Locals fear Ecuador’s Cotopaxi volcano

Could melt the icecap and form deadly lahars, but the government is restricting information.

During the past week, small eruptions have continued at Cotopaxi volcano. In fact, the government confirmed yet another eruption yesterday morning.

“Cotopaxi is considered one of the world’s most dangerous volcanoes due to its proximity to population centres and very explosive activity, coupled with a tremendous potential for devastating volcanic mudflows, called lahars, which are formed by rapid melting of the icecap,” says the University of Bristol’s Dr Jo Gottsmann.

In 1877, Cotopaxi generated a large lahar that traveled more than 326 km (202 miles) to the Pacific coast. Along that path lies the Valle de Los Chillos, where more than 200,000 people now live along the lahar channels.

“The government this week warned that 325,000 people were at risk and declared a state of emergency. Reporting about the volcano has also been restricted.

We watch the news for information and there isn’t a single story about the volcano, yet I watched as it erupted again today.  (emphasis added).

“Ash from the volcano has already fallen on my town and the cattle, they are getting ill and a few have died,” said Luz Maria Masabanda in Romerillo.


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9 thoughts on “Locals fear Ecuador’s Cotopaxi volcano

  1. Another example of “the gov’t that governs least governs best. ”
    I don’t trust any Gov’t organization. I do trust the private scientist that is searching for answers.

  2. I don’t understand the news blackout. Are they just going to keep people in the dark and let them get buried by lahars?

  3. No government that is not funded by or in collusion with evil mega cooperations govern best.No disrespect to Judge Nap.As for scientists, listen to those old guard retired ones.They tell the truth because they do not depend on those conditioned grants.

  4. Monday 8/24 mid-morning: though it is too cloudy to get a summit view this morning, it is obvious that the eruption is continuing and may have intensified somewhat. Camera Lasso is downwind of the eruption smog and the image is nearly black. Camera Callo Donoso (4th down on the page) is looking like a nightime view. The lights in the little town are on, and cars are using their headlights.

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