Life-threatening cold could hit northern U.S. next week

Extreme cold in the Midwest and Northeast starting around Tuesday.

Weather maps and forecast models show similarities between the upcoming system and the polar vortex that developed in January 2014, whentemperatures dropped into the single digits in some cities.

Coldest in two decades

The Janurary 2014 system brought some of the coldest weather in two decades to the Midwest, with life-threatening wind chills as low as 60 F below zero (minus 51 C).

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2 thoughts on “Life-threatening cold could hit northern U.S. next week”

  1. well those folks I know, from Aus that moved to Oregon will be regretting it.
    seems they had a nice warm stop in Queensland beforehand cos Victoria Aus was a “bit cold” this winter/spring
    hmmm, whoops!

  2. It’s here. I wish it wasn’t.

    In another year the endless mantra about global warming from the alarmists will become Just a dim memory. Either that, or they’ll try desperately to blame the relentless cold on human carbon emissions.

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