Lighting fires under buffalo to keep them warm – Video

Vietnam – First Ever Recorded Snow 300 km (180 miles) south of Hanoi.

“They didn’t receive a dusting, they received 20 cm!”

“Farmers lighting fires under buffalo to keep them warm so they don’t freeze to death.”

“Nghe An recorded its first snowfall ever with records stretching back to 1650.”

“Snow on banana trees. Do you think this is normal?”

Thanks to David Hartley for this video.

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  1. I’m still trying to get myself spiritually and mentally ready for a succession of minimum 25 C maximum 38 C days as we are in the midst of.

    Happens every year of course because it is summer – hoping for a break in humidity which adds ~10 C to the uncomfortable factor.

    Even sweating under a fan doesn’t help – air conditioners do though. Evil hydrocarbons.

    • About the same here in Northern Cape, South Africa. Yesterday’s max at 36C, starting today at 26C. According to my records this is par for the course.

    • you should be copping a bit of rain soon if not already Rosco?
      that nice warm indian oceans obligingly sending rains over aus recently
      everywhere except lower s/ east SA and western Vic it seems:-(
      bloody dry here still.

      I started laughing at the headline here
      when WE light fires under a beast
      its normally dead first and its called a Barbie:-)
      was pleased to see fire next to- not under- the live one:-)

  2. Al Gore, Al Gore, Al Gore calling Al Gore, where are you Al? Shucks! Ohh yeah. Obuma, Obuma, calling Obuma. Shucks!

      • Ray I suggest you ask the Sun nicely to play ball.
        At the moment it’s got its hat on and it’s NOT coming out to play, at least until 2056.

        Instead of swallowing propaganda and trolling the rest of us do some reading of your own, start here:

        Then read up on there various solar minimum climate events that have taken place since AD600. The rise and fall of the Viking settlements in Greenland is a good place to start.
        This is even better:
        This records the rise from glaciation over 16,000 years ago to the present day. Normally, Interglacials last from 20,000 to 11,000, we are towards the far end of the range.

      • Yeah, funny how they’re beginning to say that burning fossil fuels causes cooling, just as we’re entering another Little Ice Age. How convenient! As Jimbob suggests, you really ought to use your brain and think for yourself instead of being a pawn in a political game, Ray. The truth is out there, if you’re intelligent enough to seek it.

      • Poor Ray, you have a dose of “Original Sin”. Whatever it is one must be guilty. It is a strange trait in humans to feel they are the cause of everything, hubris as well. Try Christianity, it seems to be a slightly less harmful way to address original sin than Global Warming.

        • The irony is, Jane, that probably many of these AGW believers are atheists. They’ve created a new religion for themselves. It’s called self-worship, and they actually have the audacity to think that mere humans can control the climate of a planet that is 4.6 billion years old! It’s delusional……

  3. Even during the peak of the last little ice age in 1650 we didn’t get snow this far south! That’s almost as far down as Bangkok, Thailand. Crazy!!!

    And they told us 16 years ago that snow is a thing of the past for places like the USA?? Might want to put that into perspective!

  4. Quote:
    South of Hanoi
    “Nghe An recorded its first snowfall ever with records stretching back to 1650.”
    Right in the ball park of the Maunder Minimum.
    Like History, climate events repeat themselves particularly with cyclic solar events. Every 172 years, 140 year warm period and immediately following a 32 year cool period. Cool is relative, it’s more like Brass Monkey weather with expanding Glacia in Alpine regions .

  5. Mexico has the coldest winter in history: There is snow, temperatures are down to -17 ° C and the state of emergency is declared in 24 of the 32 states. January 31, 2016
    Mexico comes from living his eighth winter storm season when just average, which already had 34 cold fronts, with snow and temperatures that dropped in some places up to -17 ° C, forcing the government to declare “extraordinary emergency” 24 the 32 states of the country.
    While the storm Jonah was unleashed on the United States, in Mexico temperatures dropped to record lows, which was reflected not only the level of concern of the authorities, but also among the population turned for hours ConFríoYo the hashtag trending topic.
    The National Meteorological System, has warned that the worst of winter may be yet to come and that temperatures will fall in the north, northeast, east and center of Mexico, by any measure.
    More than 440 municipalities and assist their inhabitants.
    The central government provided funds to enable different lines so that at least 446 municipalities receive food and shelter, to immediately begin to assist people in the most precarious situation. The situation is particularly worrying in the north, where the thermometer reached the -17 ° C mark. In Mexico City it snowed in January, a phenomenon not seen in the capital since 1967.
    Regionally, the most affected are the northern states: Chihuahua, Coahuila, Sonora, Nuevo Leon and Tamaulipas, although significant frost and freeze municipalities of Puebla, Zacatecas, San Luis Potosi and Veracruz are also recorded.
    On the heights of the “Neovolcanic”, the mountain range that crosses Mexico and includes volcanoes Popocatepetl, Nevado de Toluca and Pico de Orizaba, snow dominated the landscape.
    Forecasters say however that cold feeling that exists among the population is higher than usual due to the El Niño delayed entering long winter and when he arrived he was more intense than before.

  6. I checked some elevations, there were some mountains in the north,6000 ft but most were below 2000 and a lot near sea level. For people who don’t know snow, it insulates the ground, then when the clouds clear the temp. drops rapidly, but in tropical areas like this, at lower elev. I think this is more proof of a much lower stratosphere allowing cold to rapidly descend from the sky. These people may be some of the first to need help with the food situation. Might Angus and Herefords be moving to Vietnam, seems like they need fur there now.

  7. SC24 Cycle continues its decline to around 2020.
    One sunspot group is recorded with the overall area decreasing. The LSC monthly average for January is 19.77 which continue the decline of SC24. F10.7 flux again under 100.

    From the above graphic the solar cycle is significantly below that of SC14, and tracking well below the Dalton SC5 cycle.

    The climate continues to cool as heat is transferred from tropics to the polar and cold continental regions. The deeper the level of cold the more violent is the transfer process. Particularly over the UK, for the last 2 months it seems we have had a major storm 10 once every 4 days, which has blasted significant amount of water vapor into the central part of Eurasia via Russia. The forecast for the next 10 days sees no letup in the cycle of storms, with the exception that they are getting much colder, or that the seas around the UK are cooling rapidly.

    • Listen to jimbob. He knows what he’s talking about. pay heed to his warnings about very cold weather coming!!!!!

  8. So we have in the real world:
    – Snow on banana trees.
    – Warming cattle with fires under their briskets.
    – Record ice-extents at the poles.
    – Glaciers are now growing.
    – Sea-level rising rates are diminishing.

    And then the other side of the story:
    – Fabricated and falsified temperature data.
    – Ridiculously crude climate and imbecilic models with claims of grandeur.
    – Hypocritical Hollywood stars masquerading as scientists, and scientists living up to as paragons of moronicity; each supporting the other.
    – And of course, politicians, never to let a good chance go begging, use climate fraud to cover up their incompetences by raising taxes, so they can be even more incompetent.

    The Result:
    We all get colder and poorer. While the scientific morons get paid, and the politicians play god.

    If this isn’t a new Dark Ages, then at the very least its the opening stages of one. Soon, witches and alchemy will be making a return, we are already get a good introduction with all these new Hollywood movies and tv-shows. And then God forbid, the Church will re-enact the Inquisition.

    I think the groundhog said it right, “I can’t take it anymore!”

    • Even with rapid warming, we can still have cold spells. 2016 smashed the record for the warmest year in the climate record going back to 1880. The record for the warmest decade has been broken every 10 years starting in 1980. About the only place on earth that has been colder in recent years is off the coast of Iceland. Ice continues to melt at a fast rate, including both glaciers and sea ice. Why not get you data from NASA or NOAA, rather than just making stuff up.

      • Giss and NOAA use adjusted data. The actual temperature measurements from satellite and balloon measurements show that there has been no warming for 18 years. Looking ahead, the North Atlantic moves into a 30-year cold phase and solar activity in this solar cycle is lower than the last 30 years, with solar activity expected to decrease still further over the next 20 years or more. Long term cooling is far more likely.

        Global warming has been cancelled. I hope you don’t mind.

      • Look, anyone at NASA or NOAA who doesn’t think 2016 is the warmest year ever should be looking for another job.

    • Did you not see the happening in Illinois.

      Satanic rituals were allowed upon the domain of governors mansion.

      No outcry from locals that we are aware of.
      Well none that the media reported!

      Satanic ritual buildings constructed next to mosques, churches, etc..

      Raise your children in the knowledge against such activities is about the only option we have left.

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