Latest spin from Australia – Record ice in Antarctica caused by global warming

Headlined ” Ice could cause grief for Antarctic vessels,” this story tries to blame global warming for the record sea-ice around Antarctica.  

“As the icebreaker Aurora Australis sets off from Hobart on its maiden mission for the summer season, the bright orange vessel has been stocked with extra supplies in case of hold-ups.

“For the first time since satellite records began in 1979 Antarctic sea ice has passed the 20 million square kilometre mark, voyage manager Robb Clifton says.

“‘This is the greatest extent of sea ice that we’ve had to deal with,’ Mr Clifton told reporters in Hobart ahead of Wednesday evening’s departure.

So far, so good. This looks like honest, straightforward reporting.

But then Sky News adds the following little zinger.

“Over the past three years there has been a steady increase in sea ice, which scientists have linked to global warming and a reduction in the mass of the Antarctic ice shelf.” (italics added)

The article goes on to admit that the Aurora Australis was trapped in the ice for a short time in November 2013.

It also reminds us that in January of this year, “the icebreaker was part of a rescue mission for a Russian vessel – Akademik Shokalskiy – which was stuck in ice for a fortnight during a trip to Antarctica.”

I can see the headlines now: “Ice-ages caused by global warming.”

Or how about this one? One-mile-thick layer of ice covering much of Canada caused by global warming.”
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  1. We know how sneaky global warming is. It is responsible for the reduction of the sea ice in the Arctic, and yet, it is also responsible for the increase of sea ice in the Antarctic. It is responsible for just about anything, nowadays, so it seems.

    I hear tell that global warming is also responsible for the Ebola outbreak in west Africa, and the rise of ISIS in the middle east – and I kid you not – people have actually written such stuff.

    However, what I can’t seem to figure out is that since there has been no global warming for the last 18 years, how in heck has it done so much lately? Is it that sneaky?

  2. Isn’t one of the tenets of the scientific method is that your hypothesis must be disprovable?
    The AGW crowd have a hypothesis that can’t be disproved because global warming is the blame for everything even global cooling. Very strange.

  3. You know there must be some truth in this story. Lol!
    California is in a severe drought. Counties in the north part of the state had to ration and control water usages. The amazing thing is these towns are under the shadow of Mt. Shasta which has its glaciers still intact and growing!
    For 23 years I have observed the disappearance and growth of the glaciers from my advantage point. I live in Oregon just across the border from California. I have taken plenty of pictures with snow and no snow on Mt. Shasta (north side). What is really amazing is that during droughts Glaciers appear to grow but will diminish during wet Years!

    • The take home point in this is what climate science ignores which renders their “science” junk – Mass.

      A cubic metre of ice or compacted snow has a mass density of less than 1000 kg/cubic metre , liquid rain has a mass density of 1000 kg/cubic metre and air has a mass density of a little more than 1.

      Liquid rain is slightly above freezing whilst snow and ice are always slightly or more below.

      Thus liquid rain will always result in net melting of ice or snow as everyone who has ever seen snow slush after rain will agree with.

      But it takes a lot of air movement to supply the same net energy – 1000 times is the factor approximately. So the air must be significantly warmer and at higher elevations it may not be warm at all.

      So snow reduction by rain makes sense and snow accumulation when rain falls only as snow even if less often also makes sense.

      The fact that the atmosphere is quite cold at elevations over a few thousand metres and therefore does not melt ice on mountains yet is claimed to heat up the ground surfaces by radiation is one of the most stupid things I have ever heard in my life !

    • Hey JB, Love to see those pictures. Any chance of uploading them? I’m sure Robert would accommodate. If not I would be happy to to host them.

    • The weather pattern you are describing is thought by some real scientists to presage an ice age. If the high pressure ridge causing your drought continues you could see a drought lasting a hundred years or more. It has happened before in the not so distant pass. You might want to think about locating somewhere else if its like this ten years from now.

  4. “Dangerous Forecast and unfavorable weather events on Russia” If somebody speaks russian…I use Google translator: or
    “1, 2)West Federal District and Central Federal District North (October 22-25), in the eastern half of the county abnormally cold weather with temperatures in the 7-10°C below normal.
    3)Volga Federal District. On October 22 the northern district heavy snow, blizzard, in the south of precipitation (rain, sleet, snow), wet snow, wind 15-20 m/s. Perm region 22-24 October precipitation (October 22-23, very strong, snow, sleet, freezing rain on October 22), glaze effects, blizzard, snow drifts, 22-23 October wind of 17-22 m/s. 23-26 October in most parts of the county abnormally cold weather with temperatures in the 7-10°C below normal.”
    And it’s only the beginning!
    Obama, If global warming exists, you will not need winter clothes in the next winter, donate them to Russia, cause’ they’ll need more than you.

  5. Some of these alarmists must have concluded that it is better to continue the lies about global warming than to admit that they were wrong. If they admit that they were wrong, then people might want to hold them accountable, and, of course, they might have trouble finding funding to do some other kind of research in the future. Best to just stick with the lie at this point until all faith in it finally disappears, and the funding dries up. If I was a climate researcher and computer modeler, I think I would be quietly seeking other employment about now.

  6. Unbelievable isn’t it? Less ice – Global Warming. MORE ice – Global Warming. This ranks up there with the contention that growing glaciers are caused by Global Warming lubricating them with meltwater.

    Anyone with an ounce of understanding about these things understands that growing glaciers are due to colder and snowier conditions and more sea ice is due to the same. More icebergs are caused by greater calving of ice from glaciers which are growing because it’s COLDER and SNOWIER.

    Will they EVER stop trying to spin this? When will it finally be cold enough that they simply can’t convince themselves as well as other people that it’s all because of “Global Warming”???

  7. John-Bonanza, “California is in a severe drought. Counties in the north part of the state had to ration and control water usages. The amazing thing is these towns are under the shadow of Mt. Shasta which has its glaciers still intact and growing! ”


    Ironically, the drought is being caused by cooling NOT warming. California relies on snow melt to feed the reservoirs and the CA aqueduct. If the Glaciers are not melting, there is no liquid water for Californians.

    • Hi Steevo.
      Much of what you say is true.
      The unique thing about Mt.Shasta is that it Helps feed the head waters of the Sacramento River via lake Shasta. Many communities surrounding the mountain draw their water from wells and natural springs in the area.
      Right now there is a very visible snow pack on the mountain (north side)(about 75 miles as the crow flies). It has been this way all of this year and most of last year. One of the glaciers even released a mud flow several months ago. search link here on iceagenow.
      You are right though most of the smaller mountains did receive much less snow last season.

  8. global warming shrinks goats too!! 🙂
    WUWT had an item yesterday, funny as.
    and the comments, some rippers:-)

    one GOOD thing about all these crappy studies n papers is?
    we have their NAMES on them…
    which means while they might weasel outta jail personally
    for fraud deception taking money under false pretence etc as they have done and still are doing.
    we DO know who they are and their past WILL follow them..and the “peer reviewers”
    hopefully in future days the majority will be given menial labour OUT in the real world where its getting colder.

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