Lima Climate Talks the Ultimate in Hypocrisy

Lima Climate Talks the Ultimate in Hypocrisy

“They used large DIESEL GENERATORS to power the conference because hydro-electricity in the area was inadequate and could not cope with the huge demand,” says reader Cardigan Island.

Boeing_707“Imagine the effect of flying THOUSANDS from Europe and Asia and North America to Lima, Peru to discuss climate change!!?

How much CO2 did they emit in massive jet aircraft by flying to such an out-of-the-way location?

“Why Lima????”

“Was it to give them all a Macchu Pichu “holiday”??

Highlights from the conference:

  • More than 10,000 delegates attended (i.e.  freeloaders who are screwing the future).
  • Including observers, around 11,000 people flew in from abroad.
  • It created the ‘biggest carbon footprint of 20 meetings to date’, with more than 50,000 tons of carbon dioxide
  • 500 kVA Cummins diesel generator -  Courtesy Wikipedia
    500 kVA Cummins diesel generator – Courtesy Wikipedia

    7,000kW of electricity was supplied to the conference via diesel generators and 630Kw from the grid.

  • Look at this photo of a 500kVA generator. It’s three times as big as the SUV! Now imagine trucking in (or maybe even flying in) enough of those things to generate 7000kW of electricity.
  • They built eleven-football-fields worth of temporary structures for the 13-day negotiations on what three months earlier was an empty field.
  • They laid concrete, installed plumbing, and flew in components from as far as France and Brazil.
  • No hybrid or electric vehicles were seen at the event, even though Japan donated 121 electric and hybrid vehicles, chiefly for dignitaries. “Unfortunately, most didn’t arrive.”
  • Delegates were ‘carried from hotels in more than 300 aging diesels as there was no train station’ nor any other public transit.
  • Peru offered delegates free bicycles but ‘only 40 people used them in Lima as the roads are so dangerous’.
  • Many delegates were hoping for the agreement before Sunday ‘when many were planning to FLY to the city of Cusco to visit the Machu Picchu site.’

Machu Picchu – I guess that answers any question as to why the conference was held in Peru. Next meeting is in December in the cheapo capital of France… nothing much to do there, either.

The talks were meant to conclude on Friday, but continued to run on Saturday even as the pavilions were being dismantled around the delegates.

In private many of the delegates grumbled that they were missing their planned trips to Machu Picchu.

Why have such a conference at all?

The United Nations says that to avoid “dangerous” climate change, the global temperature must not rise more than 2C above pre-industrial levels.

Note that they’re not saying above today’s levels, they’re saying pre-industrial levels.

They want to take us back to horse-and-buggy days!

To attain this destructive goal would require an end to the use of coal, oil and gas before the end of this century, unless new technologies can be developed to capture their emissions.

“We have built our world on fossil fuels and we are trying to get rid of the fossil fuels. It’s massive,” said Ed Davey, the Energy Secretary.

Thanks to Terry Breverton, Cardigan Island and Lyn Jenkins for these links



33 thoughts on “Lima Climate Talks the Ultimate in Hypocrisy

  1. When you control the governments, media and world of finance who cares if the public thinks that your a hypocrite? You got the power and the public doesn’t even matter. That is how it is for the elitists folks. The elite do as they please and the public gets to be brainwashed and foot the bill for it. That is the way of the world. When ever a tidbit of truth is revealed on line that is inconvenient to the elites the media and the brainwashed public proclaim it to be a foolish conspiracy theory or unsubstantiated nonsense. The masses will have to find out the hard way. They will believe their masters untill they are up to their spiritual necks in fire and brimstone. By then it will be too late. You can’t save the mass of the public but you may be able to inform and wake up the few or the one. It won’t be easy.

    • Not sure I agree with all you said. Actually, from the experience of reformers one of the most damaging things you can do to those who represent the established order is publicly challenge them to live up to the same standards they set for everybody else, because usually they can’t or won’t do it. Over time this destroys their credibility in the eyes of the public. As far as the media, the internet has done a lot to mitigate the power of the mainstream media, so word gets out and gets around, at least to those who have ears to hear.

  2. The UN needs to be de-funded by the US.
    There is no better entity for mankind than the US Constitution and the United States of America, as long as she stays true to her founding.

  3. With the UN barking up the wrong climate change tree, Climatologists freeloading on vast expenses, paid for out of increased government tax debit. BBC biased Climatologist freeloading out of their License fee taxes while they throw people in jail for not paying to watch rubbish. The same people then have criminal records, which then prevents them from working for the rest of their lives. BBC Freeloading affects real people.
    Has the UN not heard of video conferencing – agree the text first and then sign it off.
    The UN and most of the Western Governments already know CO2 is not the cause of global warming, it’s a result, the same as the expansion of ice cover at the poles and snow cover on land is result of cooling in the winter. Notice as well the predictions of warming in 50 or 100 years are well on the other side of the Solar Grand Minimum we have now entered.
    They are wrong again! They have assumed that current temperatures won’t cool- wrong! Next time factor in a 4C cooling period and then run the predictions again, they will find that world temperatures during the next warm period will be 1C cooler than they are now. Look at the trend in temperatures of the recent warm periods, they are all trending down.
    Then look at the Sun, the EUV warm lamp has been turned off, time to get bigger quilts.

    • Most will believe what ever the governing elites and the media tell them to believe. They will do it out of fear of being out of step or fear of losing it all and in the end it will kill them when the ice ages of varying degrees sets in and either starves them or freezes them.

  4. The funny part of course is that Bardabunga probably puts out more CO2 in 1 day than the whole conference did. (guess)

  5. What a hoot they hold this meeting in a location thats close to what they want the rest of the world to have and they have to modify it because its to primitive to what their use to. 7Kw generator is not that big and that was likely the biggest they could find on short notice and a little smaller than I have (8000Kw) for my own home as back up power for when the power go’s out.

  6. Sounds like a person that frequently writes to a local news paper here, goes on about CO2 emissions as “immoral”, yet drives himself everywhere in a large GMC diesel truck + 5th wheel…

    • “That guy”; I’m not sure what you are saying here ! Your accusations are not clear ! WHO are you targeting with your comments?
      Myself and my friend ,the notable Welsh AUTHOR, Terry Breverton [ Google him to see his wide range of fantastically written books !] sent in the reports on which this news item is based. We both spotted the story in THE TIMES newspaper in London on Saturday Dec 13th .
      I can assure “that guy”…..and every other guy…..that we only drive ordinary cars. My car is a second-hand Renault Laguna…….and I hardly EVER get into an aeroplane…unlike the hypocrites who complain about CO2 emissions, then fly to one of the most remote places possible,thousands of miles from Europe, North America and Asia……..just to TALK about saving CO2!!
      The HYDRO-ELECTRICITY SYSTEM of Lima, Peru, could NOT COPE with the electrical demands of “EVER-SO-GREEN” delegates…….all on a FREEBIE HOLIDAY …….hence the MANY DIESEL GENERATORS to produce their power !! THAT says it all !! HYPOCRITES !!

      • Not an attack on you Lyn. Just pointing out that the person that keeps droning on in our local paper is a huge hypocrite, he’s also against a very large retail chain, yet I see his wife shop there all the time. He’s the perfect puppet.

  7. “I have (8000Kw) for my own home as back up power for when the power go’s out.”

    Nonsense…you have an 8Kw generator.

  8. There is a tendency to view those who tell unpopular truths as being political and intellectual criminals or if you like heretics.
    Those who like to think and seek the truth are deemed to be out of line and those that try to elevate themselves economically and intellectually are deemed to be out of line. The mass of the public won’t tolerate anything better than themselves except their rich elite masters. If the elites say something it is taken as the truth even if it isn’t because they are rich and powerful. If Piers Corbyn says 2+2=4 he will be disbelieved by the mass of the public because the elites say that 2+2=5 for example. Piers really just has credibility with those who are inclined to think and want to know the truth. Piers Corbyn is an Astro Physicist.

    Most people want to believe in AGW ,watch the ball game ,read the funny papers and not deal with hard truths or deal with anything serious and that is just how the elites like it.
    The masses see virtue in not offending the elites or allowing others to do so. Why you might ask? The elites control many of the systems that benefit the mass of the public like jobs, banking, social services and whether or not you get to live or die at the whim of government. Fear of losing it all keeps the public inline and alert for nonconformists like Robert Felix or you or me. The terms nut job and conspiracy theorist and denier were not coined by the media for nothing. They are a means of stigmatizing unpopular truth tellers and seekers who step out of line.
    Are 90% of the public stupid? It is more a matter of seeing virtue in totalitarian ignorance and political correctness out of fear of losing it all due to asking too many questions or telling unpopular truths.
    The greatest motivation for telling or believing lies is fear.

  9. As I have said above, both Terry Breverton and myself live in West Wales, UK. We both spotted this story in London newspapers……The Times, Daily Mail and Telegraph.
    We are grateful that you have posted it on your EXCELLENT web-site, Robert.

    Terry Breverton is a very notable Welsh author, who writes about four books a year on mainly historical FACT. His books are available on Amazon, by the way.
    I run my own tourist attraction called Cardigan Island Coastal Farm Park on the beautiful coast of Cardigan Bay, West Wales.

    UK Energy Minister, Ed Davey , is trying to cover much of the beautiful little country of Wales [ 8015 square miles in area……like Israel and Massachusetts] in GIGANTIC WIND TURBINES 475 FEET HIGH….to supply huge English cities like Liverpool, Manchester and Birmingham with a TINY AMOUNT of SPORADIC ELECTRICITY, because he claims that fossil fuels cause “global warming”!
    Both Terry Breverton and myself are passionate Welshmen who love our country and know its ancient history. Its lovely, evocative hill landscapes are full of ancient hill-forts and castles dating back thousands of years. Yet Ed Davey and other English politicians….aided and abetted by Welsh ones……want to PLASTER those ancient unspoilt hills with GARGANTUAN 475 ft MONSTER WIND TURBINES, only 50 ft shorter than Blackpool Tower. What STUPIDITY ! Wind energy cannot close EVEN ONE fossil fuel power station, because the wind often disappears …or is sometimes too strong.That should be OBVIOUS !! YET ED DAVEY WANTS TO DO AWAY WITH FOSSIL FUELS BECA– USE THEY “CA– USE GLOBAL WARMING “!


  10. Without adequate Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere every living thing on the planet will die. Starting with the plants and chlorophyllic bacteria in the oceans that provide the oxygen and food for life in the oceans. Back in the age of the dinosaurs and before the levels of atmospheric Carbon Dioxide used to be 2000 times more than is the case today.

    2H2O + 2CO2 = 2CH2 + 3O2

    3O2 + 2CH2 = 2CO2 + 2H2O

  11. Marcus says: Here is a reality, for none of the AGW believers act like they are trying to reduce their famed “Carbon Footprint”!
    “Do as I say, not as I do”!
    The UN in Lima wants billions of dollars, but I want a “Money Back Guarantee”, and no action until 2030! Why 2030? I don’t want the UN Gang to take credit for the mini ice age that has been predicted by many Solar Scientists.

    Read about the true “Deniers”.

    ** **
    Global-warming true believers are in denial
    By Debra J. Saunders
    Published 4:00 pm, Wednesday, December 17, 2014


    I have a theory as to why Americans don’t worry all that much about global warming: High-profile purveyors of climate change don’t push for reductions in greenhouse gases so much as focus on berating people who do not agree with their opinions. They call themselves champions of “the science” — yet focus on ideology more than tangible results.

    “If the future of the planet is at stake, shouldn’t the champions of science at least look as if they’re trying to curb their emissions?”

  12. The article said 700kw not 700kwhrs.Dont think thats alot for all the lighting etc for a conferer ence that long. Also notice the diesel generator is well into the forground of the picture.A lot smaller than the suv. Think its more likely to be a 50 kva not 500.Having said that the points are well made.

  13. Glad to report that I got this story published as

    the LEAD LETTER in LONDON’S DAILY MAIL on December 23 rd 2014.
    The Daily Mail sells about 4 MILLION copies a day……and is possibly read by about 7 MILLION!

    I urge everyone to send their stories to newspapers like the Daily Mail.
    We need MILLIONS to read about the hypocrises and anomalies of this GLOBAL WARMING GRAVY-TRAIN INDUSTRY !

    There could be a High Pressure building over Sweden, by the way.
    If it does, the UK COULD SEE SNOW NEXT WEEK !

  14. Here is a question.

    What is the current world price of oil doing to all competing energy sources?

    The economics of WIND ENERGY were decidedly
    questionable when oil was 100 dollars a barrel.

    What do the ECONOMICS OF WIND ENERGY look like on Christmas Day 2014?
    How do ALL ENERGY SOURCES LOOK under this new global oil price regime?

    Please discuss……what about global prices for :-

    [a] natural gas.
    [b] shale gas
    [c] coal
    [d] nuclear
    [e] wind energy.
    [f] solar
    [g] oil.
    Please compare energy costs.

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