Little Ice Age Big Chill Documentary – Video

Some animals froze to death in September

Millions perished.

Thanks to Deb for this video

“They suck you in with a great documentary on the Little Ice Age,” says Deb. “Then they propagandize you with claims of global warming producing cold.”

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  1. Don’t worry Deb the warmists will soon be praying for global warming with all their hearts and souls….. Patience will be rewarded as gods wrath is against all who make and believe lies.
    On May 15th 2016 and freezing to death in Barrie, Ontario we had snow and rain. That is the truth and it is not normal for here yet……

  2. I have watched a few documentaries that do the the same – suck you in with facts then throw in a mixture of innuendos and then outright lies. They just keep parroting the same mantras – they have been truly, well mesmerized by the political nabobs, IMO.

  3. This link was originally posted by Steven, whom I would like to thank.

    I have added this video to the links I send to family members to help them to understand what is going on with the climate.

    Forewarned is forearmed, and the incredible depth of the research done for this documentary is impressive and laudable.
    In fact, makes you wonder why they put it out there.

    Clearly, it was produced by the AGW crowd, but they save their propaganda for the very end. I don’t know what their game is, exactly. Seems quite clear they are going to claim CO2 is causing the current ice age, tho.

  4. “Then they propagandize you with claims of global warming producing cold.”

    From a political point of view, it makes sense. Now they have their war on carbon justified both ways. It also fits into the eugenics movement.

    I wouldn’t count on it changing. That’s something political minds are incapable of doing.

  5. Global warming is impossible since there is no globe.
    The lies go far deeper than most assume.

  6. Omg! Whats this i see!? Even the history channel is now beginning to Back off from the catostrophic man made global warming fraud! Cheeeeee meanwhiel those poor high school kids and clueless teachers are still getting there little brains washed by Al gores documentary “the inconvient truth”! Oh poor them! Well I guess they’ll find out the hard way! He he he! Man made global warming my ass lol

  7. What kind of scientists are they? They depend on some Mann made computer model that has been discredited, rather than looking at what is actually happening in the world around them.

    • Jay that’s exactly what al gore and the rest of his fake scientists use to depend on where the earths climate is headed! Please try to think before making such stupid comments! Oh and one more thing you don’t have any links to support your evidence!

      • Never mind jay after watching this video you were right the scientists who belief In this man made global warming hoax really are full of shit. I’m sorry I ever regretted you I should of watched the movie first.

  8. They almost have to add the alarmist stuff at the end or else they would be turning off and losing a lot of viewers, plus Alarmism sells! To be fair though at least they had more than one or two ‘experts’ uttering such phrases as, “we really don’t know”, “the uncertainty is high”, “the likelihood is maybe one or two in one-hundred”, etc.

    Remember the Hockey Stick graph? It was used by Algor and the IPCC, and continues to be employed by many of the Climate Alarmistas in swaying public opinion over to the idea that Anthropogenic Climate Warming Change is something to be feared.
    The real concern should be in being prepared for the cooling which is sure to come like clockwork, if we are so lucky as to survive as a species over the next few thousand years. It may, have already started, could start tomorrow, or in the next hundred years or more, but “A model of future climate based on the observed orbital-climate relationships, … predicts that the long-term trend over the next seven thousand years is toward extensive Northern Hemisphere glaciation.”

    I recently rediscovered a site that had some graphs that really put the ‘hockey stick’ in a proper context. Today I posted this informative graphic illustration, extracted from a much larger body of evidence that was gathered by Morgan Wright, and titled: “Global climate change from a realistic, non-political point of view.” You may find it very surprising to see what becomes of the ‘hockey stick’ when you view it in frames of reference that increase historical time! My post also has a link to Morgan’s original page which contains a wealth of information regarding: {sea level rise}, {co2 rise}, {Greenhouse Effect}, {Global Warming}, and {The Sun}.
    See my post here:
    Thanks to Morgan Wright for making this info available.

    • They shouldn’t call it the hockey stick, hokey stick would be a better name for it. 🙂

    • I’ve just had another look at this website, and even though the stuff about the hockey stick is valid, I just wondered if there was a more scientific site that discusses such things? Sadly, ‘Lectridog’ comes over as a bit eccentric. I wouldn’t ask my AGW friends to check it out.

      • Why not? Jay, Please tell me how I could improve my post.
        I thought it was pretty clear cut without going into excessive details.

        • AndrewS, I haven’t got a problem with the Lectridog site, but I know if I were to show it to any of my warmist friends, they would immediately say that the site is not a science site. That’s why I asked if the excellent info the the hokey stick could be found elsewhere. I didn’t mean to offend you, or the person who runs the site.

  9. Eventually the penny will drop and the “People” will realise just how bad the deception has been.
    It’s likely to be in 4 years’ time after Clinton’s disaster of a one term presidency. The people will then throw out the Democrat Gullible warmists for a generation.
    It will then take a reform minded President to clean house.
    One shift kick in the pants of NOAA and the EPA and the whole pack of cards will fold. Soon, followed by the bunch of liars in the UN I would stop all funding to the UN until the IPCC was reformed and then sacked.
    But not yet, we have to get though the next four years of more politically biased decisions on energy management. The writing will be on the wall when the NH crop failures start with vengeance

  10. Trenberth is one of the most outspoken AGW proponents. His “signature” publication used by the IPCC is his Earth’s Energy Budget in the fourth report in 2007 – Working Group I FAQ 1.1.

    This shows that ~83% of the radiation that Earth emits to space comes from “greenhouse gases”.

    As emitting radiation to space is the only mechanism available for Earth to cool down it will be simple for them to switch claims from increases in CO2 cause global warming – sorry climate change – to increases in CO2 will in future cause global cooling – sorry “negative climate change” !

    I’ve always wondered why alarmists can’t see the simple fact that adding more coolant to the mix causes heating is a paradox.

    Radiation from any object cannot heat another object to any temperature beyond the emitting object’s emission temperature no matter how much it is concentrated.

    If this were possible we could generate electricity at night by magnifying the atmospheric back radiation which these “geniuses” claim either has at least equal heating power as sunshine, or has nearly twice the heating power of sunshine if you believe the voodoo science published by the IPCC authored by Trenberth.

    • The IPCC is as stupid as the hoax of man made global warming gets! More like The international panel on climate change propoganda and stupidity! Lol

  11. the funny part about their agit prop is?
    theyve just ADMITTED the MWP existed and temps were high
    with NO mankind emissions to do it.
    and the low solar output n cycles having large effects on climate
    lil mikey will be pi**ed cos he tried to hard to remove MWP from all his charts:-0
    of course the corollary above needs someone WITH a funtional brain to wake up
    not accept the crap at the end..
    ability to reason is sadly absent in many via planned dumbing down in education

  12. Scientists can’t agree on history but are unanimous regarding the future, sounds odd.

    • I had a look at the video and found it is longer due to commercials in whole or in part. Someone must have recorded it as it was presented on television.

  13. The 7:47 mark quotes, “For all our technological power, we cannot control the climate.”

    Well no duh, to those who know better and/or have a modicum of common sense. If warmists would prefer we go back to horse and buggy days, perhaps they’d like to research the side effects of all that horse manure clogging the streets and waterways and see if it’s any worse than a non-toxic, essential, trace atmospheric gas.

  14. Excellent documentary, if you pay attention to the facts presented, and ignore the B.S. opinions, which are based on nothing more than “political science” and defective computer models.

    Amazing how dimwits like “Bill Nye the Science Guy” could still use the hockey stick graph as his “proof” of global warming when he debated the Mark Morano recently. If you believe the hockey stick graph, there WAS no Little Ice Age, no Medieval Warming Period, just 1,000 years of stable climate bliss until humans screwed up this utopian climate starting in 1850.

    I have seen trolls on some sites try to argue that the Little Ice Age was just a regional event in Western Europe, though it’s clear it affected North America, Greenland, etc., and the video even points out that glaciers were growing rapidly in New Zealand at the same time as in the Alps! So the reduced TSI during the LIA obviously affected the southern hemisphere as well, as you would expect.

    The fact that New Zealand was also plunged into a cold climate also undercuts the feeble argument made in the video that the cooling was brought on by melt water in the north Atlantic that halted the thermohaline circulation, and may do so again, since that obviously wouldn’t affect the kiwis. Also, where is all the fresh water ice (meltwater) going to come from now to flood the North Atlantic with fresh water? There’s no big ice sheet covering Canada these days, and Greenland isn’t melting away.

  15. This documentary is correct in almost all of its content but there are some errors and misunderstandings. For example levels of CO2 have zero effect of temperatures and the Gulf Stream is already dead. It died in July 2010. We are already descending into the next Ice Age. The signs are all around us.

  16. When I saw this documentary I thought it would be as real as it they were making it to be turns out after watching it all and putting all the pieces together it was a just a bit fat joke! this movie cracks me up! In the beginning they say that they believed the sun causes climate to change and give you information on how climate change affected us by natural cycles in the earths climate and then in the last 10 minutes all hell breaks loose! They turn around and now they say that we are warming the earth so much that we are going to melt the ice and disrupt the past climate change that they said themselves could be caused by reduction in solar output or ash from volcanoes or ocean currents system five minutes later they say they don’t know what we are doing to the earths climate whether it be warming or cooling? Un freakin believable! Reality turned into scientific fantasy! I suggest you just watch until the last 10 minutes when the movie completely falls apart! Otherwise you are wasting your time!

    • ..relax. They are required to put the propaganda in it. or it WILL NOT BE AIRED! Be assured that Nasa has been using this technique for years to protect they who want to believe the standard pap. But that the truth is buried in it, means that someone wanted it out to us! Obviously, we are not the only ones to see through the NEWSPEAK!

  17. Steven-I hope you will not wait too long to get out of Canada. It looks like next winter will begin the cold in earnest.

    When that happens, it will be difficult to sell property at northern lattitudes.

    And when enough people realize it’s going to get colder, all food, winter clothing, propane and heaters, wood stoves, etc. will fly off the shelves. Stock up soon, people!

    What is the use to follow this website if you don’t use the foreknowledge to prepare yourself for the coming ice age?

  18. While on the subject of Videos, an interview of Ben Davidson by TedCatKnight (posted last month)

    Magnetic Reversal and Earth Changes

    Quoting Ben:

    “You know when people see Fema buying 10 million body bags, a lot of folks say oh my god, they’re getting ready to kill 10 million people. I see them preparing for 10 million people to die so that the plague doesn’t run rampant. When I seem them buying billions of rounds of ammunition, I don’t see them
    getting ready to kill a bunch of people, I see them getting ready to control the 50, 70, 90% of the population that won’t be in a cooperative mood when sh*t hits the fan, but they’re going to go out in the streets and try to take advantage of other people…get violent. Boy do we not want them around in the next stage. I hope somebody’s going to be there to protect the critical infrastructure and the people from them. “

    • Hope he’s right, but I wouldn’t be so sure. I think if the s**t hit the fan, the powers that be would just leave people to fend for themselves.

  19. If this was a historical documentary, it should have stopped at the end of the Little Ice Age, and left out the political propaganda at the conclusion.

  20. “Man has overloaded the atmosphere with carbon dioxide over the last 150 years”. The actual increase in carbon dioxide increased from 320 parts per million to about 400 parts per million during the last century. That is an increase of 80 parts per million or an increase of .008%. Is this overloading the atmosphere? So “they” know what the optimum carbon dioxide levels are and they happen to coincide with levels of 100 to 200 years ago. How do “they” know? I guess God told them. Notice the word believe is also used. Scientists do not believe, they entertain an hypthesis until further data can be collected at which time the hypthesis is altered or rejected. No hypothesis is absolutely true because we never have all of the information.

  21. Arctic sea ice very low for this time of year according to Watt up with that website. Look like an Arctic free of sea ice or nearly free could happen this year. The recent el-nino must have pushed loads of warm water into the Arctic sea.

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