, Charleston, South Charleston,
Saint Albans, Spencer, Elizabeth, Grantsville, Harrisville,
Pennsboro, West Union, Williamson, Logan, Chapmanville, Man,
Madison, Clay, Sutton, Gassaway, Burnsville, Glenville, Weston,
Clarksburg, Bridgeport, Welch, Gary, War, Mullens, Oceana,
and Pineville


* TEMPERATURES…In the upper 20s and lower 30s in sheltered
valley locations away from rivers. In the low to mid 30s along
rivers and in metro areas…which could still lead to frost

* TIMING…Monday morning.

* IMPACTS…Frost and freeze conditions may damage sensitive
vegetation. Take steps now to protect tender plants from the

Thanks to Kenneth Lund for this link

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  1. Six dead after Swiss Alps storm. Monday 30 April 2018
    GENEVA – Four skiers and two climbers were confirmed dead on Monday and five others were in critical condition after being forced to spend the night exposed to the elements in the Swiss Alps, police said.
    Bad weather in the Pigne d’Arolla area of the Swiss Alps on Sunday caught 14 skiers by surprise, police in Valais canton said in a statement.
    The manager of a rest-stop in the remote mountain region sent out a call for help at dawn on Monday, triggering a major relief operation that involved seven helicopters, police said.
    “Four people lost their lives, five others are in a critical state,” the statement said.
    Police indicated that one of those killed “likely” died from a fall and was found dead at the scene, while three others died later in hospital.
    The victims were Italian, French and German nationals, police said, adding that efforts were under way to formally identify them and contact their families.
    Some others were merely suffering from “mild hypothermia”, according to police.
    The group had set out from the Dix rest stop and had intended to make it to Vignettes to sleep, trekking along a route called The Serpentine.
    Police said separately that the bodies of two climbers, aged 21 and 22, were found further east on Monday after the alert was sounded late on Sunday but the bad weather foiled rescue efforts.
    The fatal accidents were the latest in a series affecting skiers in Switzerland in recent weeks.
    German retail billionaire Karl-Erivan Haub went missing after skiing solo in the Swiss Alps earlier this month.
    The body of the 58-year-old boss of Germany’s sprawling Tengelmann retail group has not yet been found but authorities have given up hope of discovering him alive.
    Haub had reportedly set off from a lift at the Klein Matterhorn.
    Separately, three Spanish cross-country skiers died after being engulfed by an avalanche that hit the Fiescheralp area of the Swiss Alps on March 31.

  2. I’m located in northern Kentucky about 70 miles east of Cincinnati and we had a hard frost on Sunday and Monday mornings. It was 30 on Sunday morning and 31 on Monday morning.

  3. No worries snow in the Albany area of NY too. Funny our friends with AGW bias may have missed what the locals are experiencing. I guess if you pretend that there is Global Warming then there is no Snow on the Last Day of April. Note even the local reporter is offsite not reporting live from where the earlier camera shots were taken.. Nothing left to see here !!! all is fine LOL.

    Meanwhile check out the link where your tax dollars have accurately predicted (sarc) that there will be 0″ of snowfall from 4/30 thru 5/1/2018. Go ahead and put those expensive decorative plants outside in the yard. They do say its the “Winter” forecast page and and experimental , and we are technically in Spring… So I guess they are right after all ????



    Sunspots are becoming scarce. Very scarce. So far in 2018 the sun has been blank almost 60% of the time, with whole weeks going by without sunspots. Today’s sun, shown here in an image from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory, is typical of the featureless solar disk:
    (Sun pic)
    The fact that sunspots are vanishing comes as no surprise. Forecasters have been saying for years that this would happen as the current solar cycle (“solar cycle 24”) comes to an end. The surprise is how fast.

    “Solar cycle 24 is declining more quickly than forecast,” stated NOAA’s Space Weather Prediction Center on April 26th. This plot shows observed sunspot numbers in blue vs. the official forecast in red:
    (Sunspot Number Progression pic)
    “The smoothed, predicted sunspot number for April-May 2018 is about 15,” says NOAA. “However, the actual monthly values have been lower.”

    “Official” forecasts of the solar cycle come from NOAA’s Solar Cycle Prediction Panel–a group of experts from NOAA, NASA, the US Air Force, universities and other research organizations. They have been convening at intervals since 1989 to predict the timing and intensity of Solar Max. The problem is, no one really knows how to predict the solar cycle. The most recent iteration of the panel in 2006-2008 compared 54 different methods ranging from empirical extrapolations of historical data to cutting-edge supercomputer models of the sun’s magnetic dynamo. None fully described what is happening now.

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