Laughable weather station siting

In the last few weeks, record highs have been set around the U.S., particularly in the Los Angeles area.

Records were also set in Scotland, then denied by an errant Ice Cream truck, and also questioned in Africa.

Cartoonist Josh illustrates the one common denominator to all these high temperature records. Anthony Watts has done a great job of debunking these so-called records.

Weather station in Rome, Italy

Do you suppose the location of the weather station in Rome might affect “official” temperature records?

Or the one in L.A.?

Friday Funny: Josh on Mann-made warming

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8 thoughts on “Laughable weather station siting”

  1. And the number of rural weather stations have been slashed, to the point where temperatures are estimated. Not much to do with science.

  2. These reports are fraudulent. Don’t pay any attention to these reports on record highs. Most of them are nothing more than urban heat island effects and airports affected by planes and engines. A year ago they had one of those thermometers right beside a burning trash can somewhere in CA!! So you want to believe any of that?? LOL

    It’s just part of the desperate remaining “warmists” who know their days are numbered! So they spit out any lie they can before their funding gets cut off. What about the low of 33 degrees in Minnesota a few days ago?? Yeaugh….not a word about that though!

    Better stock up on food before our crops freeze!

  3. Here is another one in Italy, I know this one very well, Trieste weather station, surrounded by cars not more 2 meters away!. Not to mention all the shrubs and air-con near by. Furthermore, it is just meters away from a marshalling yard where diesel engines do their thing, and just further ahead there is the coastal road, the major transport road for heavy trucks that go between Trieste and Venice. Of course, lets not forget the Adriatic Sea, with its see breezes and salt doing wonders on the weather station sensors.

    In fact, most of all the weather stations in Italy are in compromised positions. The entire Italian climate sensor network is a joke. But try telling that to Italians! I have, many, many, many, many, many, many, many times. The biggest problem is with the academics, as one said to me a while ago, “If we did what you say what we should do, then we’d have to throw out nearly 50 years of work! Better to live with 50 years of bad data, than to look like a joke!” Yep that coming from a major academic, whom will remain nameless, its Italy…I’ve said enough.

  4. It would be laughable… if it wasn’t true! But it is… which is where all that fake “warmest year ever” info comes from.

    For the record, I once had to contact several US military bases to get weather data (because I was doing a supposed “heat injury” study among service members… and I could NOT get good data. Several people I talked with told me either the equipment was broken or they couldn’t get data out of it so they would use the temps being reported by the local news. One of those people told me there was such a wide difference in the so-called weather stations on several spots on the base that he didn’t feel any of the data was worth much. So, I refused to do the study (citing no data) and got severely chastised….. oh well, I’d rather have my integrity intact!

  5. I live in Granada Hills, CA. And while I am not a believer in man made Global Warning, and Love Ice Age Now – it has been Hot. But there are islands, one being the hillside in Granada Hills. Off and on for 3 weeks it has been over 102.

    So while I do not question the Heat, I also remind myself, and others, the the global footprint of Granada Hills (and the hot parts of CA and TX) is very tiny, and that other areas of the Globe are setting cold records, that seem to be over looked by our loving Media.

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