Lockdowns and ‘global warming’ connected

If you’ve wondered why I’ve been posting stuff about Covid-19, it’s because I think the lockdowns are being forced on us by many of the same power-hungry charlatans trying to shove the phony man-made global warming agenda on us.

Here’s an article from Climate Depot:

“Fauci goes full pseudoscience: COVID-19 is due to ‘extreme backlashes from nature’ – Urges ‘creative harmony with nature’ to solve,” reads the headline.

“Fauci in new paper: “Living in greater harmony with nature will require changes in human behavior as well as other radical changes that may take decades to achieve: rebuilding the infrastructures of human existence…”

Former NYT reporter Alex Berenson responds: “But, see, if #COVID-19 turns out to be a testing-driven lil-bit-worse-than-a-bad-flu year, what then? Maybe we WON’T need to redesign all of human existence because some 79-year-old bureaucrat wants us to?”

“Why does Dr. Anthony Fauci, a division-level bureaucrat whose day job includes the word ‘allergy,’ think his brief now includes redesigning all of human society? And how monstrous must his ego have become for him to be willing to say so publicly?” Berenson asked.

Here’s a link to the Climate Depot article:

Here’s the Alex Berenson thread:

And here’s a link to the paper that Fauci co-authored, dated 21 August 2020 (You’ll want to go all the way to the end and read the “SUMMARY AND CONCLUSIONS”):

13 thoughts on “Lockdowns and ‘global warming’ connected”

  1. https://youtu.be/bxCDV8Xya8M

    Just like CO2 on Trial
    The atmosphere contains only one part in twenty-five hundred parts of an essential trace gas necessary for all life on earth… it’s CO2.

    The globalists are having their way right now with humanity for very good eugenical reasons… avoid the poisons, avoid the traps (both kinds… and all kinds for extended playtime on the pasture)

  2. The Ozone scare was a test to measure public & governmental reaction, as was the computer Y2K melt down scare.

    COViD is to test reactions lockdowns & draconian curfew & quarantining.

    The link to Climate bullshit will become brazenly apparent with 6\12 months.

    Except of course if you a leader with brains. Trump 2020 better happen for all our sakes.

  3. I think you’re wrong. It isn’t the same bunch of “power hungry charlatans” (frauds), it’s a different bunch of frauds who have seen what one lot has been able to get away with to entrench their pathetic little careers, and they want what the others have got.

    • Fauci is a mere mask, an employee. Gates is bigger. But the real force behind both the global warming hoax and the covid exaggeration is a group of not more than 5000 people who control the foundations, think tanks, and other NGOs. These 3 types of “philanthropic” organizations are spread all over the world & through their “gifts” control most media, medicine, and scientific research. They have got control of much govt spending & grants too.

      A common feature in the GW hoax and the covid hoax is the use of scientism, fake science, to puff their propaganda. They use the prestige and authority of science to advance the non-science views essential to the building of their tyranny.

      In the Senate report http://leftexposed.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/2014-Senate-Billionaire-Club-Report.pdf
      the foundations who are controlling the GW movement are named & their techniques described.

      Event 201, the advance simulation of the covid project, is actually online: You can watch the whole rehearsal, which features their countering the truths which we are stating about covid. Other foundations and philanthropies are forwarding this project, but they are all part of the same network.

      A quite remarkable article asks us to consider what power on earth could have raised the charmless Greta to heights of influence, given her awards and media attention. The article goes on to explain about the international network of NGOs.


      The article only fails to understand that the topmost echelons of Russia and China are integrated into the one-world tyrannical project, in my opinion. China’s economy was quite deliberately built up while tearing down that of the West by shipping our technology, engineering, manufacturing and jobs to Asia. This status is deliberately maintained; nothing prevents the megacorps from relocating back to Europe and the US. The opposition between the US govt & China is only verbal theatre while manufacturing of goods sold to Americans remains in China. There is much R&D there, too.

      You must understand that the existence of America as a strong and viable country is an obstacle to the New World Tyranny. We are watching its destruction unless we find an effective counterattack.

  4. because Fau xi is looking after number one
    hes figuring to be acceptable to the daft dems by showing agw ism is ok with him and how he can “help” in the new govt..
    that fact Trumps not going to lose? escapes him
    the dems know theyre going tolosemajorly
    and so the priming of trump wont leave we will have to use force etc as a pre emptive psyops
    pelosi is as much a hag and besom as killary was and is already stirring crap as well
    they all mouth big green cos of th money rolling in if they do
    belief in it?
    but yes Robert Covid IS being used as a lever to shoehorn control and climateclowns into power, agenda 21 bang on

  5. Everything from the pandemic, to the global warming hoax, to all the chaos in the streets, to the current economic and financial crisis, are all simultaneous attacks on democratic systems and freedom! Anyone who has yet to realize this is a war of good vs evil, a fight over world control, and ultimately your ability to be free, is living with their head stuck in a hole or somewhere worse …

  6. Robert
    you are absolutely right.

    A month or so ago when you started getting criticism for posting articles about covid-19… I did a search online for the simple phrase “covid-19+global warming” … you get dozens if not hundreds of responses. So many I didn’t even bother sending that information to anyone. Anyone still doubt? Do a search yourself…

  7. Fauici suffers from the “Napoleon Complex.” He’s a little man with a big ego that must be fed massive amounts of laurels in order to feel good. The man is an absolute joke imo. He’s gone from an allergy specialist to a pandemic expert and now to transformer of human civilization as if he were a god of some sorts. And I’m sure he thinks himself a god or at least a demigod. This whole pandemic is geared towards destroying freedom and transforming humanity into something we were never meant to be. Everything that comes out of Fauici’s mouth is contrary to nature! And now get ready because he and his cronies are about to ramp things up another notch as the “flu season” dawns. I’m sure he’s an expert on that too.

    Fact is humanity is being pushed into subjection to those like Fauici and George Soros who think they are the only ones on the planet who know best. We are being ENSLAVED! If these psychos succeed human life will become something most of us do not want to be a part of any longer. In fact, they want most of us dead so they can use their wacky science to turn the planet back into “Eden.” But that “Eden” is for them and for them alone not for us. These people, including Fauici, are psychotic and outright evil. They are far more than simple charlatans and snake oil salesmen/women. It’s time to stand up and fight back and stop being the gutless cowards we’ve been for the past 9 months!

  8. Received an email from Dld stating the following (Google translated):
    People like Bill Gates and [NIAID * director] Tony Fauci have been planning this pandemic for decades … “Associated with this is an unimaginable fraud maneuver. Attorney Dr. Reiner Füllmich makes this clear:” The PCR test is for determining one Infection with the virus is not only absolutely unsuitable, it is … not at all approved for diagnostic purposes … Drosten’s PCR test … says nothing about an infection if it is positive – contrary to all political claims … That means, formulated under criminal law: the claim that the PCR test can provide concrete information about infections is a false factual claim in the sense of the criminal offense of fraud. In civil law terms, it says: there is malicious deception … “So the point is to uncover a gigantic maneuver of deception and fraud and – if it is still to come – to avert it. But put the maneuver’s strategists and their accomplices in politics and the media everything to carry out their capital crime further.

    (Not Google translated.)
    Again, starting with the big five UN / WHO /Worldbank/IMF and their supporters, like all western european countries such as EU/Canada/Australia/NewZealand are committing false thinking and perhaps even writing. Is there no lawyer who knows how to find out? It’s not even lying anymore. But what’s in the background, a covid syndrome sufferer B. Gates, who is destroying the world because he wants to save the world? The CCP of China? They send videos into the world about WUHAN with the way the CCP wants the world to be seen. Indian newsservice GRAVITAS is telling that. The ambassadors of China are also making a contribution. The question arise: has the CCP of China, in collaboration with Tedros’s WHO, sent certain videos to the world from the very beginning to frighten people?

  9. Barry & Joe Hidden for 8 years say its all C0/2 !! Sun has nothing to do with climet ! Al Gooor ( inventer of Internet ) say same !! Prof. Like Willy Soon , Dr. Roy Spencer say Sun !! I must give this some Thought ! meantime MAGA

  10. Important to remember Solzhenitsyn’s remark about “How we burned in the camps . . . ” explaining that Russians could not believe that the bolsheviks really were just murdering people wholesale . . . until it was too late.
    The current rioting etc, which is obviously controlled from behind the scenes, looks like it’s training to be ramped up to a literal bolshevik revolution in the USA.
    People should prepare!

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