Lightning Across the Solar System – NASA Video

Including Jupiter, Saturn and – maybe – Venus and Mars.

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  1. Lol, and some ‘experts’ say that lighting on Earth is caused by…..guess what? AGW! Must tell the residents of Jupiter, and the other planets. Maybe they don’t know.

  2. 1:45 – “Something similar happens on Jupiter. Gases including water vapour rise from deep within the planet. As they freeze ice particles become separated from the water vapour drops by convection building a charge which is discharged as lightning.”

    Isn’t it absolutely amazing that the narrator is so confident about an hypothesis about lightning on Jupiter – 628.97 million kilometres from Earth when we don’t even understand the ocean depths a mere 10.9 kilometres away ?

    Here’s what NASA state as “Facts” about Jupiter –

    “Surface Pressure: >>1000 bars
    Temperature at 1 bar: 165 K (-108 C)
    Temperature at 0.1 bar: 112 K (-161 C)
    Density at 1 bar: 0.16 kg/m3
    Wind speeds
    Up to 150 m/s (30 degrees latitude)
    Scale height: 27 km
    Mean molecular weight: 2.22
    Atmospheric composition (by volume, uncertainty in parentheses)
    Major: Molecular hydrogen (H2) – 89.8% (2.0%); Helium (He) – 10.2% (2.0%)

    Minor (ppm): Methane (CH4) – 3000 (1000); Ammonia (NH3) – 260 (40);Hydrogen Deuteride (HD) – 28 (10); Ethane (C2H6) – 5.8 (1.5); Water (H2O) – 4 (varies with pressure)
    Aerosols: Ammonia ice, water ice, ammonia hydrosulfide


    1. with water vapour at ~4 ppm – less than 1/100th of Earth’s concentration of CO2 and less than 1/10,000 of Earth’s concentration of water vapour; and,

    2. somehow at temperatures of minus 108°C at pressures equal to Earth’s atmospheric sea level pressure water vapour can not only exist (at minus 108°C water vapour cannot possibly exist), but it can also dissociate into positive and negative ions; and,

    3. convective forces in wind speeds that are NEVER observed on Earth – (150 m/s = 540 km/hour, even 40 m/s = 144 km/hour is rare) can somehow force these dissociated charged ions apart and this generates electrical discharges “nearly as big as the US” ???

    Wow – miniscule amounts of water vapour in the atmosphere of a planet we are always told is an ice gas giant and therefore incapable of having water vapour at minus 108°C generates electric discharges the scale of which dwarf any observed on Earth ?

    And wouldn’t these massive wind speeds tend to thoroughly mix various gases rather than allowing any separation of them even considering electrical charge ?

    Look at the quoted scale height – 27 km – a mere 3 times the scale height on Earth. The scale height parameter is measured from the surface so is a “scale height” even relevant on Jupiter ?

    Look at the quoted Mean molecular weight of 2.22 compared to Earth’s 28.97. A Mean molecular weight of 2.22 strongly suggests the 89.8 % hydrogen, 10.2% Helium is right. But what do we know about the atmosphere 300 km deep ?

    And, I repeat, all of this information from 628.97 million kilometres away and a few flybys of the planet ?

    There are some many totally inconsistent stories purporting to be FACT published by various departments in the unwieldy organisational structure of NASA that one is left to ponder if any of them, other than the actual engineering achievements of space travel, are realistic !

    After all they tell us that space is “frigid” whilst at the same time telling us that the huge sphere mapped out using Earth’s orbit as radius is constantly irradiated by at least 1361 W/m2 which could heat a blackbody to ~120°C. There is evidence for this as the temperature of the lunar surface reaches temperatures approaching this.

    Is the inside of an oven at 120°C “frigid” ??

    Nice story though.

  3. My first thought would be to wonder since our Magnetic Field is waning is it possible that these other planters Magnetic Fields are waning and maybe there is a connection? I am by no means a scientist but it’s just a thought.

    • And what I would give to be there and see one (Them) ???


      Here in the Southwest bordering the ocean, they are only a pipe dream…

      An Uncle from Iowa once said, “You won’t dare step outside during our sever Thunderstorms… !”

      And I said, “Ya wanna see Me. ” !!

      Man, living in Southern California has its drawbacks !!!

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