LIVE: Mayon Volcano still going strong

Live feed: Mayon Volcano in the Philippines still spewing lava, ash

25 Jan 2018 – Mayon volcano continues spurting out huge lava bombs, molten rocks and ash into the air – forcing up to 61,000 people to evacuate from nearby villages.

The lava has fountained upward up to 2,000 feet – almost half a mile high! – and its ash plumes stretched up to three miles above the crater.

Director of Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology Renato Solidum warned that the movement of hot lava blocks, pumice, ash and gas along the slopes of Mt Mayon could reach up to three kilometres.

He said lava flows in two gullies had already advanced down the volcano’s slopes more than half a mile and that pyroclastic flows – superheated gas and volcanic debris – had spread three miles from the crater in one area.

See spectacular photos:

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“Mount Mayon’s eruption came on the heels of a large 7.9 magnitude earthquake on the other side of the Ring of Fire,” says Caroline.

“Since Mayon’s first recorded eruption, in 1616, it has erupted about 58 times, ranging from sputters to calamities. FOUR of those eruptions have happened in the LAST DECADE according to the Smithsonian. In 1814, when Mayon exploded, it sent ash several miles into the sky, killing 1,200 people.”

The National Geographic warns that this eruption could be especially deadly.

6 thoughts on “LIVE: Mayon Volcano still going strong”

  1. nightime viewing is absolutely beautiful..for us a long way away..
    not so nice for the people and animals closer though;-(

  2. Some are saying that Kadovar, PNG could expulse 4.5 -5.o times more water vapor than Tambora volcano created during the 1815 eruption?

    • Do you mean a lot of steam being emitted?
      Water and magma can create a Phreatomagmatic Eruption – not good.

  3. Mag 6+ i the last week.
    M 6.3 – 76km S of Putre, Chile
    M 7.9 – 280km SE of Kodiak, Alaska
    M 6.2 – 38km NE of Nikol’skoye, Russia
    M 6.0 – 40km S of Binuangeun, Indonesia
    M 6.3 – 186km N of Madang, Papua New Guinea
    M 6.2 – 92km ESE of Mutsu, Japan

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