Locust swarms “black out the sky” in Queensland

Plagues of locusts have been devouring their way through the Australian state’s central west compounding the hardships suffered by drought-affected farmers.

More than 150 swarms have been reported so far this year, with some reported to be more than 40ha in size and thick enough to “black out the sky”.

There were only 15 swarms reported throughout the state from 2011 and 2013.

Thanks to Lyn Roberts for this link

“How many years have you been telling us that we will be fighting on the streets for scarce food resources?” Asks Lyn. “Today again in Australian newspaper we have this disaster evolving. What has been grown by farmers is going to be wiped out.”

2 thoughts on “Locust swarms “black out the sky” in Queensland

  1. yawn
    media beat up.
    yeah we get locusts every couple of years when the rains come, some outbreaks are bad, but theyre also pretty localised
    mice are worse probably, Ive experienced both plagues and the locusts are annoying but soon go, and if you have to poison works
    mice? there isnt enough poison on the planet to kill em all and they dont just ruin crops but dried foods fodder and everything else they can gnaw n poop n die on/in.
    the crop shown will regenerate and its early season so not a dead loss.
    and frankly that pic looks a bit suss. why? because of the stalk size n darkness it looks like its BEEN harvested or had sheep in to browse,
    locusts leave nothing but stalks, they can munch their way through a kikuya lawn overnight and leave it bare n brown by the am. and those stems look cut not nibbled, the main ones I mean..have a closer look.
    locusts dont eat thick stems and they dont eat them to a level height either.
    Id suggest a media ramble on climate change making it worse is due any day.
    we’ve got that moron Hansen on radio abc today blathering that 2c reduction snt enough..
    and a cluster of idiot medicos raving up health risks of warming climate n dengue etc
    frankly, people WITH dengue coming over from islands and the mozzies biting them then becoming carriers is a FAR more likely scenario

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