Leading Japanese Scientist calls global warming a hoax

Tells National Audience Focus Needs To Be On Cooling, Not Warming.

Japanese scientist Dr Kunihiko Takeda

On July 4th, Chubu University scientist Professor Kunihiko Takeda told a national audience on popular Japanese TV program ‘HONMADEKKA! TV’ that cold will be reported on rather than global warming in the second half of 2018.

The story that the ice of Antarctica and Arctic is melting is a lie, he stated further.

“Global warming is a hoax”

On the same show in January 2017 Takeda declared that global warming was “a hoax” and that the earth is not warming as claimed.


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Professor Takeda, a Doctor of Engineering with a major in Resource Material Engineering, is no slouch.

His current other positions include:

Nagoya City Management Advisor, Toyama City Policy Adviser, Nagoya University High School Students’ College, Shibaura Institute of Technology honorary supporter, Asahi Kasei Sumitomo, Society of Polymer Science Fellow, Rod Board Director (outside the company), Daikoku Denki Co.

His previous positions include:

Cabinet Office nuclear power committee special committee, Cabinet office nuclear safety committee special committee, expert adviser of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Ministry of Education, Science and Technology Council, MEXT.

Part-time lecturer such as the University of Tokyo, Kyoto University, Tohoku University, Yokohama National University, Waseda University, Rikkyo University, Aichi University, specialists in the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Education Council, Engineering Academy Director, Shibaura Institute of Technology Councilor, Representative Director of the University Reform Division, Chairperson of the Chairperson, NEDO Technical Committee, Executive Director of the Japan Engineering Education Association, JABEE Engineering General Review Committee Chairperson, Nonprofit Corporation “Fun Science Girls’ Laboratory” and “Techno Mirai Juku” Executive Director.

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  1. If he was a professor in an American university he would have been put on administrative leave, heavily condemned and then fired.

    • Same in Australian Uni.
      We have had two examples of Professors in their own field disputing the “consensus”, one was sacked the other did not have his contract renewed.

  2. Now, come on here. Who are you going to believe? Some “Jap” or Senator Albert Gore, Nobel Prize winner?

    Does the over-rated “Jap” have a Nobel Prize? Of course not.

    Al Gore would never lie. We know the “Japs”lied before Pearl Harbor, so who would YOU believe?

    Al Gore has TWO movies out. This guy? None.

    Al Gore has a World Tour. This guy? None

    AL GORE has a 10,000 sq. ft house (maybe 3 of them). This guy? Most likely one of those “rabbit hutch” houses in Japan. You know (wink wink) how Those people live…….

    • Al Gore is a politician for power and money he not a expert on climate and weather the fact he got a Nobel prize is laughable.

    • I also believe his properties are on the beach or just above sea level so I expect he wasn’t expecting any sea level rise or fall. Sea level over many thousands of years is not static, at the depth of the last glaciation advance 24,000 years ago sea level was 140 M below its current level. 8000 years ago it was 3 M higher than now.
      All thanks to the Holocene Interglacial, not a lot of hydrocarbon SUV around then to account for the Holocene Global Warming. 17,000 year ago humans numbered 12,000 individuals and existed as prey animals and hunter gatherers. Now we have Gia religions and snake-oil salesmen like Gore leading us back into the dark ages and extinction.

  3. Rest of the world riding the Trump train, and are hopefully going to get conscious about the ensuing extreme GSM!


  4. Great to see a scientist standing up for the Scientific Method and true scepticism which underlies it. I hope he doesn’t go the way of all those before him and get drummed out of his office. Hopefully, the Japanese aren’t as blinkered as those in the West.

  5. Wait till all the usual experts – sorry suspects – such as celebrities and DeSmog blog etc – hear about this !

    Takeda will be about as popular on that source of all truth – social media – as Trump or anyone who blasphemes etc.

    Career ending move in the west – the same in Japan ?

    • dunno bout him being dissed Rosco
      the japanese have been prety quiet on the warmist meme
      and now the nuke fuku’d things up theyre needing to use alternative reliable fuels
      at this present time with massive flooding and 11 deaths so far im thinking his statement wont get airplay anyway
      might do a bit later?
      OS presstitutes will slam it of course in the meantime.

    • Which means nothing what does that have to do about him bring knowledgeable on climate and cycles and ice ages which is what Robert site and blog is about?

  6. doesn’t an increase in volcanic activity suggest a global warming process … in that case, from the inside out; in which case, the last to see such warming effects take effect, being the layers of the atmosphere … at least above the earth between the Tropics and each pole area? In fact, if mixing cold from the pole area down to the Tropics, and heat up from the Tropics to each pole, wouldn’t that appear as cooling during the mixing phase, in situ; depends perhaps on what gets noticed more, do you think … the cold warming … which in an otherwise expected warm area, would be perceived as cooling … or the warm cooling … which in an otherwise expected to be cool area, would be experienced as warming … the bottom line being … both dynamics would be expected … i.e., areas of warmth cooling and cold areas warming … and aren’t both being seen today depending upon what mixing dynamics are in play in a particular region at a particular time … what would not be expected, however, would be all areas cooling … or all areas warming … neither of which are part of present dynamics?

  7. Well it is a hoax. Here’s Monkton saying the same thing, with gusto.
    Lord Christopher Monckton: “There Is NO DOUBT About What We Have FOUND!”
    Basic and fatal flaw found in the mathematics of AGW models. Demanding retraction of claims (the hoax) or else police fraud investigators will be pointed at the IPCC, etc.

  8. Global warming/climate change is a hoax on so many levels; this cult has been lying to us from the onset of their scam. Scientists have become lying politicians reporting false data. Politicians continue to lie as they impersonate scientists. The plan is to blame humans for the fabricated problem to control us. Humans have a very minor effect, we do not control weather or climate change.

  9. He’ll probably have a heart attack soon, or be hit by a car; or his plane will crash. (sigh, i am soooo sick of “THEM”!) PRAY FOR THIS COURAGEOUS MAN!

  10. The Japanese are a Proud and Nationalistic people. So far the globalists have not been able to pollute their education enough to remove this trait from some, especially the elders. I’m not surprised some Japanese are speaking out against the Global warming hoax. The west is greatly kowtowed by the Globalist NewSpeak.

  11. Yeah, believe him. HE IS AN ENGINEER!
    He knows about constructing clouds and raindrops and icebergs.
    I mean, he has tge superior knowledge about weather conditions, ocean streams, wordwide wind behaviour and the greenhouse effect and chemicals and satellite technology and archeology and statistics and hardcore math!
    He knows all of this by heart because he is an engineer, he is a man of practice.
    And because he worked on atomic power plants so long, he is defied by greenish “scientists”.
    Hopefully, everybody will get his thoughts, instead of this thenthousand people knowledge compendium from the IPCC, which is obviously a fraud!

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