London – Volleyball players may switch to long underwear instead of bikinis

Weather may force players to bundle up in the “equivalent” of long underwear instead of bathing suits.

With the highs in the low 60’s and rain and the upper 40’s and low 50’s at night (which they will have night games) the women of beach volleyball in the London 2012 “Summer” games are looking at changing their gear.   Most are ditching the bikini and getting fitted for full body suits in order to keep their muscles warm while playing. ikinis-olympics-192415280–oly.html

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14 thoughts on “London – Volleyball players may switch to long underwear instead of bikinis”

  1. I’m sure they’ll be practicing this week in their bikinis if that’s what turns you on.

    Temperatures this week in London are 30 – 31C, 17 – 19C at night.

    Cools down a bit Friday, properly by Saturday.

    • I just saw on night news that all the ice has melted and it does it every year. But this year it is way sooner. I am having trouble here.

    • Hope is the last thing you should lose.

      but Hope can also be abused!

      “Yes We Can” was such a moment

  2. —I don’t know what it’s going to be like on Friday, but for the past two days the temperature has been about 80F, so I don’t think long johns are going to be necessary!

    On the other hand, knowing how quickly British weather can change, you never know…

  3. —that’s one thing about English weather: when it’s bad, it’s very, very bad, but when it’s good, it’s perfect!

  4. 10 day forecast for London

    Friday, opening 79 high 56 low 30% rain
    Sat 66 high 53 low 20% rain
    Sun 63 high 53 low 60% rain
    Mon 65 high 54 low 20% rain
    Tue 65 high 56 low 60% rain
    Wed 66 high 58 low 30% rain
    Thu 67 high 57 low 20% rain

    Women’s competition starts on Saturday with highs in the 60’s

  5. What do you think the possibility would be that they use cloud seeding to prevent rain? That is, seed the prevailing cloud system miles BEFOER it reaches England to encourage the clouds to dump prematurely and thus reduce the rain in select areas. Personally, it really irritates me that they have been doing this stuff. What is to prevent one from believing that a burst that dumps tremendous amounts of rain (or snow) prematurely was seeded instead of a cyclic natural change? Apparently Chine is one of the biggest proponents of seeding and even shoots rockets into select atmospheres to induce or prematurely dump rain or snow! These guys are playing with ‘fire’ and I could see it easily backfiring.

    • This is 21st century warfare.

      Go speak to Colin Powell – he’ll tell you all about it.

      I’m just amazed the US didn’t seed some clouds to rain on the Midwest. Making sure you get a corn harvest is a far better use of cloud seeding, isn’t it??

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