Lava forms nearly a mile of new coastline in Hawaii – Videos

Will affect marine and wildlife for decades – And can you imagine how much heat pumped into the Pacific Ocean? Hawaii’s glowing orange lava flows can get hotter than 1,600 F (871 C), according to the USGS.

That’s 8 times the boiling point.

We’re looking at the biggest water heater in the world.

Lava from Kilauea’s eruption, which began May 3, finally reached the Pacific Ocean on May 20.

In it’s 30-mile trek to the ocean, the lava has not only destroyed more than 600 homes and vaporized Hawaii’s largest fresh-water lake, it has covered tide pools, hot springs and coastal waters, and creatde new shoreline as it entered the ocean and solidified.

The United States Geological Survey (USGS) calculates that the lava has already created nearly a mile of new land in Kapoho Bay.

In addition to creating new land, the lava can also affect sensitive marine life in many ways.

Scientists say that when lava meets water, its off-gas makes the water more acidic.

The lava also sheds tiny particles of a glassy substance when it touches water, which can be harmful for fish with gills.

Scientists can only guess at the amount of similar underwater volcanic activity that may be taking place all of the time, day and night, throughout the year.

But still, they (some of them, anyway) try to blame humans for heating our seas.

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  1. The only thing is the oceans have been cooling for the last 9 months and I expect that trend is going to continue and even accelerate due to very low solar activity.

    Overall oceanic surface temperatures now +.13c above 1981 -2010 means in contrast to around +.35c deviation above means last summer.

  2. Doesn’t look like anybody in Hawaii will be able to say that their 15 watt porchlight is heating up the Pacific, even the ones living in Honolulu LOL

  3. This is much to do about very little. Aquatic life has had to put up with this sort of thing around Hawai’i for thousands of years, and they always rebound. Same thing with water temps.

    Incidentally, Kooks are always going to be Kooks, and do what they do best. I don’t even pay attention to them anymore.

    • I agree John – just another bit of U.K. junk media beat up.

      Hawaii is just one big volcano. Mauna Loa is one of the tallest mountains in the world – 17,000 metres or 56,000 feet. It’s feet sit on the bottom of the ocean – what sticks out of the ocean is the top of this mountain.

      And then there’s those hundreds of underwater volcanos – Robert has mentioned these many times. Many many of these are erupting at any given time.

  4. So along comes El Nino in the Pacific while the air temperatures and lack of Sun Spot activity, and High Altitude Volcanic Particulate are setting up La Nina. = Lots of Cold Snow. Yes?

  5. Here is an interesting image I found at the GWPF site.

    Look at the warm water around New Zealand and south east Australia.

    Couldn’t possibly be associated with underwater volcanoes on the “Ring of Fire” could it ?

    As for the Atlantic didn’t oceanographers recently find the mid Atlantic ridge is an extremely active line of volcanic vents ?

    And look at the “Ring of Fire” in the Coral Sea north east of Queensland and most of the island of New Guinea.

    Of course none of that could possibly impact Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef could it ?

    No, all the evil in the world is due to 0.04% of the atmosphere.

    As Robert would say – “And they wonder what is heating the seas”.

  6. what Ive found interesting is that the particulate tab on the nullschool earth is showing a big FAT zero over hawaii
    no co2 no nothing registering
    drag it round to any sth american or other city n see it show up lotsa red spots

    as for the oceans ncorals
    well ma natures fone it before and will do again
    greentinged one been very quiet on this havent they? till this one item.
    reckon the base/stability of that new labd may be a bit iffy until a lot more piles up and makes sure the weight settles it into the bedrock

  7. Based on past volcanic studies, I would estimate that this volcano has already spewed more sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere than all the US power plants did in the same time period.

    Hawaiian governmental authorities should be fined/jailed by the EPA for all the pollution Hawaii is causing to our climate..

    Destroying wetlands, killing birds and fish, polluting the air – all of these are serious offenses. Throw all the Democratic liberals who run (ruin) Hawaii into the clink.

    What? Blame nature? Everyone knows that humans cause all problems with our climate!

  8. oh boy we have the idiots coming out of the woodwork now in Hawaii screaming that humans are causing the quakes… LOL LOL

    Sounds like more politics to me!

    I just knew it was a matter of time until they open their stupid scumbag mouths about this. What’s next, did Trump cause the eruption now too???

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