Lebanon shatters record-low temperature record

Smashes old record by 6 degrees.


Saturday, 11 Nov 17 – The mercury dropped to 17°F (-8.3°C) in Lebanon, Pennsylvania, this morning, smashing the old record low for this date of 23°F set in 1973.

With the National Weather Service predicting a low of 19°F tomorrow morning, another record could fall by the wayside. The previous record low for the 12th of November is 22°F, also set in 1973.

And on Sunday night, there is a possibility of ice and snow.


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7 thoughts on “Lebanon shatters record-low temperature record”

  1. Three years before the end of Solar Cycle SC20, the first cycle to alarm the climate Ologists that the Interglacial was coming to an end and the glacial advance was returning, as it happens over 1000 years too soon.
    But Hay Ho, they suddenly realised that they could get loads, and loads, of Government slush funds to research the heat engine of the Earth’s climate, a heat engine that depends on the Sun for its energy. The already knew that the TSI during a solar warm period only varies 1% over a cycle as it was taught in class.
    And, then the solar warming returned, with the three high output solar cycles, one after the other. After the first, their grants began to dry up, they needed another hook to bury their greedy little noses in the Government science slush fund, the same slush fund managed by those nice Green Socialist tenured professors, who taught them in University, and at the same time wished to change the world, wean the west of the hated hydrocarbons, and reduce the Humans to more manageable levels within tens of years.
    The problem for them is that the Sun’s output is moderated by its variable orbit around the Solar System BarryCentre. As the Sun is a variable UV star, it is most moderated by the amount of UV it emits. UV is what drives the Jet streams, and the jet streams bring Rain, Blue Sky’s, Warmth or cold, wind and ice, all over a 172 year cycle. With the climate results documented over the last 5000 years.

  2. Thats a major record breaking when it drops that much, most of the time its 1/2 of a degree or less.

    So much for the global warming conspiracy.

  3. Boston and New York City also had record lows November 10. Likely Alarmists will seek to only look at above-normal temperatures north of Alaska, and ignore the fact this sort of loopy jet stream can give Eastern USA the most bitterly cold winters. Me? I hope it quits, but am buying extra firewood.

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