Letter to Greta

“There is absolutely no reason to waste time or money trying to fix a “Natural Event” (Also known as a Hoax)!”
– Marcus

Letter to Greta


Greta: All will agree that the world lock-down has reduced human CO2 by at least 10% (If not more).

Obviously, that 10% drop of CO2, for what seems like a year, should show up on the Mauna Loa Co2 charts by now.

However, I can’t help but notice that there is absolutely no change in the rate! See: https://www.esrl.noaa.gov/gmd/ccgg/trends/

Don’t waste our time trying to explain why CO2 continues to climb, for “We” already know that Humans produce only a tiny fraction of the CO2 increases.

umans could stop all CO2 production and CO2 would continue to climb as if Humans never existed.

Therefore, there is absolutely no reason to waste time or money trying to fix a “Natural Event” (Also known as a Hoax)!

9 thoughts on “Letter to Greta”

  1. What is truly scary about this insanity of fixing a non-problem is that we have no ability to control CO2 or temperature. So that means if big government says we must reduce CO2 and we can not, what kind of draconian measures are they willing to take to force Nature to bend to political will? Are they willing to cull the human population to stop the (imaginary) climate emergency?

  2. Eugenics psyops don’t need to be rational… the main herd are the targets… and they couldn’t care less.

    Greta honey, keep up the good work, don’t let these conspiracy theorists spook ya.

  3. Greta, Mel and I have your six. Hang in there, everything is proceding in Lockstep to Plandemic Event 201 just like we discussed. We’re all very proud. Stay well, stay vegan.

  4. ah I heard a part of some fool saying the lockdown had been good for reducing co2 as well
    some guy
    and wondered how theyd fiddled the figures as serious prior checks have found ZERO difference between now and before covid
    the ONLY big difference is clearer air in cities due to less traffic n industry outputs
    which says we probably could develop some better scrubbers for both
    catalytic converters break down and dont get fixed

  5. Dear Greta

    Children should be seen and not heard. This is for your own good. The more you talk in public about things which you know nothing about the more you will embarrass yourself. All of this will come back to haunt you after you grow up. Especially when you have to find a real job.

  6. Greta is a friend and we will only get the best out of her by loving her not hating her just because we are educated and have a few critical thinking skills.
    Who could foresee the BLM riots and all else? Not me. I am just an ant in the Grand Scheme of things. A drunk ant but who cares? I tell a few jokes but that’s about it. Greta was bothered by a few things but she didn’t just post her anxieties on Facebook, no, she rose up and took ACTION. I don’t agree with everything Greta says, but I do agree she is a phenomena and before we condemn her we should ask ourselves “What can we learn from this girl?”


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