Laughing Gas—A Laughing Matter?

Laughing Gas—A Laughing Matter?

“Clearly, the goal is to reduce your animal protein consumption of any sort. They mean not just beef or pork but poultry as well and, by extension also fish and fishmeal used for poultry food.” – Dr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser

Newest menace to the globe: Laughing Gas.

Laughing Gas—A Laughing Matter?

Laughing cartoon characters
By Dr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser  
October 8, 2015

Some dentists use Laughing Gas for its analgesic effects instead of local anaesthetics. It’s supposed to prevent pain when they get close to your nerves. I’ve never had the pleasure of such a treatment and my dentist prefers the modern “slight discomfort” version of the poke and needle variety. Of course, that’s miles ahead of the procedure I experienced in my early years when the dentist appeared to use a hammer drill to lay bare the live nerves of my teeth—without any analgesic at all.

But I’m getting sidetracked. This post is about the newest menace to the globe: Laughing Gas. Believe me this is not a laughing matter. Some activists think that this gas is another villain causing “climate change,” “global warming,” polar ice melting, rising ocean levels, droughts and floods, and all other calamities.

Obviously, the claims of carbon dioxide (CO2) causing every conceivable misfortune is running into some difficulties; it must be high time to find another culprit.

Laughing Gas

Laughing Gas (LG) is a simple chemical, composed of two nitrogen (N) atoms and one oxygen (O) atom, hence the chemical notation of N2O and name nitrous oxide. Of course you know that molecular nitrogen gas (N2) and molecular oxygen (O2) make up 99% of the atmosphere on earth (disregarding water vapor). That new villain, LG, is present in the atmosphere at approximately 330 parts per billion, or 0.00003% in the atmosphere. What a menace!

Not only is LG a natural trace constituent of air, mainly arising from soil bacteria and lightning, it is also commercially produced and used for a variety of purposes, some of which – I frankly admit – are beyond my comprehension. For example, Wikipedia mentions uses that include rocket fuel or additive, internal combustion engine fuel additive, propellant for such food items as whipped cream dispensers, recreational and medicinal uses.

The “problem” with LG, as we are now told is its effect as a “greenhouse gas,” not that the greenhouse gas theory has been proven as a cause for any global warming (including CO2). Wiki claims that LG is a greenhouse gas with a large global warming potential (GWP). More to the point, from (in three language no less!) we learn that “In addition, further estimates suggested that livestock was responsible for 65 % of all emissions of nitrous oxide—a greenhouse gas that is 296 times more destructive than carbon dioxide (CO2) and stays in the atmosphere for 150 years.”

Of course, all that hogwash is only the background to the NGOs real intentions. The claim that LG stays in the atmosphere for 150 years is ridiculous. LG is a strong oxidizer that will readily react with many other trace substances or particulates in the air. That’s why its concentration in air has barely changed for several decades.

So what do these NGOs really want?

NGOs Creed

The and other NGOs want the LG matter to be put on the table at the upcoming COP21 conference at Paris in Dec. 2015. In that call for action, they are referring to the 2013 report on “Tackling Climate Change through Livestock, a global assessment of emissions and mitigation opportunities” by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, the Abstract of which states as follows:

As renewed international efforts are needed to curb greenhouse gas emissions, the livestock sector can contribute its part. An important emitter of greenhouse gas, it also has the potential to significantly reduce its emissions. This report provides a unique global assessment of the magnitude, the sources and pathways of emissions from different livestock production systems and supply chains. Relying on life cycle assessment, statistical analysis and scenario building, it also provides estimates of the sector’s mitigation potential and identifies concrete options to reduce emissions. The report is a useful resource for stakeholders from livestock producers to policy-makers, researchers and civil society representatives, which also intends to inform the public debate on the role of livestock supply chains in climate change and possible solutions.

Shifting global demand for meat and dairy produce is central to achieving climate goals.

Clearly, the NGOs goal is to reduce your animal protein consumption of any sort. They mean not just beef or pork but poultry as well and, by extension also fish and fishmeal used for poultry food.

The UN and NGOs

The UN and its multitude of sub-organisations, panels, committees and the like are working hand in hand with an army of NGOs all over the globe. Their unifying goal is to convert the world into a one-government state where everyone is equally miserable. They are hell bent to make a vegan out of you yet, if not today then tomorrow. After that, your diet of grains, veggies and nuts, undoubtedly, will have to be reduced further, perhaps to tree roots and bark. In a nutshell, that`s the Agenda-21 or decarbonisation plan.

For your and your children`s sake, don`t go for that!

Dr Klaus L E KaiserDr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser is author of CONVENIENT MYTHS, the green revolution – perceptions, politics, and facts.

Dr. Kaiser, scientist and author, has been conducting research for more than four decades.

After receiving his doctorate in chemistry from the Technical University Munich, he joined Environment Canada’s National Water Research Institute where he served as research scientist and project manager for several research groups. He represented the institute at a variety of national and international committees, gave numerous presentations at scientific conferences, was editorial board member and peer reviewer for several journals, adjunct professor and external reviewer of university theses, and was the Editor-in- Chief of the the Water Quality Research Journal of Canada for nearly ten years.

Dr. Kaiser is an author of nearly 300 publications in scientific journals, government and national and international agency reports, books, trade magazines, and newspapers. He has been president of the Intl. Association for Great Lakes Research, and is a recipient of the Intl. QSAR Award. He is currently Director of Research of TerraBase Inc., and is a Fellow of the Chemical Institute of Canada.

Dr. Kaiser is widely recognized for his expertise in environmental chemistry and his “no-nonsense” approach to issues.

Dr. Kaiser can be reached at:

13 thoughts on “Laughing Gas—A Laughing Matter?

  1. Reduced to scraping a living off of rocks by pain of death if caught eating anything else. Sounds like a population control and reduction and its what we know as genocide.

  2. Personally I’ve never been amused by a cow’s arse – especially due to any gases emitted therefrom.

    I guess they’ve already targeted NxOx emissions from internal combustion.

    Now they have incriminated virtually every activity which has brought the amazing benefits humanity could – and on some continents does – enjoy as EVIL planet destroying malfeasance.

    Perhaps that dark ages mentality could induce some laughing as well – without the aid of N2O.

  3. So, Nitrous Oxide is produced by the breakdown of Nitrogen in livestock manure. I always wondered about the Laughing Cow cheese brand. Have known some people who huff it out of the Whipped cream cans. Maybe all those types will head for the manure piles. It may smell bad but they’ll be laughing about it. The globalistas are really getting desperate, aren’t they?

  4. Blood type O people need to be on hunter gatherer diet due to their bio chemistry. That means they need to be on a Paleo- diet or Atkins diet to avoid the health problems associated with the consumption of beans and grains.


    Wikipedia / Paleoclimatology has a good illustration of constant climate change over 500,000,000 years, with hundreds of cycles of global warming / cooling in the last 50 million years, and 10 cycles of global warming / cooling (“ice ages”) in the last 1 million years.

    The last 1 million years have been the coolest million years in the last 250 million years, the long-term trendline has been cooling for 250 million years.

    No theory of climate change / global warming even begins to be credible UNLESS it plausibly explains the vast climate changes of the past fifty million years, at least, as global warmings and coolings and ice ages have come and gone and sea level has risen and fallen 400 feet or more again and again and again.

    I.e., to be credible, the theory must credibly explain the evidence.

    Looking at this circus as a lawyer, it seems to me that anyone who actually believes that changing a few hundred parts per million or parts per billion of trace gases in a climate where local temperatures rise and fall by fifty degrees or more, in many places, every day, warming in sunlight, cooling in shadow, is just being foolish.

    Illogical, irrational, delusional. The world has has become infatuated with a mass folly.

    The fact that temps can rise and fall fifty degrees or more between noon and midnight is CONCLUSIVE PROOF that CO2, NO2, and Methane, which are fairly evenly distributed throughout the atmosphere, obviously have trivial powers to “trap heat,” if they were “heat trappers,” the temp couldn’t rise or fall very much very quickly, but it does.

    Water vapor is a different story; where the local climate is dry, the local temps heat up very quickly when the sun is shining, cool down very quickly when the sun is not shining. Go camping on the Mojave desert, conclusive proof. Where the local climate is very humid, as in the tropics, there isn’t much warming in daytime, and there isn’t much cooling at night, i.e., the water vapor is “trapping heat,” for real.

    In a full-page message in the Sacramento Bee on Sunday, September 27, paid for by Dr. Lawrence Gelman of MCallen, Texas, he points out that water vapor in the atmosphere absorbs 20,000 times more heat energy than does CO2.

    If we want to stop global warming, we need to shut down the volcanoes under the oceans that heat the ocean and cause increased evaporation of water vapor from the sea into the atmosphere.

  6. looking behind this drivel..there a bit push on to use insects in human food for the protein and in baked goods especially as some bugs are oily
    recent research into safety of using bugs as food raised problems with bacteria and the risk of illness rising from it.
    they are starting a drive to put it into as many animal foods as they can
    as for the risk of nitrogen? LOL
    like the methane tradgedy thats also failed as levels by humans are far outweighed by natural sources
    oh..termites!! thats why we have to eat bugs!

  7. Yes, see clearly the one-gov coming. In Africa this is two fold: to eliminate the native sources of income, cattle herding which the gov will then turn to mining, etc., because the original targeting areas will be the most desirable. Africa needs roads, the primary emitter of CO2 and by targeting CO2 emissions with fines, I see that deals will be forthcoming that ‘loan’ Africa the money to pay for the fines while attaching rights of development. Debt is Africa’s future.
    Yes, the meat protein is targeted as well. Soylent Green –Make Room! Make Room!–by Harry Harrison and 1984 are now fact.

    While I see the gov shenanigans as most of us do, the entire purpose of the ‘trade agreements’ is to remove the ability of the individual to challenge them. That means the state also.
    The dividing up is ongoing. I believe that the US war crime of hospital inhabitants being burnt alive was a direct retaliation by the US military for the bombing of the C130 cargo plane on the runway in Afghanistan. It is possible the plane carried the makings of a plan to create a massive destruction in Afghanistan with Russia to bear the blame. Perhaps a part of the Russian missile would be found. It is no coincidence that AC of US announced his plan to extend occupation of Afghanistan by 5 more years. We just indended more world outcry against Russia.

  8. From the point of view of the global warming alarmists: Desperate times call for desperate measures. With no global warming for over 18 years and the average person becoming aware that CO2 is not harmful, they have to find something else to scare the “bejeesus” out of the “little people.”

  9. Better get out the chain saws and ban Christmas trees, for Pine trees produce NO (Nitrous Oxide) naturally. In fact, Coniferous forests around the world may be emitting more smog-causing nitrogen oxides than traffic and industry combined as well as creating smog and acid rain.
    From the information I have read, they claim that fertilizer from agriculture creates 66% of all human made N2O. Burning fossil fuels for energy and transportation amounts to about 15%. However 11% of N2O come from “Biomass Cook-stoves”. Let’s see, we grow all that corn to be sent to the Biomass generator, so we can make alcohol to be burned in our cars? Which “Green Fool” thought this one up?
    At any rate, it appears they are attacking our food supply, for if we stop the fertilizing our crops, we will be guaranteed to have a food shortage. Could this be their method of population control? They have been claiming for years that there are too many people in this world, although I have yet to see any “Warming Believers” volunteer to “Drop Dead”!
    Truthfully, it is a waste of time and money since the Solar Scientists foresee major cooling in less than 15 years, and like Dr. Kaiser says, the CO2 thing just isn’t working out!

  10. A full fledged iceage would take down the infrastructure of all first world countries leave alone the rest of the world. At that time how many elite will have plans brilliant enough to survive two generations leave alone the thousands of years that iceages last. Get real! Pronounced on my 75th year on this planet.

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