Lebanon and Global cooling

“People here are brainwashed by global warming theories.”

Email from reader in Lebanon

Hi Robert

I’m a big fan of your new blog and old site; I check it almost every day. I don’t comment often on your post due to the fact that I’m a med student but I couldn’t help but to send you this mail to inform you on the situation in my country, Lebanon … located in the middle east, on the east of the med sea; south east Europe.

First point I would like to mention, and really annoys me, is that people here are brainwashed by global warming theories. They all think that the world will end like 20 years later due to rising sea level and heat and all the bullshit about manmade global warming, and it’s not really that easy to talk sense into some of the people!

Second, last winter and this summer was really exceptional. Despite the abnormal dry fall of 2010, starting from January 2011, the region was hit by several cold fronts and snow that reached really low levels. What wasn’t normal was the cold front that hit us in March! Snow reached then levels low as 1800 feet!

Talking about this summer it was abnormally cool as well. We are used for temperature to reach at coastline around 35 degrees Celsius for really long periods and sometimes more, but this summer we barely saw 3 or 4 days with temperature around 32 degrees Celsius and the rest with temperature swinging between 29 and 30. Spending this summer in my village that is 2000 feet above sea level, I can honestly say it felts more like fall or spring than summer!

Third, it seems we will have a very early winter this year! On Wednesday next week we are expecting a sudden drop in temperature from 28 degrees Celsius to 21 on coastline with rain and snow on the very top of the highest mountains of my country that reaches 10100 feet. Those conditions are really strange in September and normally happens in mid or end of October.

I really appreciate your efforts and time spending on this amazing blog

Keep on the good work


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  1. Hi Robert and Gaby!! I am from neighboring Jordan and I really couldnt agree more with Gaby.. here in Jordan, especially in Amman, this summer was much cooler than the last Summer of 2010 where we were hit by a number of unprecedented heat waves, same heat waves that reached up till moscow!! again, a regular Jordanian summer when temperatures are in mid thirties hadn’t start this year before mid June and before that temperatures rarely exceeded 24 C degrees! next week is expected to witness weather conditions that are normal only in late October!
    I agree with most of what you post in your blog.. im not a meteorological expert, but this global warming thing just dosent make sense!!

  2. Palestine? You mean the mythical land that General Hadrian first invented and named after the Greek Philistines? Or the one that was invented after the 1967 Arab/Israeli war? The one where the people living in an area of South Syria were Jordanians one day and were told the next they were now Palestinians? Because there is no historical reference to a Palestine or a Palestinian people.

    • You should probably mention Herodotus’ Histories, in which in fact is the earliest historical description of Palestine. Hadrian was a relative latecomer. The Hebrews also referred to the coastal area west of Judah as Peleshet, apparently indicating where Philistines lived.

    • C. Peter.. seems you are an Israeli and unfortunately it is obvious that you don’t read history and you’re only reference for history is the Torah and the old testament.. It is really worrying us that Israel and Iran are the only two countries in the region at the moment that believe that their citizens should be only jewish or Shiite, and they make massacres against all others.. like the ones you did to the Palestinians refugees camps in 1982.. what’s really worrying in the future besides dramatic climate changes is Israeli and Irani people.. C. Peter, leave politics aside please and let’s enjoy this informative blog.. don’t bring your Israeli hatred and grudge to here.. PLEASE

  3. Mohammed, I don’t know where you get your information, but few Arab Israelis would ever choose Palestinian citizenship or “Palestine” as their homeland, if and when a “Palestinian” state is established.
    They enjoy more rights as Israeli citizens than any Arab citizen in any Arab country.
    As per Sabra and Shattila – 30 years later, you still parrot that when Christian Arabs massacare Muslim Arabs it’s the Jews fault. Typical.

    And yes, this Summer was definitely less miserable than 2010, although we have reached the point that what was normal 10 years ago is now considered cool.

    And Gaby, you’re probably very young since it used to be quite normal to have snow storms in March (and at least some rain in September – 1975/81/82/86/94/96/97/98), we just haven’t had them between 2003 and 2010.
    See 1971/76/80/83/98/2003

  4. And regarding the rain/snow next Wednesday … let’s wait until it actually appears. Precipitation in our corner of the world is like a bank transfer. You shouldn’t count it until you see it 🙂

    • Haha Yea maybe I’m young but u know I was talking temperature wise and of course we do have precipitation in September but not with this low temperature! and march of course we normally have snow storms but doesnt reach such low levels.

      Oh and about next week … Maybe im a little to excited. So we wait and see 😀

  5. Can we please stop all this bullshit political talks about who’s right and who’s wrong! who got a land and who doesn’t!
    this blog is a scientific one and let’s keep it that way.

  6. Well, I would also like to point out that Nabro in Ethiopia spewed out vast quantities of ash back in June, and has just started to erupt again. Nabro is an Eritrean volcano with NO historic eruption record


    By the way, Robert, I finished “Magnetic Reversals”. With a degree in Molecular Sciences, I have more scientific knowledge than most and..

    1. This is the scariest book I have ever read!

    2. Everything is backed up by a large body of evidence (great bibliography) and makes perfect sense!

    3. If you haven’t ordered this book, you MUST, because Robert shows how “it” is all coming together.. right here.. right now!

    Congratulations on this timely work.

    Caroline Snyder

  7. Seriously? One person mentions Palestine and another has to go off on a rant about the historical significance or accuracy of political claims? Get the F over it. That region’s been fought over for thousands of years, it doesn’t need a new battleground on this website.

  8. I will agree with you, Gaby, that it is extremely difficult to talk “denier science” to those that have become “born again greens,” also known as warmists. Since the AGW movement started, I have noticed that those people that watch TV a lot can be talked to, made to realize something different, but being left watching TV for a week or so with no other input, revert totally to warmist dogma. I don’t know for a fact, but personally am convinced that the switch to digital TV was made to paint subliminal messages across the bottom of the screen to brainwash and reinforce the brainwashing. It doesn’t matter if it is 9/11 truth, the desire for peace, the end of global warming BS, Al Qaeda, middle eastern “dictators,” or personal liberty in the US, it seems that as fast as you can convince someone about the truth, watching TV switches them back. I believe that TV is beyond a doubt the best method devised for indirect mind control, thus I spend no time watching it. As with “digital audio” which clearly lacks the warmth of analog sound, you will never truly be able to convince me that “digital video” gives a better viewing experience then an analog showing of the same thing, but you will sure as hell see the “static” in the picture if you try to paint subliminal messages on an analog screen.

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