Linking extremely wet and cold summer to man-made climate change

Reader laughs out loud at Guardian article.

“We will soon – within the next few years – be able to discern whether the extremely wet and cold summer and spring so far experienced in the UK this year are attributable to human causes rather than luck,” says UK Guardian.

“I’ve just spent a few minutes reading through an article in The Guardian, and then laughed out loud at the final paragraph!” says reader Lee Woods.

It goes something like this…

Flash floods… blame global warming!
Bitterly cold winters… blame global warming!
Variations in the Jet Stream… blame global warming!

The newspaper then asks whether man-made global warming is putting a dampener on British summers. Peter Stott of the Met Office replies, “This is an open question in terms of research – it is too early days to be able to say,”

Haha, you couldn’t make it up!!

15 thoughts on “Linking extremely wet and cold summer to man-made climate change”

  1. It is funny to watch the facade continue, as the news presenters here in New Zealand read out the latest from climate scientists who again tell us there is no doubt climate change is causing the extreme weather…Piers Corbyn at must also be laughing…the problem is that the masses out there are swallowing the news as presented from the TV. What a stranglehold they have.

  2. The Marxist tactic of semantic fraud is pretty effective I guess. They pervert so many meanings. Suddenly “climate change” has to be something caused by man and not nature. Justice becomes “social justice” so they can get our money behind that scam. Salvation becomes “collective salvation” so they can pervert spirituality and get our money THAT way. They have started using word combinations involving “sustainable” for fraudulent purposes. In the mouth of the Left milk could become “manure milk” and be just as useful as their basic philosophy.

    • Leon, the tenant of your treatise is “they” are after our money, and you are absolutely correct. Global climate change is happening, just not anthropogenic. Global climate change has been happening as long as the earth has been here!!! And I am proud to be contributing to global warming since I am so evil and drive an SUV!!!

  3. Of course why not, it causes everything else. In fact is there no end to what the omni potent force of CO2 is capable of. No wonder the beleivers view CO2 as a God.

  4. They link whatever to climate change and most people (the sheeple) believe their crap.

  5. It’s the Jet Stream. The Guardian is impacted by AGW.

    The Met Office has even a video out explaining the Jet Stream. “How does the jet stream work?”

    The Arctic cold is pushing the Jet Stream south. Ergo, Arctic Cold is quite strong where the Jet Stream moves, about 7-8 miles above us.

    Btw.: I checked the news and found that the Mail Online has a different story.

    At the end of the story is also the Jet Stream video!

  6. yup, its being used in Aus repeatedly the last two days as well. we have the head of the Bom stating its so much hotter etc etc and the la nina cooling is a fluke and blah blah blah
    the sheeple will do as they tell them, and panic some more.

  7. Gore and the Democrats’ Green Graft Machine
    “With the Solyndra, First Solar, Sunpower, Fisker, and related Obama administration Department of Energy scandals, President Obama is following a trail blazed by Vice President Al Gore in the mid-1990s. Similar scandals failed (or failing) green technology companies intertwined with Democratic Party fundraising — will continue to arise until we understand their genesis….”

    Warming fears are the “worst scientific scandal in history . . .When people come to know what the truth is, they will feel deceived by science and scientists.” – UN IPCC Japanese Scientist Dr. Kiminori Itoh, and award-winning PhD environmental physical chemist.

  8. The Algore fiasco & the way Libs grabbed on is typical of them believing all manner of falsities, then running with them. The scientists’ behavior is what disturbs me. When that man researched Gore’s use of energy, he was threatened by a great many Libs, some so dangerouse & ugly that he turned them over to the law. They’re dangerous folks. Fiddlin

  9. Personally, if you are watching TV, you are probably being programmed to believe whatever you are told. I don’t doubt that subliminals are written on the screen with the new digital technology, programming the way people are to think. As I have said before, as long as they can keep “warming” in the eyes of the multitudes while removing the capability of staying warm in a colder climate, they will allow “nature” to be their “drone with Hell(freezes over) missiles” to murder literally billions of humans, and all for the sake of the few. Can’t blame them if it is all done by “nature,” right?

  10. Of course global warming causes everything. It even causes “climate scientists” to look like moronic 6th graders. Just sayin’.

  11. It is a wonder to me how some people can think that human beings can control the jet stream, underwater vulcanism, the PDO, El Nino, La Nina,sunspots, etc. when they can’t even control themselves!

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