Lobster Prices Surge – Cold Ocean Temperatures to Blame

“Over the past year-and-change, lobster prices have risen sharply,” says this article on the Huffington Post.

Lobster“CNN Money attributed the recent spike in prices to this winter’s unusually cold weather in the Northeast. The North Atlantic remains colder than it usually is at this time of year, so lobsters have, by and large, stayed out of reach of fishermen.”


8 thoughts on “Lobster Prices Surge – Cold Ocean Temperatures to Blame”

  1. Just like most detective stories: “FOLLOW THE MONEY.” How much do lobsters now cost? What happened to prices & supplies of propane for heat in Jan. & Feb. ’14 and again this past winter? How much has snow removal been costing lately, by region and by nation? Far more than any snowstorm stories, I believe in ice-age costs! Nobody trusts weather-reporting. But we all listen to money reports. The coming Ice Age(s) will hurt us nationally and globally in the wallet, and severely, even if the ice itself never advances south of Chicago or Sochi.

    • The so called warm Atlantic water is well off shore. Most of the American North East coast is in the south flowing Labrador Current. Lobsters are not the only NA crustacean cash crop to be affected by the increasing cold water flowing south from Greenland and the Arctic. Sea ice may melt in the late summer but the ocean temperature it floated in is still in very low C single digit numbers.

  2. not too surprised. We had a frozen ocean 100 miles SE of Boston this winter! Approaching ice age at its best.

  3. it’s much warmer than normal, it’s just that the lobsters don’t have re-calibrated thermometers yet.

  4. Has to be cold…we nearly wiped out the lobsters’ #1 predator, cod, prior to this and prices had dropped thru the floor.

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