Late season snowstorm in Massif Central, France

Late season snowstorm in Massif Central, France

More than one meter (3 feet) of snow – Same Latitude as Northern Vermont and Central Maine U.S.

France 18 Apr 2012 Photo credit: loire Tourisme

After a very mild March, snowfalls increased this weekend, including the Alps, eastern Massif Central and the Pyrenees.

“With up to 1 meter of snow locally, these falls of snow was unexpected by the professionals of tourism to this period of the year.”

Accumulations as of midmorning Monday:

Bessat (1200 meters), one reaches a meter of snow … an exceptional mass at this time of year.

Pilat Massif, eastern Pyrenees and Ariege: 1 meter of fresh snow on Monday morning!

In the Pyrenees, to the station Bonascre Saquet ( Ariège) a combination of snow reaches 1 meter at 1400 meters …

Massif Central: between 50 cm and 1 meter of snow above 1000 meters (Pilat and the Forez)

Alps between 10 and 50 cm depending on the sector to 1600 meters

Jura: between 10 and 20 cm above 1200 meters

Alsace: more than 10 cm above 1100 meters

Gourette, ski resort (closed) located 1400 meters high, 35 cm of fresh snow since Friday evening.

In Saint-Genest-Malifaux (950 meters), snow cover was approximately 70 cm by mid-morning.

Most snow for a mid-April (70 cm Bessat) in 2005 was largely fought today …

Font-Romeu (66), it fell 40 cm of snow since yesterday.

For the week: Repeated snowfalls throughout the week, lows continue to flow over northern Europe.

(Credit Google for these translations.)—jusqu-a-1-metre-de-neige-fraiche-mesure-16551.php

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6 thoughts on “Late season snowstorm in Massif Central, France”

  1. It’s not unknown you know.

    I worked in Switzerland winter 1989/90. In April, we had snow down to 800m many days running (of course, it melted due to the warmer ground beneath it) and fresh powder snow at 1800m right up to April 20th.

    In the meantime, of course, we’ve had some warmer weather and some cooler weather……

    • Did you not read the part where they say it’s an “EXCEPTIONAL MASS FOR THIS TIME OF YEAR?”

  2. Same latitude as NE, or even NYC, but being on the other side of the pond, at the edge of the Mediterranean climate zone. That’s way south from Paris.

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