Leave out the personalities – Which party best represents your goals?

Sharp divide on climate change between Democrats and Republicans.


Democrats think climate change is a greater threat than ISIS. Republicans call this “the triumph of extremism over common sense.”
Democrats think climate change is a “real and urgent threat. Republicans: “Climate change is far from this nation’s most pressing national security issue.”
Democrats want to prosecute global warming skeptics. Republicans think we have the right to free speech.
Democrats call for setting a price on greenhouse gas emissions. Republicans: Raising taxes on carbon-based fuels is a bad idea.
Democrats want to force us to generate half of our electricity from “clean sources” within 10 years. Republicans: People should have the right to choose.
Democrats want to force us to reduce greenhouse emissions (reduce carbon-based fuels) by more than 80%** within 35 years.
 People should have the right to choose.
Democrats call for taxes and regulations that create incentives for renewable energy. (i.e. raise the cost of coal, natural gas, gasoline, oil, and any electricity generated by those sources.) Republicans: Environmental problems are best solved with “incentives for human ingenuity … not through top-down, command-and-control regulations.”
Democrats want to shut down the nation’s coal-fired power plants and bankrupt the coal industry. Republicans support proven and safe technology to develop our enormous oil and natural gas deposits, create millions of jobs and generate billions in revenues.
Democrats call for the Clean Power Plan to rein in greenhouse gas emissions. (The plan was stayed by the Supreme Court in February.)
say they will abolish the Clean Power Plan.
Democrats support the Paris climate accord. Republicans flatly reject he Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Agreement.”
Democrats: Increase regulatory powers of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Republicans: Dismantle the EPA as it now exists. Turn environmental regulation over to the states.
Democrats oppose the Keystone pipeline, which would carry oil from Canada to Gulf Coast refineries. Republicans:  Allow completion of the Keystone pipeline.
Democrats say global warming is too important to wait for democracy. Republicans  question the scientific integrity of the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).
** More than 80% below 2005 levels.


When it comes to non-climate issues, here are a few more outstanding differences:

Democratics have adopted many of the socialist big-government policies championed by Sen. Bernie Sanders.
 want smaller government and fewer regulations.
Democrats: Increase the number of Syrian immigrants far above today’s level. Republicans:  Drastically reduce the flow.
And then there’s gun control.
Democrats want to take your guns.
Republicans want you to keep your guns


As I said, leave out the personalities.
Which party best represents your goals?


15 thoughts on “Leave out the personalities – Which party best represents your goals?”

  1. I see that all attendees from America will have to burn lots of carbon flying to Venice, Italy!

    Does that make it more likely that they will be Republicans?

    Or at the very least, power-crazy Democratic hypocrites??!!

  2. Too bad Ice Age Now is degenerating itself into political advocacy.

    It has been about science.

    To bad the critics of AGW have been so utterly incompetent to take their case to the public, with scientific support, so far they’re not changing any minds, just talking to each other about how bad the Democrats and Global Warmers are.

    Unless and until the Deniers figger out how to make their case to the public, the Changers will keep winning. So far, I see no signs that the Deniers will ever figger it out.

    • Actually, despite having to overcome the tremendous power and resources of the federal government and all the major media, the skeptics have done a tremendous job in making their case to the public.

      The large majority of people (other than the warmers and profiteers with a vested financial and power interest) do not consider this to be a major issue at all. Poll after poll shows a lack of concern or belief by the public that global warming is real or a problem.

      That is why the warmists and their power brokers act frantically to suppress discussions and to threaten those who speak out. If the skeptics were failing to make a case, the powers that be would not have to worry–but they are very worried and their actions show that.

    • Too bad to see Ray Kraft using the alarmist/leftist terminology of “Deniers” vs. “Changers.” Ray, don’t fall for the media narrative! The doubters of Anthropogenic climate change overwhelmingly have no doubt that the climate changes, so they are not in actuality denying anything but the amount of effect that humans have on the climate. So-called deniers happen to think that effect is miniscule in the long run, and that other natural forcings are far more in control over climate changes of any variety. Alarmists for climate chaos get the media attention because it bring in the big bucks and the low attention span followers. When the consumers stop buying into the media narrative re. climate change, only then will the media be forced to change their story.

  3. Hi Robert:

    Follow up test comment … as requested …

    Let’s see how the math goes this time.

    5 + twelve = 17

    If you get this, it’s working.

    Thx – Cam

  4. It’s truly, truly sad that politics has NOTHING to do with ICE age and you have it WRONG. Did you go to trump for this right wing crap?

      • I happen to follow this site for its outstanding climate articles and world weather events caused by sun spot cycles. The global warming agenda will be nullified within the next 5 to 10 years. Your site demeans itself by getting into the dirty world of politics. It begins to sound too right wing. Moderation in all things will grow legitimacy. Posting your opinions of differences between GOP & Dems is subjective to opinion and not science. Continue that and you harm the validity of ice age now. I share your site with libertarian friends & democrats and independents. Right wing will tarnish you to conspiracy alarmist only. Think about it. Btw, I’m an independent. Peace and good luck.

  5. Good comparison. Not political. The way CAGW proponents are labeled (“climate scientists”) implies THEY are “scientists” while other scientists in various specialties including weather and non-weather related areas of focus are somehow “not” scientists and therefore to be ignored and rejected (“deniers”). Like the Church of 500 years ago, the Government (and its media) seeks to impose its views for control purposes. But, will Republicans do what they say? On the climate…I would like to see an analysis of low sunspot and coronal ejection activity with increased volcanic or tectonic plate earthquake activity. I suspect they may be related and large factors in climate change.

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