Look at all the red on this map !

Election map by county.

Here’s a different way of looking at the election map.

There’s even a fair amount of pink (Leaning toward Trump).

Now I have a question: Do all of the people in the areas marked in red (and pink) really want those in the areas denominated in blue to totally control their lives?

Source of map: https://www.foxnews.com/elections/2020/general-results


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  1. “Now I have a question: Do all of the people in the areas marked in red (and pink) really want those in the areas denominated in blue to totally control their lives?”

    Doubtful. Robert in the light of the possibility of a major glaciation or a mini ice age what do you think of the future of your country in terms of civility and survivability?

  2. We the people have allowed the Marx revolution to almost entirely take over. From legalizing flag burning to taking history out of schools, we are to blame. Marxists are coy; we have fallen for it every step of the way. You and I are to blame. Maybe, just maybe, Trump has them outfoxed. Local judges, school boards. County supervisors. City, state bureaucrats . ISLAM. Good luck America….,

    • Vance did you personally give permission for all you speak of to be done? Or did you obey the laws and not commit murder and treason in an attempt to fix the problem?
      If you obeyed the laws you are not guilty. The fault lies with those who did the wicked deed, law or policy reform.
      The system has effectively locked out all changes not coming from with in the establishment and President Trump found that out the hard way.
      So if the President couldn’t do much by playing the game you should not as an outsider blame yourself for the policies and deeds of the elites and their servants. Give yourself a break and admit that there are quite a few things that are not your fault….

  3. Well. unfortunately, if you still want the USA to be a single nation, then the answer is ‘probably they don’t, but if a majority of voters voted blue, then that’s democracy for you’. If of course, huge fraud has gone ahead, then something else may be necessary.

    You could of course break up the USA into three nations:

    Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico, with Hawai’i added in;

    The Eastern Coastal States from Florida to Maine.

    The great interior of the current USA from the Appalachians to the Rockies, the Gulf of Mexico to the Canadian Border. Add in Alaska as they seem to be a red state so they would probably prefer to join the other Red States.

    Call the first one ‘The United States of digital crime, paedophilia and dope-smoking surfers’.

    Call the second one ‘The United States of financial fraud, warmongering and self-righteous WASPs.’

    Call the third one: ‘the United States of agriculture, JR Ewings, christianity and cowboys’.

    • The third State or country would be all right until it got rich and liberal and then the rot would set in if it wasn’t infiltrated first with spies from the other two states. The United States of Agriculture would need a strong and effective border control service and also an effective police and intelligence service to suppress crime and subversion from with in and without. That is part of the price of freedom.. Eternal vigilance.

      • The J.R. Ewings of this world become oligarchs. The real cowboy era lasted about 30 years and most of them were poor and uneducated. Rome was strong and vigorous for about 800 years without Christianity.

        But when Rome fell, it wasn’t because of the barbarians at the gates. The barbarians had attacked Rome many, many times of the centuries. No, the fall of Rome was because of the rot within caused by politicians promoted free give-aways to keep the populace happy…and the populace accepting the idea that the government creates wealth.

        Here are a couple of Frederic Bastiat quotes to put things in perspective.

        “Government is the great fiction, through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else.”

        “Everyone wants to live at the expense of the state. They forget that the state wants to live at the expense of everyone.”

    • Dang… if they did that I’d have to move again (currently in AZ). And since I’m retired, on limited income and have some serious mobility issues… I’d not likely to be able to do that.

      • Enjoy and use the limited income wisely. Given the state of western nations there is no assurance of continuity or buying power. Western nations are much like the Weimar republic these days and the only bright side of that was that it ended.

  4. I figured they would be ready to set in motion a plan to steal the election at the last minute. They knew some critical states would be close, so they had everything ready to go. They don’t respect the democratic election process like all leftists. They eventually want a dictatorship. That’s the end plan and they are very patient about it.

    • Has it ever occurred to you that democracy is a leftist idea and so is communism? Both are tools used by capitalists and oligarchs to control the masses.

  5. ok so thats a resounding republican map
    then how the hell? have they managed to keep raising bidets numbers?
    and get away with it(so far)

    im getting more depressed with every news report/article down here in Aus showing bidet well ahead by around 50 elect coll numbers;-(

    • With pure BS. For example they somehow managed to flood the critical mostly red states with “new ballots” (around 100,000 of them… all with “vote” for Biden)…. in the wee hours when it appeared Trump was winning there. That is precisely why he’s got lawsuits in the works to investigate the (probable) fraud. Also about 30 states had machinery installed in the voting places which would automatically change a vote for Trump into a vote for Biden, even against the voters wishes.

        • No Trump votes in the mix would be evidence of vote rigging. Plus one should expect to see odd numbers instead of even numbers of votes if the ballots were legit.

  6. the donald needs a valium and Melanieto take his twitter away for a while
    hes NOT looking very good rage wise
    its playing into the smarmy bidets hands

  7. Nothing can be done to change the election result but what red-blooded Americans can do, if they currently live in a blue state, is move to a red state and Join the Trump Revolution.

    • Problem with that is the blues keep moving in. I just moved to AZ about a year ago and at the time it was MOSTLY red, but since then became more blue. Quite a few of the Latinos I’ve met locally are Trump supporters, which is interesting and quite different from what you see in CA for example.

      However, I do think something seriously fishy is going on. There WERE definitely some voting day issues… with some people calling it “Sharpiegate”. My early ballot which I had mailed to me had clear directions which said you had to fill it out with either black or dark blue ink… no sharpie type pens, because they wouldn’t be read right.

      Several precincts at least around Phoenix the poll workers gave people sharpies to use (even tried to take a persons pen away… and in this incidence it was reported that the person who struggled to keep their pen to use observed those ballots of people in front of her in the line were not being read correctly, no remedy was offered and then the poll workers even called the police on a guy who was handing out pens! Then the state claimed using sharpies was OK on the news which was even investigated by the AG who claimed that was true. However, yesterday I saw a video of a protest about this where a Maricopa County official was being confronted about the sharpie issue and she ADMITTED that using a sharpie would invalidate the vote.

      Yes, I knew both Tucson and probably Phoenix were liberal… but where I live (Green Valley, 25 miles south of Tucson) apparently there are a lot of people from the mid-west liberal states… who are theoretically snowbirds, but maybe they are here enough of the time they voted in AZ?

    • Actually much can be done to change this result. Lawsuits and litigation achieve this many times.

      Many, many election laws were broken here by the Demonrats. So we will see what hqppens here.

  8. The electoral college votes in a state are the numbers based on how many counties there are or is it based on population?

    • It is based on how many congressional districts a State has, plus two for their Senators. The congressional districts are by population

    • It’s based on the population but there are different rules on how things are doing depending on the state.

      For example in AZ the electoral college is required to vote for all 11 the same way as the majority of the popular vote goes… but it’s my understanding that some states don’t require that. That’s why sometimes the winner from the electoral vote is different from the winner in the popular vote.

  9. I know so many people who profess to be “Christians”, but when you try to show them EVIL, in the actions of many on this Planet, they look at me with a sheep’s blank stare, and want to deny it….But they BELIEVE in evil? Really? It is not some BS you hear at your flaccid watered down “church”…it is REAL.

    Democrats BELIEVE in their cause, thus, like Muslims, ANY method to achieve their goals is permitted by their “religion”. ANY method. Killing. Lying. Cheating. All are permitted in the Koran and permitted by the Democratic Party.

    Republicans? Well, these politicians mouth what their voters want to hear. Do they believe? No. They just want to be elected and will say whatever it takes. They have no spine. No dignity. No reason to fight.

    So, what happens in such a fight? Evil will win. If your opponent is willing to kill you, and you are not willing to kill them……………you are dead.

  10. The blue can kiss ASS!
    Hopefully the Republican Congress will STOP any communist trash from passing in the next 4 years!!

  11. The theft of the Presidency didn’t surprise me. I expected it. Its the scale of this effort that did. This is a coordinated, nation wide effort of pure sedition.

  12. Well you guys have royally fucked the western world this time.

    How long before Kamala (just how do you pronounce that anyway ? I’ve heard “Camela” “Carmarla” and all in between) becomes the boss of you all advised by the fruitloop AOC and the dangerous Ilhan Omar ?

  13. so owe have the media….declaring bidet the winner and the speech to be given
    while all counts areNOT finalised
    and legal challenges are filed

    dunno how thatslegal? or acceptable

  14. Can’t find that map anywhere on Fox News. Can you post link to its location please do we can share that link to see the current status?

      • The county map is really interesting.

        Looking at Nevada the only blue areas are Reno and Las Vegas – pity the roadrunner and Wile coyote don’t count as voters – they dominate the rest of the state.

        Another divide is obvious –

        Blue cities are dominated by people who want free stuff and riot, loot and burn if they don;t get what they want.

        Red counties are dominated by people who work and produce stuff so the blue looters can live fulfilled lives.

        But seriously, how could anyone with even a modicum of intelligence vote for Biden and his bunch of loony goons ?

        Remember he blackmailed an ally over a prosecutor investigating the company his son worked for and admitted the crime on video and yet the media made up some BS about a “phone call” Trump supposedly made to Ukraine ?

        Biden blackmails Ukraine to protect his son’s and his corruption but it is Trump in the headlines for media lies ?

        Good luck with the scum you now have in control – no wonder they feared Trump for declaring it was time to drain the swamp.

        Still Trump should have had the Senate reject the Paris accord and Biden couldn’t simply rejoin.

        Shame – I thought the world had a chance to cheat the Orwellian dystopian future the UN and elites have planned but I think it’s gone now.

        Still I have the solace of knowing it will be the stupid gullible young Biden supporters who will live through the coming world dictatorship and all of the deprivation of liberty and the deliberate imposition of poverty that will be necessary to try to achieve the truly most stupid governmental policy ever – controlling the weather by net zero emissions by 2050 – especially as China and India still have ten years to do whatever they like, and then only cease emitting more CO2.

        How dumb (corrupt) were Obama and Biden to sell their country out like that over the Paris accord – so desperate to get something out of their failed 8 years they’d give China the world.

        And how stupid are their supporters that they can’t even see the obvious truth – America is on course to cede economic power to China because those idiots wanted more expensive energy by allowing China and India to emit what they like for 15 years from 2015.

        As if CO2 matters anyway.

  15. I think it’s fairly obvious that this is a massive fraud, and it’s blatant. When a country like the US sinks this far, it’s pretty much a done deal that country is on the skids. Woe betide the rest of the world, but the US is no longer viable.

  16. Deep State vote flipping revealed.


    This was used during the last election. Whitehat hackers shut it down and locked the Deep State operatives out of their own computers. LOL

    There’s a video of Bill Clinton bouncing with glee while at the Javitz Center… he’d just received word that although Hitlery was falling behind, the Deep State was flipping votes to counteract that.

    Then the whitehats swooped in, Hitlery found out about it, freaked out, started throwing things and attacked Robbie Mook, started drinking and had to be sedated, which is why John Podesta had to go on-stage to address the crowd. Hitlery was drag-carried to her limousine. LOL

    That’s why she looked so haggard after the election. She was *so* *sure* that she’d had it all locked up. Crooked old cow. LOL

    The Deep State must have increased their security this time so the whitehats couldn’t get in. I don’t know, I didn’t participate this time.

  17. Since this election was based so much on Lies, and Fraud, etc., ….here is the best lecture I have ever heard concerning “TRUTH”.

    Yes, Ravi Zacharias is a Christian, and some of us, here, may or may not be, but what he says, even if you delete ALL references to “God”, stands. Since all he says applies 100% to today.

    If you can take the time to listen, follow him, and understand, then you will 1) Become Depressed, 2) feel sick to your stomach, and 3) be horrified about what is coming.

    This is German, January, 31, 1933. History buffs will know what that means.


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