I like how this guy Horist writes

Here’s an excerpt:

“Many swamp drainers hold their noses at much of the President’s outrageous tweets and statements, too many of which are difficult if not impossible to defend.  They do so because they see Justice Gorsuch on the high court and the many other conservatives heading to the federal benches across the nation. While the press  waxes ineloquently over the President’s peeing contest with outgoing senators, he and the Republicans in Congress are creating jobs, tightening our borders, rolling back suffocating regulations, reining in the unbridled power of the bureaucracy, ending the generational do-nothing diplomacy over North Korea, Iran and even China, and the list goes on.  The crashing sound you hear is the crumbling of the political palace constructed by and for the establishment elite.  That is well worth a little nose holding.”

The entire article, entitled “HORIST: Fighting for the soul of America,” is here:

6 thoughts on “I like how this guy Horist writes”

  1. refreshing to see support and lists of what IS being achieved..lets hope it continues

    i see bummers got jury duty ..hope he gets delisted

  2. I support everything Trump tweets.

    My only complaint is that he is way too nice. Those attacking him are RUDE and NASTY and he needs to treat them exactly the same.

    Kindness is a weakness. Total brutal attack is what we talking simians evolved to do.

    I can’t wait till Trump uses the “F” bomb. It will be a glorious day.

  3. I disagree with one thing in that chunk: “and the Republicans in Congress are reigning in.” The Republicans are sitting on a huge list of those federal appointees, including judges. The Republicans are dragging their feet. That’s why two Senators, Flake and Corker are not running. Their big mouths speaking against Trump in anger has cost them their seats.

    Flake is barely in double digits against two opponents in the Arizona primary. The leader is a female conservative Kelly Ward, who is right on top of Trump’s agenda. McCain, who is a traitor in the Republican party, tried a ridiculous smear against Kelly Ward. It only made Flake’s position worse.

    • I agree. Many in Congress are blocking Trump and his picks and it is hugely wrong and if Trump had loyal republican on his side, they’d put a stop to it. But, McConnell seems to not have a problem with it.

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