Let us decide for ourselves!!

I was reading a book about Will Rogers last night, and ran across one of his commentaries – written 94 years ago – that I think we could still take to heart today.

Here’s what he said:


Suppose around twenty-five years ago when automobiles were first invented, that, say, Thomas Edison, had gone to our government, and he had put this proposition up to them: “I can in twenty-five years time have every person in America riding quickly from here to there. You will save all this slow travel of horse and buggy.

“But,” says Mr. Edison, “I want you to understand it fully, in order to accomplish it and when it is in operation it will kill fifteen to twenty thousand per year of your women, children and men.”

“What! You want us to endorse some freakish invention that will be the means of taking human life! How dare you talk of manufacturing something that will kill more people than a war”? Why, we would rather walk from one place to another the rest of our lives than be the means of taking one single child’s life.”

But as it is, we go right on. Build ’em faster and get better roads. So we can go faster and knock over more of them. This is the age of progress.

Live fast and die quick.

(From The Wit and Wisdom of Will Rogers (1993), edited by Alex Ayres.

How does this apply to today’s circumstances?

It is a reminder that, left to their own devices without government interference, people are more than willing to make their own risk assessments.

“Let’s see,” they might ask. “Knowing that 36,560 people were killed in traffic crashes last year, do I want to drive my car today?”

“Let’s see,” they might ask. “Knowing that cigarette smoking is responsible for more than 480,000 deaths per year in the United States each year, do I want to smoke today?”

“Let’s see,” they might ask. “Knowing that the life-saving surgery my doctor is proposing has a one-percent chance of ending in death, do I want to proceed anyway?”

“Let’s see,” they might ask. “Knowing that I’m healthy, and knowing that I could go bankrupt if I don’t go to work, do I want to go to work today? Which is worse? A slim chance of contracting coronavirus, or not being able to feed, clothe, house, or support my wife and children?”

Seems like a no-brainer to me.

The government has no business interfering in our lives this way.

If I’m 35 years old and want to go sky diving, that’s my business, not yours.

If I’m 45 years old and want to race in the Indianapolis 500, that’s my business, not yours.

If I’m 55 years old and have asthma and want to play bingo in a crowded room tonight, that’s my business, not yours.

If I’m 65 years old and being treated for cancer and want to go to a crowded bar for drinks tonight, that’s my business, not yours.

If I’m 75 years old and want to go on a cruise, that’s my business, not yours.

We have the right to make those decisions for ourselves.

Let us decide for ourselves!!

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  1. We need to end the nanny government and micromanaging! We The People are not as stupid as they think we are but….we sure act like it sometimes, especially lately.

    • Id amend that
      we the over hmm 50s arent as stupid(mostly)
      really cant say it for the unders
      they havent grown up with any sense..or any sense of risk/ability to judge it.
      that said removing nannystateisms would cull the daft ones and wake the others up pdq;-)

      • Blatent Ageism! Think a simpler quote applies, Rodgers/Clemens. “What you think you know ,,, that gets you”. Edit That

  2. You’re using logic and a reasonable argument when the government wants us to panic? How dare you!

    • When you are scared, the blood leaves the thinking part of the brain, the frontal lobes, and goes to the brain stem, the fight, flight or follow the leader part. So by scaring us, they ensure the zombie, unthinking support for whatever they want to do. “Just as it ever was; just as it ever was”

  3. I totally agree with this!

    I once did some research work for a grad student – a historic demographer confirming data he had collected on the cause of death for 200 years for the town of South Deerfield, MA. He was using the data for his dissertation and unlike so-called “scientists” today, he wanted someone to check his work before using the data.

    It was a fascinating project – I had to go to the government office (if I remember correctly, it was their little town hall) where all their vital statistics records were stored. I had to do the work there, as some of the documents were fragile. Earlier days the death records were recorded on sheepskin with quill pens!

    Anyway, one of the more interested things about that project was how causes of death reflected the march through time and changes from epidemics, wars, and transportation methods.

    There were plenty of deaths due to all the various forms of transportation before the car – horses rearing up, horses running away flipping over carriages, trains when they started having them even before cars and then cars and trucks too.

    There were also deaths from various epidemics, including yellow fever and malaria, typhus, diphtheria, polio and other infectious diseases. Deaths due to various problems related to childbirth and childbearing. Deaths due to homicides, suicides, and domestic violence. Things like attacks from various animals. Cancers, heart attacks, strokes, and some very odd things (because in some decades it was family not a physician who identified cause of death… and most coroners were not required to be doctors) … like one cause of death was stated as “melting”… and a number of non-existent diseases. Then there were all the various wars including one big Indian massacre (Bloody Brook), and all the other wars – French & Indian, the American Revolution, Civil War, WWI & II, Korea, Vietnam.

    The old saying “the more it changes the more it stays the same” is absolutely right when it comes to dying. We all die once, from something.

    What concerns me now, after the economic & political upheaval this thing will cause… is the potential for increased age bias and bullying, all in the name of “protecting the vulnerable”. I get to decide for myself if I am “vulnerable” and YES, I get to decide what I am or am not going to do to protect myself. A big reason why I will NEVER sign myself over to some damn nursing home (and I’ve told some select family members)… if things ever get that bad with me… take me out back and shoot me! … or “accidentally trip over the plug”

    • The relative safety of the “horse and buggy days” versus the Age of the Automobile may be a myth. This researcher, Roger Roots, came to that conclusion.

      “This article examines the costs and benefits of U.S. automobile travel from a historic perspective. First, it compares the safety of automobile travel with the horse and steam-powered travel that preceded it. It then briefly addresses the changes wrought by American automobiles in terms of their impact on American life, economics, social mobility, and ecology. It concludes that the dangers of automobile use are substantially lower than the dangers posed by early horse-driven and steam-driven transportation methods, especially in terms of fatalities per mile. It finds that on a per-mile or per-trip basis, automobile travel is safer than virtually any other means of travel used popularly in U.S. history, and that the other contributions of automobile transportation have been seriously overlooked by transportation scholars.” —Roger Roots, The Dangers of Automobile Travel: A Reconsideration, November 2007.

  4. One of the great realities of learning to assess risk well is that you have to go through a period of danger when you need to develop enough experience to make good judgement calls, without already having the ability to make good calls.

    ‘There are no old, bold mountaineers’ was an interesting statement from Scottish folklore. You were either lucky or not when you made a mistake as a relative novice. If you were lucky and survived, you adjusted your decision-making. If you were unlucky, you might not be around to make future judgements.

    Everybody decides what margins of safety they want. I skied for 30 years with no injury worse than a bruised thumb. I skied at upwards of 50mph with regularity, when conditions and volume of skiers made that acceptable. I skied powder on slopes which had been known to avalanche, but only when the risk was deemed acceptable by the piste control. I did a solo ski traverse across the Central Scottish highlands during a big blizzard, knowing I had the equipment to survive a night out in a snow hole if necessary.

    Stopping everyone from doing anything just because a few idiots do daft things is no way to govern society.

    • ‘Stopping everyone from doing anything just because a few idiots do daft things is no way to govern society.’

      It is stupid from our perspective, yet it makes perfect sense if you want to weaken a society and inflict full spectrum control on the masses: Like what’s happening now.

      In a society, which doesn’t take risks, and which has been spoon fed from the Nanny State, grows, after generations too be weak and is easily controlled

      • and its stunning how just ONE family and the tagalongs especially after antisocial media got legs can mouth off and get insanely restricitve laws passed “because it shouldnt happen to anyone else”
        even when whatever happened was in part due to stupidity on the part of the deceased.
        recent case some young drunk a**hole doing handstands ON the guardrail at a tourist spot at 3am
        so now many thousands spent to enclose the area to a wired cage… there- and elsewhere probably- following the event.

    • ‘There are no old, bold ,, Pilots,, Divers,, Climbers,, yata yata . I took up snowboarding at 50 but my welding is still more dangerous! Been doing that for 45. Too bad all I got is a crappy cellppfon or I’d really tell some stories. Probably better I not start in with the Deepsea Divers Chant anyway ¶%^)~

  5. Today I went to my local Home Depot, to buy a few items for my garden. I saw one of their people who work to bring carts back in and asked that person if they could go get me an electric scooter (which I do need), then I had to wait for about 8 minutes in a line marked for “social distancing”… but not bad.

    In the store (which has huge aisles indoors … mostly I saw no more than two other people in the aisle at a time). I was also mostly outside at the garden shop. Overall, about 1/2 the people had masks on the other did not. I made a point of saying good morning to every single person I saw. I noticed all the ones who had masked up ignored me while the ones without masks all cheerfully said good morning back. I thanked all of them for NOT wearing a mask, and told them as a retired epidemiologist I knew it was a choice that would be better for their immune system and most of them told me they already knew that and agreed with me. At checkout… the in-person line was too long, so for this one time I opted to go to the self-check out but I asked for help and let the person know I normally do not use self-check out because I knew it threatens peoples jobs… and she THANKED me for that!

    Then I out to lunch at another dine-in restaurant (2nd time this week). I got there early and I was the only person in there other than the staff, I made a point of not only eating there … but thanked them for being open and they thanked me profusely for coming in. My personal “stimulus plan” to to spend any money I get in support of local small businesses as much as possible, so I will continue to eat out a few times a week as things open up.

  6. There are advantages to limiting government.
    Fewer laws and taxes, less debt and less spending.
    Reserve the coinage, diplomacy, military and the courts to the state and let the rabble have the rest.

  7. Politicians like Gavin Newsom stand there pissing in the wind and then complain that it is raining. So tired of the media who can’t call these obvious dupes out.

  8. But yet, we do not allow freedom of speech when someone wants to use it to cry “Fire!” in a crowded theater.

    Personal freedom vs the good of society has always been a balancing act in this country.

    Simplistic, one-size-fits-all solutions are nearly always wrong. The disparity of death numbers from state to state and city to countryside ought to point to the usefulness of different solutions in different circumstances, but the majority of people-on both sides of this issue-want their solution to be universally implemented.

    I have given up expecting rational, reasonable debate on any subject in this country. We have become a nation of wild-eyed fanatics.

    Yes, you should be allowed to go bungee jumping if you so desire, as long as you do not do it over a crowded venue where a broken bungee would not result in just your own death.

    Asymptomatic people refusing to wear masks may very well result in my death. I feel that is an infringement on my freedom. There’s a fine line here, and it needs to be drawn in different places in different circumstances.

    Debate in this country used to be a lot more civil, most of the time. Now it seems most arguments can be summarized the same way-“I want my way!”

    • Deb
      As to “Asymptomatic people refusing to wear masks may very well result in my death” …

      Are you somehow being forced to stand near people?

      Is the person refusing to wear masks also refusing to stand 6 feet away from you or more? If so, I can understand your point. But have they forced you to stand too close to them, or not?

      If you have had a person like that come too close for your personal comfort, have you considered asking them to stand further away from you?

      For the record, when I run around unmasked I do stay 6 feet or more away from people if at all possible. If not possible, I either wait until they are further away or turn my head away from them when passing by and excuse myself.

    • Asymptomatic, unsymptomatic, unbeheaded, undead, unmutilated, unintact, uncircumcised, unemployed unzombies and un-wee people undrivel talk and uninconsequential dialog as the unbig boat of “uncivilization” is unlisting unbadly, untaking on water unfast on an unfreezing uncold ocean on an unclear unmoolit night, is the unnew term for, “un-yes I unhave the uncommon uncold which unmeans I unmust be un-pre-cold because all the unvaccinated must be unlabled as unpre-crime un-pre-cold that is being unhyped right here right now for very ungood unreasons and the “unfake untests” and unmask and undistancing unmandates are an unfarce/undiversion unlike all the unrecent (unsince pre-1913) unfalse flag or unflagless unKabuki unplandemic unscamdemic type unengineered untake undown theatre of the world economy, trade centres, moon unlandings, unfake everything, unstaged “B” grade “he unsaid, she unsaid” undialectics while the untectonic unvolcanic and un-ice age right here right now weather is uncausing unfood unvegan unshortages and unextreme unrecord unbreaking weather, unfloodless, unrainless, unsnowless, uncoldless days etc. un-escalates and the unidiocracy unincreases by the weeks and years.

      Diets, injections and injunctions.. (look it up) with an ice age now eugenics agenda being executed in real time, right here, right now… these are the days the preppers and conspiracy analysists, Covid-1984 readers/whistle blowers and astro/geophysicists, authors and observers have been “Cassandra Predicting” for decades… this is still SHTF-Light that is allowing the time and “freedom” to get positioned and make the final readiness preps (or not) before the main show. Hmmm, we’re about to get thrown into the arena with the hyenas and some are given the choice of whether to take a sword or a pink pool noodle in there with them… still It is already way beyond spectacular – I thought these martial law one-world gov, manditory forced vaxx days were on the verge of being imminent back in 2006 already. Waiting for the Miracle has been worth it as trying to build and ark overnight for big rains coming doesn’t always work out well.., the AI coordinated MIC/media eugenics weapons are way more spectacular in scope and way beyond the wildest imagination/expectations of how organized and indifferent the ranchers would be and the rapidness of the “abrupt changes” (a term RWF used many times in his books… “Why do ice ages end abruptly? Ice ages begin or end abruptly every 11,500 years. All previous ice ages, let me repeat, began abruptly.” – read and believe) of the ever increasing idiocracy/diversions and agitprops as they execute on their objectives.

      Great weekly/daily summaries of reality, simplified and delivered over the past decade(s) in the most concise, logical and gentle way possible for folks still “half” living in the MSM matrix who think that all these asymmetric “asymptomatic” false flag drills that coincidentally go “live” over and over again… are reality.
      Alan Watt – Cutting Through the Matrix (with 3 hr+ shows now)
      James – Corbett Report
      Polly St. George – Amazing Polly
      Celeste Solum
      Jeff Berwick
      Rolf Witzsche – Ice Age Ahead
      and the many many many geniuses and sites and links referenced these past few months right here on this forum/blog… step waaaaay back, recognize and understand genius when they and (((they))) and the weather are speaking in both words and actions so freely and clearly and obviously now.

      Asymptomatic and Unsympathethic to Wilfully Ignorant Zombies and Asymptomatic Clarice Starling Darlings looking for “muh rights and muh freedoms”- Hannibal Lecture. Cheers Sassy;).

        Banned from Military; Can be FORCIBLY Taken from home!
        “During the medical history interview or examination, a history of COVID-19, confirmed by either a laboratory test or a clinician diagnosis, is permanently disqualifying …” the memo reads

        Another H U G E “downside” to even getting tested, is that self-anointed do-gooders (Blade Runners) in various public health agencies, are now revealing they may decide it’s best to TAKE any infected family member out of their home and away from family, “for everyone’s protection.” This would include taking your children!
        They call it “Contact Tracing” (Blade Runner Trackers) and justify it as a way to “protect people.”

        • Note: not all Blade Runners should expect a “hand up” during the “tears in the rain”. – Roy

      • fyi… not just many times… found 43 instances of “abrupt and abruptly” in, ‘Not by Fire, but by Ice’ – as could be stated now, “This GSM/Ice Age and tyranny are rolling in abruptly,”

  9. “Asymptomatic people refusing to wear masks may very well result in my death.”

    Really?? Are you in a sub-group of very vulnerable people? Elderly with co-morbidities? COPD? Heart Issues? Immune Deficiency?

    IF that is the case, please stay home! Let others shop and do errands for you.

    But don’t make millions of other healthy people restrict their civil liberties and lives because you are fearful and vulnerable. Your safety is YOUR responsibility.

  10. yes, exactly! personally i avoid cars like the plague for this reason. i have objectively concluded they are death traps. i also really really love oxygen. i do believe we are poisoning our own atmosphere and that this is causing climate change – which then will lead to an ice age (a natural homeostasis response of the planet). I also think jaywalking being criminalized is unconstitutional. My feet are electromagnetically connected and loving with the earth and they belong there! You cannot regulate that! We are living the height of paternalism. Although.. for some of you, welcome to the type of thing women have dealt with under many sexist regimes and colonized people as well with those pretend-helpful colonial legal systems. :/

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