Lobster prices soar – Blame the brutal winter

CNBC.com carried an article today about the price of lobsters going through the roof.

The reason? “After a brutal winter in the Northeast, slow-to-warm ocean temperatures are delaying the summer lobster catch. Colder water generally means less-active lobsters and less crustaceans caught in cages, contributing to a tightening supply.” Wholesale prices now are at $10.99/lb ($24.18/kg).


Yet back in 2013, the reverse was true; prices were at record lows, with the wholesale price at $2.69/lb. That was on the heels of another lobster surplus in 2012. Ironically, just two years ago the glut of lobsters was attributed to warmer oceans and climate change:


Thanks to H.B. Schmidt for this link

“So which is it?” asks H.B. “Is global warming responsible for both conditions, or is it more accurate to state harvests simply respond to cyclical climactic patterns?”

5 thoughts on “Lobster prices soar – Blame the brutal winter”

  1. It says that lobsters have a narrow temperature range tolerance. We should all enjoy as much fresh seafood and fish as we can while they are available in our areas.

  2. “Wholesale prices now are at $10.99/lb ($24.18/kg).”

    Sorry we just bought a pair of lobsters (Larry and Daryl) at a local supermarket. Very fresh alive and kicking !

    $5.99 / lb.

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