Left-Wing Violence Is Caused By Global Warming, Scientists Claim

Left-Wing Violence Is Caused By Global Warming, Scientists Claim

“Seeks to dissociate violent left-wing rioters from any responsibility for their own behavior.” – climatesciencenews.com

(Excerpts) – “Iowa State University scientists have published an analysis that claims global warming is the root cause behind the increase in violence we’re witnessing right now across society,” reports climatesciencenews.com.

“(This) assumes the global warming alarmists are telling us the truth… and they actually aren’t. Global temperature has risen and fallen based largely on volcanic eruptions and solar activity variations throughout Earth’s history. The following chart, courtesy of LongRangeWeather.com, shows temperature variations over the last 4000 years or so:

“It shows that global temperatures were actually far warmer in 1100 B.C. than today. In the 1600s, global temperatures plummeted into a “mini ice age” that only returned to normalcy in the mid-1800s.”

What we now know is that global warming data are routinely FAKED by the government to fit the climate change narrative.”

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16 thoughts on “Left-Wing Violence Is Caused By Global Warming, Scientists Claim

  1. Well, of course, they do, and so they should: “Left-Wing Violence Is Caused By Global Warming, Scientists Claim”.

    After all, global warming causes everything – hot weather, cold weather; heavy rain, no rain; up, down: in, out; left, right; good, bad; no snow, LOTS of snow; short people, tall people…

  2. Far more civil disturbance, revolutions, ethnic cleansing, plagues, and famines is caused during abrupt solar cooling periods, than during benign warm periods, particularly on the abrupt change from warm to cold.
    Warm period disturbances is caused by population growth stemming from the good times, and the eventual significant imbalance between the under 25s and older generations, published research indicates when the ratio reach 60% under 25 to 40% over 25s the nation in question, turns far more aggressive, and moves quickly to war and conquest. That old adage, to jaw-jaw is always better than to war-war.
    Global temperature has risen and fallen based largely on volcanic eruptions and solar activity variations throughout Earth’s history. The following chart, courtesy of LongRangeWeather.com, shows temperature variations over the last 4000 years or so:
    This is a great chart but, each of the Blue regions indicating cold are in fact groups of Grand Solar Minimums (GSM) accompanied by lagging large Volcanic eruptions.
    The Dark ages cold period is the LALIA GSM starting around 585 to 650AD it was accompanied by three very large T6/T7 erruptions.
    The little ice age period was a series of deep GSMs starting with Oort and ending with Maunder coupled with lagging large volcanic eruptions.
    Dalton GSM and this modern GSM which started in 2008 are separate GSM periods similar to LALIA.
    The key to the lagging increase in volcanism eruptions is the abrupt obitual change of the Sun around the Solar System BarryCentre on entry and exit, 11 years later to a AMP disturbed solar cycle.

  3. If we are to believe this study then it is proof that left violence is psychologically driver for it wasn’t then both left and right would be violent.

    We can also deduce agw itself does not cause violence and therefore not cause wars such as the Arab spring etc

  4. Strange how volcanic activity is supposed to cause ice ages by blotting out the sun and cooling the planet rapidly, yet what do we see? According to the scientific record on the graph above, a huge numer of biblical level volcanic events occurred throughout the time period AS the planet was warming, yet hardly a puff of smoke during the really warm period between 500 – 1500 BC.
    So that’s put paid to that Global Warming argument!
    Have all these so called ‘climate scientists’ got a special type of wet macular disease, where their eyes only see what they want to see?

  5. well i guess i could say agw has provoked violent thought in me..
    its NOT the climate at all though
    I wanna strangle the lying mongrels and my BP soars everytime i hear more absolute drivel on media;-/
    this evening abc radio was classic downunder
    trying to tell us antarctic oceans are warm and its meltin fast
    minus many degrees but they still push this garbage!!

  6. Thank goodness over half of the population is immune to Global Warming induced violence or it would be Hell on Earth! Can one even start to imagine a world full of Lady Gagas?

  7. Leftist violence is not caused by global warming or climte change.
    It is caused by being brainwashed to the point of insanity by democratic and communist propaganda plus science fraud pumped into their heads by the government, the media and the educational institutions.

  8. This is typical of the low quality tabloid nature of this site. The research did not use left wing… The author of the site has added left wing because he has a grudge against the left wing.

    I’m left wing yet I support the theory that we are experiencing cooling because of solar activity so global warming is not exclusively left wing.

    its actually political independent as its supported by people across parties.

    I mean… A big pusher of global warming is the UK government and institutions like the BBC who are not left wing. Our conservative government is not left with and neither is the BBC evidenced by their bias and undemocratic attack on Piers Corbyn leftwing brother aka leader of the labour / socialist party.

    neither is Jeremy corbyn or myself are violent.

    talk about mindless discrimination.

    what ever political view you choose it has global warming proponents.

    • Quote:
      I mean… A big pusher of global warming is the UK government and institutions like the BBC who are not left wing. Our conservative government is not left with and neither is the BBC evidenced by their bias and undemocratic attack on Piers Corbyn left wing brother aka leader of the labour / socialist party.
      The entire UK civil service is socialist in its view point, it claims that it is unbiased, yet time and time again the options presented to ministers slant to the left, or are surrender monkey options like the EU super state which we never voted for, the Euro we avoid by the skin of our teeth, with Tony Blair all for both. Frankly the UK has been run by what was the Scottish labour party since 1947 with a few brief exceptions, the SNP have now fixed that.
      The BBC masquerades as an independent media organisation, it isn’t, it is a fully functioning propaganda organisation at the beck and call of the Junta in power in the UK at the time.
      It is funded by a tax on watching its service, with criminal sanctions if you avoid paying.
      The Lovie’s which run it are died in the Wool socialists one of the most cosseted bunch of left wing Political Elitists you could ever wish to meet.
      As for the English/Welsh Labour party, Millipede and Piers Corbyn have allowed it to be taken over by the Trots. The Militant Tendency won in the end, with the working class electorate now fully aware they have been betrayed time and time again by the far left and are moving to the right and UKIP.

  9. One interesting aspect of the entire Holocene climate discussion is that employing ice core data from Vostok, and using Deuterium as a proxy for temperature there is in fact no discernible, statistically significant trend in temperature over the Holocene. There is a gradual downward trend, but the uncertainty bands include a “0-trend,” and a 15% chance the slight trend is simply an artifact.

    The data is free to download and sole “adjustment” you need to trust is the “corrected depth,” which is employed to deal with ice compaction. So, unlike the byzantine “adjustments” applied to thermometer data, the justification and methodological aspects are quite clear.

    In contrast tree rings estimating temperature from Deuterium/H-1 ratios actually does work. Deuterium has a slightly greater mass than normal H and thus slightly more energy is needed to push heavy water into a vapor state, and less energy loss to precipitate it.

    In any case the gist of this is that from a geological perspective, there have not been any major temperature swings during the Holocene.

  10. Jon – I agree with JimBob. The facade you are presented with is a smokescreen. The left wing and right wing are both wings on the same political bird, which will continue to confuse us through jinking and dodging until we are so tired of trying to keep up with the contradictions and feints that we lose interest and look the other way. Every time we drop our guard that huge political birdy take a crap on us, again and again and again. Don’t we ever learn? Nope! Today we are knee deep in big bird butt vomit, but we just don’t seem to believe the smell of innevitability, that when the lies and deceit become face deep we will be suffocated and the freedom we all enjoy now will be lost in the highly corrupt historic record. We are witnessing this corruption of history as its being rewritten today with the manipulation of climate data and political back-stabbing. As for democracy, I only see that at a grass roots level, day to day between me & you. Above that, the power of the oligarchs the ruling families takes over and the brick wall of suppression that surrounds us all becomes higher and higher the more you push to change the staus quo. ….. Just my opinion of course!

  11. Another point. You have to ask, ‘what was it that caused such a protracted outburst of volcanic activity through the planet warming from a state of deep cold’. It certainly can’t have been CO2 because that was mostly locked up in the frigid oceans and ice. So what does the Sun do, being a VARIABLE STAR, to cause rapid cooling then rapid warming? Even NASA are talking about it going into “hibernation”.

    • Give that the Solar System BarryCentre is not a fixed point in the Solar system, it moves in conjunction with the Sun and the other large mass objects in the solar system as the orbital progression advances .
      As the BarryCentre moves position during APM affected orbital periods, the Sun which orbits it, changes the character of its orbit from an Elliptical orbit to a more trefoil orbit in 3 dimensions. Such a change has profound implications for the Sun outer atmosphere leading to variations in the output of EUV by as much as 16%.
      However, EUV doesn’t affect the earth’s tectonic plates, the tugs and pushes of Gravity particularly following abrupt changes in the Sun’s orbit during a AMP event affected solar cycle do.
      After all the Earth is affected gravitationally by the Sun and the Moon every 12 hours, it’s called the ocean tide. These same tidal effects, affect other planetary liquids such as Magna.

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