Little Ice Ages kill off more humans than any other natural disaster

“The Dalton Minimum, which delivered London’s cold misery in the Charles Dickens’ novels, ended about 1820. Now we’re due again.”
– Dennis Avery

On August 7, posted an article by Dennis Avery entitled “Here’s How to Avoid Climate Panics.” Here are a few insightful excerpts from that article:

The “little ice ages” kill off more humans than any other natural disaster. Cultures around the world have failed, again and again, as the chaotic cold prevented farmers from harvesting enough grain to feed their cities. During past “little ice ages,” humans also suffered rampant epidemics of diseases such as cholera and bubonic plague.

The 200-year Solar Sunspot Minimums:

Our sun currently has fewer sunspots than at any time in the last 100 years. The Maunder Sunspot Minimum (1645–1710) caused terrible famines during the Little Ice Age, but historians tended to ignore sunspot minimums during global warmings; they didn’t cause major famines. A recent re-examination of the sunspot record found that the solar minimums drop Earth’s thermometer readings sharply for about 60 years – – every 200 years.

…Now we’re due again.

See entire article.:

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7 thoughts on “Little Ice Ages kill off more humans than any other natural disaster”

  1. the old maxim about learn from the past or be doomed to repeat it

    and in this day and age we have NO excuses to be made
    we have such huge knowledge stores.
    we may not suffer quite as badly due to the ability to transfer foods etc from places less affected
    we also have a massive gain in mouths to be fed even so.
    those already near starvation point now will be the first to be dying as there may not BE stores of anything left, that usually gets used by the charities etc to assist 3rd world.

    • True, however we also have a large segment of the public educated and entertained into being totally brainwashed and invincibly ignorant and a horde of educators, government leaders and entertainers constantly propagating and enforcing a selection of big lies backed up by legislation. The truth is illegal and unpopular in our world and that is why history repeats and why people have to find out the hard way.
      May be the next famine and plague will thin the herd of lairs and their foolish followers.

  2. Does that mean that there will be homes for those that need them at affordable prices after much of society drops dead from plague and starvation? One has to find the goods in every situation.

  3. “The Arctic needs thousands of centuries to build the vast ice sheets. ”

    The author needs to go to school. One thousand centuries is almost the duration of a major glaciation….. The transition period to go from a interglacial to a major glaciation is estimated to be 3 to 20 years. Ice sheets take a while to form but certainly not the duration of a major glaciation.

  4. Yes. Humans always thrive during warm times, and always suffer and die during cold times. Humans populated northern lands after the end of the Ice Age, and then suffered badly when a cold time happened. We should all be hoping for global warming when we will again thrive, but alas, we will probably get another cold time instead. And there still isn’t anything humans can do to change or affect the natural cycles of warm and cold.

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