The Little Ice Age is here – Cold and soggy July breaks Ottawa rainfall record

Wettest July on record – Also wettest May on record airport.

Almost 250 millimetres (9.84 inches) of rain fell at the Ottawa airport — the most since they started recording the weather there in 1938.

The average rainfall for July is 89 millimetres.

In addition to being the wettest July, it was also one of the coolest in recent memory.

This on top of a record-setting rainfall in May

With more rain yet to come, Ottawa also endured record rainfall for the month of May. As of May 30, the city had already surpassed the 164 millimetres that fell in May 1986 to set a new record, and more than doubled the May average of 83 millimetres.

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27 thoughts on “The Little Ice Age is here – Cold and soggy July breaks Ottawa rainfall record

  1. The problem right now is global temperatures are still running above normal. These have to fall to at least near 30 year means by next summer if those of us who support a solar /climate connection want to be correct. If solar stays at current very low values over the next 12 months.

    I am frustrated over the global temperature picture today ; that showing global temperatures around +.4c above 30 year means and global sea surface temperature +.352c.

    Weatherbell data for global temperatures and ocean tid bits for global sea surface temperatures.

    I think at a minimum by the summer of 2018 global temperatures have to be +.2c or less and global sea surface temperatures have to be down to at least +.2c or lower.

    I still think it will happen but I hope it is sooner rather then later.

    • OK … as this is an Ottawa related article … here’s an Ottawa professor (Paul Beckwith) who has quite a collection of videos pertaining to suggested potential if not presently ongoing abrupt climate change dynamics … have watched a few; they seem educational:

      My question would be … climate change in the direction of warming … and abrupt climate change dynamics pertaining to such, with jet stream changes, arctic warming, etc. … could they be occurring or potentially occur due to … or be driven by … cyclical upticks in incoming solar energy increases from now seemingly regular occurring earth facing coronal hole solar wind upticks?

      Those occurring amidst a quieting of solar sun spot related activity; yet … more energy in; in which case, human activities here and levels of CO2 … not so relevant as some might assume?

      Any historical Ice Age occurrence dynamics during prolonged periods of solar sun spot minimums … on hold or inapplicable, then; for a time at least … i.e., where there is a continued occurrence of regular, cyclical, earth facing coronal hole solar wind upticks?

      Always a bunch to ponder, it seems; will be checking out a few more of the Paul Beckwith videos, in any case …

      Ice Age … NOT Now … then; at least for the moment? Drop the coronal hole upticks … coupled with no or few sunspots .. only then?

      In the meantime … are we in for a different kind of ride?

    • Salvatore, note that last year, 2016 was NOT the Warmest Year on Record (Satellite records)– Video.. Remote Sensing Systems (RSS) and University of Alabama Hunstville (UAH) satellite data show a TIE with 1998. Does it really have to do with the Davos Elite Pushing for a global carbon tax? Look a bit further and they are trying to STOP populism globally, by more wealth distribution which will mainly be funded by a carbon tax.So there it is, the lies of a warming planet continue so a global tax can be instituted.

    • They seem to adjust the temperature records at will including that satellite data. If the temperature did go down how would one even know?

    • Salvatore– Where in the world did you get the idea that global temperatures are running above normal. “Normal” whatever that is.

    • It will take sometime for a significant cool down due to the capacity of the oceans and atmosphere to store and distribute heat. Call it a thermal lag. On a smaller scale you can see it at work every year as the seasons go through their cycles.

  2. “The Little Ice Age is here – Cold and soggy July breaks Ottawa rainfall record”

    OR >>> a ton more atmospheric mixing resulting in these rainfall records … such changes not heralding a coming ICE AGE … at least for the time being? More a sign of solar induced global warming … that, in spite solar sun spot minimum dynamics?

    Between the Tropic lines … getting too hot to handle … above the Tropic lines … a bunch more atmospheric mixing … heralding floods linked to extreme rainfall events that may result from such?

    • CO2 does its warming above the topic lines, in fact close to the poles and mostly in winter. – hard to imagine the tropics are getting too hot to handle when there is allegedly no forcing there per the IPCC.

  3. Connecting a few dots on the site leads to 3 easy predictions.
    1) Cosmic particles entering the Atmosphere are up 13% in Cali and 19% on the East coast over 2 years. This will be a long term trend as Earth’s magnetic field continues it’s parabolic decline, currently dropping 5% annually.
    – Increased cosmic radiation particles cause increased cloud formation, and that means 2 things: Increasing precipitation while more and more sunlight is reflected away. Record snow, record rain and record cold describe 2017, and it get’s worse after that.

    2) Next look at the “spotless days” trend. Anemic Solar cycle 24 started with 260 spotless days in 2009, and it is fizzling out fast and early. We are on track for 95 to 100+ spotless days for 2017, and 260 to 300+ in 2018. 2019 is the 11th and last year of Cycle 24. In 2019-2020 sunspot activity will drop into uncharted territory.

    3) Low solar activity correlates inversely with volcanism and earthquakes. Volcanic particulate also creates clouds. That means even faster escalation of our planet’s cloud cover, and the associated cold and precipitation.

    Peace from Canada

  4. where i live now in 2003 th lakebd was pictured with 1k peple standing in the middle
    it stayed that way until 2013 when it started to get some water in..almost dried out then got huge inflows in our wet year 2014,
    its holding around half full since
    this winters dry start had em worrying
    recent rains negate that 😉
    all the farmers who bought and grew grains for the last decade + not knowing the past of the land are looking worried
    this area WAS bogs n swamps that gave footrot and fleece rot to sheep and made cropping very chancy.
    and that pattern could well return soon
    ma nature is such a bitch! 😉

  5. Wonder what the world will look like if the NWO elites make it to surface after the deluge? Will they be welcomed by the hordes of roaming Warlords? Will peaceful folk left over bow down and make them kings and queens over our livelihood again?
    Disease, pestilence, hunger and war will have transpired. Warlords fighting for prime farmland, mice and rats spreading disease as they live among humans in larger numbers, and hunger will prevail across the globe in mass adding to the diseases.
    Will the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman, and every free man, that was hiding under the mountains be welcomed by the poor, freezing, starving and sick man as they journey hence forth from isolation?
    Who will have control of the arsenals that were designed and manufactured to keep the populous safe? How many will remember how these liars who in preparing for themselves, had no love for those they were sworn to protect?
    Perhaps it be wise for the haters of men and mans children and their children’s children to stay into the earth as moles and the snakes they are, not again to see the face of men whom they betrayed, seeing only their faces in the nightmares of dreams of little children begging out of fear and the hurt of adults watching the children suffer! Perhaps that will be their torment in eternal life as well, seeing continually the faces of beautiful people that put their fate and trust in them, having a memory only of the trials which the liars and haters put them through!
    We have had decades to prepare for this event. The politicians having their minds poisoned and diluted with power, promises and things to vile to mention, have chosen the darker side. Will the promises made to these politicians, rich, kings etc. be kept or will dark entities whom gave them technologies of longevity and supreme power laugh at them running like the vermin they are upon entering the mountains? Stripping away the power, taking away the promises, leaving them hopeless as per the brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers they left to die!

    Those who continue to push global warming narratives, purposely adhere to falsified charts and documents promoting the narratives, know who you are! Are you prepared to live the lie to the bitter end? How many of you will be turned away at the entrance to the mountain, left to witness the world coming which you chose to deny under false pretence? Are you ready for the zombie apocalypse which could have possible been diverted to a larger extent?

    These nasty people are to worried about which hole they want to share with other nasty people, than going about killing those against their narrative now, how preposterous some blokes are!

    Hail to the King of Kings and blessings given in this world and until we meet in the next, glory for ever and ever, so be it.

  6. Weather is not climate. Ottawa may be cold but the west coast of US and Canada are breaking heat records. Check the weather in Vancouver.

  7. Let us put it this way the current global temperatures are running some .3 to .4c above the 30 year mean trends.

    I want to see global temperatures at or below the 30 year means, within a year from now.

    • Have to consider the possablty that we also didn’t go right into a moderate to strong La nina after the strong nino we had so we maybe dealing with a slower then expected drop off in global temps.

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