Lethality overestimated by several orders of magnitude

“In many cases it is not yet clear whether the persons died from the virus or from their pre-existing chronic diseases or from a combination of both.”


“The media considerably misrepresents the corona outbreak,” writes reader Penelope. “Here’s a factual (& surprising) presentation of the studies done by the hospitals which treated it, statements by epidemiologists, etc. Best site I’ve found for the scientific data (link below). This link is updated every day with whatever is new on the topic.”

A Swiss medical doctor provided this info on Covid-19 to help us make a realistic risk assessment.

Look at the average age of those who have died 

According to the latest data of the Italian National Health Institute ISS, the average age of the positively-tested deceased in Italy is currently about 81 years. 10% of the deceased are over 90 years old. 90% of the deceased are over 70 years old.

80% of the deceased had suffered from two or more chronic diseases. 50% of the deceased had suffered from three or more chronic diseases. The chronic diseases include in particular cardiovascular problems, diabetes, respiratory problems and cancer.

Less than 1% of the deceased were healthy persons, i.e. persons without pre-existing chronic diseases. Only about 30% of the deceased are women.

How many die FROM the coronavirus as opposed to WITH the coronavirus?

The Italian Institute of Health moreover distinguishes between those who died from the coronavirus and those who died with the coronavirus. In many cases it is not yet clear whether the persons died from the virus or from their pre-existing chronic diseases or from a combination of both.

The two Italians deceased under 40 years of age (both 39 years old) were a cancer patient and a diabetes patient with additional complications. In these cases, too, the exact cause of death was not yet clear (i.e. if from the virus or from their pre-existing diseases).

Lethality is overestimated by several orders of magnitude

The two Stanford professors of medicine, Dr. Eran Bendavid and Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, explain in an article that the lethality of Covid19 is overestimated by several orders of magnitude and is probably even in Italy only at 0.01% to 0.06% and thus below that of influenza. The reason for this overestimation is the greatly underestimated number of people already infected (without symptoms). As an example, the fully tested Italian community of Vo is mentioned, which showed 50 to 75% symptom-free test-positive persons.

Speaking against an exponential spread

The number of test-positive individuals in relation to the number of tests performed remains constant in all countries studied so far, which speaks against an exponential spread (“epidemic”) of the virus and merely indicates an exponential increase in the number of tests.

Does air quality affect the outcome?

Professor Sucharit Bhakdi, a world renowned expert in medical microbiology, says blaming the new coronavirus alone for deaths is „wrong“ and „dangerously misleading“, as there are other more important factors at play, notably pre-existing health conditions and poor air quality in Chinese and Northern Italian cities. Professor Bhakdi describes the currently discussed or imposed measures as „grotesque“, „useless“, „self-destructive“ and a „collective suicide“ that will shorten the lifespan of the elderly and should not be accepted by society.

Are doctors dying?

Various media reported that more than 50 doctors in Italy have already died. A glance at the corresponding list, however, shows that most of the deceased are retired doctors of various kinds, including 90-year-old psychiatrists and pediatricians, many of whom may have died of natural causes.

Should we fear our own governments?

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden warns that governments are using the current situation to expand the surveillance state and restrict fundamental rights.

The Argentinean virologist Pablo Goldschmidt, who lives in France, considers the political reaction to Covid19 as „completely exaggerated“ and warns against „totalitarian measures“. In parts of France, the movement of people is already monitored by drones.

Published: March 14, 2020; UpdatedMarch 31, 2020

See doctor’s website for daily updates:

A Swiss Doctor on Covid-19

( https://swprs.org/a-swiss-doctor-on-covid-19/ )

Thanks to Penelope for this link

I (Robert) think the above site is worth reading in its entirety … and then re-reading.

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  1. IAN calling out the new 911’s in real time… this time… right here, right now… No need to wait for Loose Change and the architects and engineers for 9 11 truth to only “half” figure it out and still be gov psyop “gatekeepers” 20 years after the fact… the whole (well a few more anyway) world is waking up to the false flags in real-time now. Lotsa closing paladins and 911s at the close today, might as well sup some of the globalist tribal lemonade since they’ve already gone to all the trouble to make the “citrous stew”.

  2. CORONAHOAX: Manufactured COVID-19 pandemic has all the signatures of an AI-simulation

    Are we all really living through an elaborate
    AI-simulated global pandemic exercise?

    A very perceptive SOTN reader submitted their astute observations below
    about the obviously choreographed COVID-19 pandemic and staged panic
    Looking over the news articles posted re: E-Trade financials — everything — every financial move is tied to the COVID-19 virus stats, minute-by-minute, in some way ….
    Too fast, too precise, too targeted.
    As if an AI-simulated pandemic.
    An AI global exercise.
    AI operating this whole event — controlling the stock market — initiating the next move(s) — orchestrating the Global Response country-by-country with cold hard plans to achieve a final goal.

    Submitted by a Market & Coronavirus Watcher


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  3. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/this-is-how-far-and-fast-the-coronavirus-has-spread-through-us-stocks-2020-01-21?mod=article_inline

    from the Strategists at SG Securities… chumming the water:


    https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Chum%20the%20water (I can still remember when this used to have a way different definition – but it seems to fit in this case of the “Coronae Glandis” in your ear Virus)

  4. Just remember that a crisis is a terrible thing to waste and this pandemic is not being wasted. Not even close.

    • The extending cancer of the European Union makes use of any crisis to extend its reach into the operation of the nation states hence they also love the fake climate emergency. The UK will be finding out how difficult it is to unwind over 40 years of membership such as with aviation where to rebuild the Civil Aviation Authority will take between 5 and 10 years.

    • Most of the deaths are simply test-positives. But the people didn’t die of the virus. They died of heart disease, cancer, diabetes & old age. In Italy only 12% of the death certificates mention the virus as even contributing.

      Please read the link. You need facts, not propaganda. a test-positive is not a “case”. The vast majority of even the elderly show no symptoms whatever. Not my opinion. There are studies performed by experts.

  5. New York sees its biggest one-day surge in coronavirus hospitalizations
    Gov. Andrew Cuomo says more equipment is necessary, on same day his brother announces he has the virus


    the science fiction dbl feature picture show… that will “never” end for decades like 911… but it’s good for business… and the herd… but not so much for some of the individuals within the herd unfortunately and they will never, ever have an inkling and that makes it all “humane”.




  6. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/why-the-vix-gauge-of-stock-market-volatility-is-still-so-stubbornly-high-2020-03-30?itm_source=parsely-api&mod=mw_more_headlines

    Those big moves both up and down make investors nervous. Statisticians refer to the market’s condition as “leptokurtosis,” meaning they face potential returns both up and down that are substantially larger than in normal market conditions, explained Scott Rothbort, president of LakeView Asset Management, in a Monday note.


    https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=klepto – kurtosis, in a big way, from the perma-bull insouciant millennials and the general herd… it’s their turn, this will definitely be one for the books. FBFV is just the cover story for the BAbluebilliebloods,

  7. Btw, the attitude of that Swiss doctor reminds me of some German doctors a few decades back.

    Who cares about those 80 year olds. Just a bunch of useless old people waiting to die anyway. And who cares about those diabetics and so on, unproductive and past their usefulness.

    And anyway, they all just happened to die of their pre-existing conditions at one and the same time. Just a coincidence.

    So don’t worry about it. Go party, go to the Mardi Gras, useless eaters. It’s your turn next.

    • Deb, Please. I’m elderly myself. No one can keep people in a certain age range from dying. We die every year from underlying diseases, sometimes triggered by influenza A or B. The point is that THIS virus triggers fewer deaths than either of those.

      This virus, unlike seasonal flu, is so weak that it doesn’t kill children, even though their immune systems are undeveloped. You are being LIED to about the lethality of this particular virus for political reasons.

      TPTB apparently feel that we will not accept whatever they plan unless we are first beaten down with fear & a broken economy.

      I know you’re a caring person. Read at least part of the link, maybe the most recent part, and tell others. RESIST what is planned for us. How dare they lie to us so greatly.

  8. Sorry Robert, I think that what you say here is absolute rubbish !
    Do you think the DOCTORS AND NURSES of Italy, Spain and New York are making a FUSS OVER NOTHING ?? They cannot cope !
    That is plain to see. If 250 MILLION succumb to Covid-19 in the USA, and only 1 PER CENT DIE…….that is TWO AND A HALF MILLION PEOPLE ! Not only that! Your hospitals won’t cope with the NUMBERS , so people will die of other causes in greater numbers than normal.
    Just look at the FILMS from Europe especially !
    By saying this, Robert, you will lose all credibility on this web-site……..AND I HAVE SUPPORTED YOU FOR YEARS REGARDING GLOBAL WARMING !!
    Please show impartiality by displaying this. Thank-you.

    • Mr. Jenkins, Italy was a special case: poor air quality, overcrowded hospitals w pneumonia months BEFORE corona virus, aged retirement community in Northern Italy, abrupt withdrawal of Eastern European caregivers in the nursing homes so that many of these elders also eventually ended up in the hospital.
      And after all that, Italy STILL had fewer deaths than in their more acute influenza years. Read the link provided & look at the sublinks for documentation.

      Spain: read the link provided.

      YOUR idea that it’s rubbish isn’t authoritative enough or informed enough to reasonably outweigh European mortality statistics by the agency that keeps them.

      NYC. The mayor says the hospitals are overwhelmed, but citizen journalists have shown us videos of empty hospitals & test centers.

      I understand that you have been greatly propagandized & that you believe it all. But scientific method asks of you that you keep an open mind– that you remain willing to look at new data.

      ( https://swprs.org/a-swiss-doctor-on-covid-19/ ) is not my data, nor Robert’s but that of experts, of hospital studies, of the actual experience of countries that have early experience with the virus, including China & Italy.

  9. It is not about ‘virus change’, It is about gaining political power by using people’s attitude towards something unknown and the will of people to help each other in scaring times. Everyone who is questioning what is going on, is blamed for not being a social person, either by government or by relatives. Denying that someone is social is the beginning of a frosty period; in fact it is intimidating someone for not having the same ideas. Is it a new version of communism, especially in europian orientated countries? It also wil be used to federalize EU as than bonds can be backed. One nation-one debt. The government has created a situation in which people needs help from government. The way it is organized shows that it was already in the mind of governments.

  10. Using a statistically-normal population of 31 major nations from Argentina to the U.S., the relevant Covid-19 metric compares each country’s long-term Crude Death Rate (CDR) with its latest proportion of viral deaths to cases per million population.

    On this consistent unit-basis, indexing the wholly objective, proportional Morbidity Ratio by overall Mean and Standard Deviation obtains each country’s comparative Covid-19 mortality risk vs. historical deaths in normal demographic course.

    Despite wildly varying circumstances, populations, viral cases vs. deaths, this 31-country ensemble ranks the pandemic’s local Risk Factor on a high-to-low, positive-negative scale: Positive distributions connote mild-to-severe contagion danger, Negative distributions represent viral death-rates within a country’s Crude Death demographic range.

    On this objectively comparative proportional basis, Italy and Morocco share virtually identical High Risk Indices of 1.247 and 1.246 respectively, while America’s low-risk -.254 is relatively benign– most certainly, not cause for a panic-stricken economic shutdown trampling civil liberties while inducing bizarrely self-destructive multi-$trillion generational theft in the name of short-term “stimulus”, a socio-political/economic Covid-19 in itself.

    • What a load of rubbish ,selfish, pseudo-scientific gobbledegook!!
      Don’t worry pal ! Your “science” won’t save you !! Covid-19 will sweep across the WHOLE USA shortly !! Look at NEW YORK! Do you think Cuomo is an idiot? Do you think your doctors and nurses are IDIOTS???
      Are Italian and Spanish DOCTORS IDIOTS??
      If you want to see an idiot…..look in the mirror !

      • Individual risk of death by episodic infection is one thing, the risk to society of political-economic overreaction –shutting down productive sectors, “borrowing” 10%+ of national GDP by printing fiat scrip irredeemable by future generations, is irresponsible in the extreme.

        For the record, America’s long-term Crude Death Rate (CDR) from all causes is 7,703 deaths per day vs. Covid-19’s 65 daily fatalities-to-date, a ratio of 119 : 1. Of course, this pro forma statistical exercise is not empirical science, but a perfectly valid use of available demographic data across a so-called “normal spectrum” of 30+ reporting countries.

        Indexing Morbidity Ratios on this objectively comparative, normally distributed, proportional basis, already low-risk aggregate U.S. figures have improved since end-March. From an individual standpoint, of course, better societal odds butter no parsnips… but suppose the 1918 – 1919 Wilson Administration, or others in 1957 and 1968, had saddled unborn Gen X and Millennial generations with multi-$trillion obligations for antecedents’ exclusive benefit?

        Given a daily Crude Death Rate (CDR) 119 times Covid-19’s 65 per day, the time will come when posterity simply says: “Too bad about that stupid debt: No way.”

    • COV-19. Let see that means that this is the 19 variation of the corona virus. And were there 18 previous pandemics? Why not? What evidence is there for this version to be so much worse than any of the other 18?

      Chicken Little Syndrome.
      Goes along with climate change causing the end of times.
      No science here. And most doctors are not scientists.

  11. its true a lot have pre exisitings
    well hell so do a hell of a lot of people
    and theyll still live with med aids for some time longer
    but throw in a savage flu that causes pneumonia in many as well as cytokine storm as their bodies try to fight it(excessively)
    its STILL the reason they for the most part are dying regardless of age
    for the usa the admitted 50% obese and diabetic/ prediabetic people from teens on through might well be a large amt of your dead in n york etc now.

    the last few yrs I get flu I get pnuemonia but getting the abiotics before i get the chest pains short breath is bloody near impossible.
    it would be so much wiser to pre script me them as soon as I get the flu/cold but thats NOT how the system works here.
    is the panic justified? I admit to being dubious even being in the at risk grouping.
    I need to go get wood for winter before being cold, does me in for some bug or worse arthritic pains, the 2 people regs now in force are making that damned near impossible to do, 2 cutters one stacker(me) makes that illegal
    so we have to take 2 vehicles and trailers to do the same job we usually do i one car n trailer…facepalm

  12. My thoughts: this crises is the culmination of a mind control exercise to grab control of the masses, destroy their financial future, to destroy their social and recreational life, to restrict their life choices and personal freedoms, all for the benefit and safety of the elite robbers. The elites lose nothing; governments are already conditioned to bail them out. Militarized police are already in place to enforce martial law. Technology is already distributed to provide total surveillance. Now they are turning neighbour against neighbour. There are already security employees in place in our grocery stores. The health system was already at capacity. The schools have been shut. Even churches are closed. What else can they take away? By the tone of this article, our right to think. But we must not give in and accept any of this. By enacting all this, governments have shown they do not think for themselves, they are but puppets for the elite; they too are being manipulated.

  13. All the articles cited by “Penelope” are complete garbage. See the link below for an actual research study which has now been published in The Lancet. The Case Mortality Rate for Covid19 has been established as 1.3%, Infection fatality rate .7%. The information in “Penelope”‘s 2 week old collection of ill-informed opinions and speculation is ludicrous when compared to a thorough, published, peer-reviewed study by a team of 25 researchers, doctors, virologists, etc.


    And the incedibly stupid article by Bendavid and Battacharya in the WSJ ignores the fact that the town of Vo, Italy, was where the first person in Italy died of the disease, so obviously had a higher infection rate than other parts of Italy where there were no deaths.

  14. I think it’s Important to point out that Over 50% of Americans have at least 1 Co-Morbidly which are 25% of all deaths…2= another 25% and 3+=the other 50%…If on meds for high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma or have suffered a heart attack or stroke as examples, you are extremely high risk for death…Trump made it clear yesterday that if he had taken No action up to 2.4 million or even more would have died in Short order…Even now 100,000-240,000 With mitigating actions in effect, is now the best low side of this thing…I find it extremely disturbing, that so many are willing to throw us old folks under the bus… Until testing for antibodies in the general US population occurs, we will not know the true facts. We won’t probably know the true death rate, till this thing is truly over. Everyone is cherry picking the Studies and Reports that fit their own narrative about everything Covid-19 related…I trust Pres. Trump to strike the proper balance on deaths vs. the economy…In the past few days, the use of face masks by the General Public have become more of an issue. Austria and other some other European Countries now are requiring masks to shop or be in public…Trump said yesterday that people may want to use a scarf…A Top Doctor in South Korea said Americans need to get over our affinity for wearing masks in public, because that’s why they have this virus under better control, Remember my mask protects you and yours protects me…I get why we’ve been lied to about wearing masks since Medical needs them badly and at some point they will need to walk back, all their anti mask propaganda…Social distancing only goes so far as a new M.I.T study shows, which found the Corona virus can travel up to 27ft…Covid-19 is excepted by everyone as way, way more contagious than the Common Flu…Dr. Fauci immediately dissed the M.I.T study as it would take a huge Achoo to go that far…Really??? It doesn’t fit his narrative of His 6’ Rule, plain and simple…Please use Logic, as a test of information being fed to you all, by so many competing sources…Remember Masks Don’t work for You, Just Those in Eastern Countries Where EVERYBODY Wears One and of course Medical…Really???…I pray, Trump isn’t miss led by so much faulty advice that it costs him the Election. He has Climate Change right,so far, but this is another animal and we weren’t ready for it at all.

  15. I think the Swiss Doctor’s assessment are backed by research. I’ve found several studies of past epidemics, that indicate in such events, the numbers are often inaccurate. Under normal circumstances, cause of death might be more rigorously determined, but not in a situation like this … if they die, they are Coronavirus deaths, even though illnesses might have been the real cause. Same with the infection rate … lots of false test results, poor QC, and the fact that in any epidemic, likely as many or more never get tested but were infected.

  16. I am the very first person to get the Hong Kong flu over 50 years ago. I was a medic back then and had to give mouth to mouth to a soldier who was dying of the Hong Kong flu. It nearly killed me, took a year to recover, lost many teeth, some hair, most my weight, nearly died from pneumonia after the fever passed.

    That disease hit young adults very hard back then. The Spanish flu surviors didn’t get the Hong Kong flu much at all compared to young adults. This virus is different: it is actually 100% opposite.

    All my adult life, I have gotten flu shots and never sick from the flu. I did get the norovirus in New Jersey but it was mostly annoying but my grandson had to be hospitalized. His elementary school was the first school to get the norovirus. Schools in NJ had to close. My daughter finally just moved away to stop the re-infections for her son.

    Viruses are like all living things; it wants to survive. Killing its hosts rapidly kills the microbe, kills the virus entity. This is why, when there is a mutation, the first victims have a much higher death rate than later victims. The more toxic germs don’t get to spread nearly so far as the less toxic versions. This happened even with the Black Death over time.

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