Look at the amount of lava pouring out of that volcano

Short video from the USGS

5 thoughts on “Look at the amount of lava pouring out of that volcano”

  1. There are more earthquakes there as of late. Another 5.3 magnitude today – the 7th day in a row 5.0 or higher.

    • yup seems to be getting a bit regular in the early am hrs been another two over 5 and the other day the number of small quakes 3 or less was round 100 from what i could count on usgs map

  2. Since the volcano itself is full of rocks and dirt, would this not mean MORE lava will come out of the fissures (like # 8) ?

    Also, looking at how much has fallen down into the Volcano, I would imagine it would take one hell of a force (blast) to eject it.

    This is going to be interesting.

  3. earlier watching youtube clips of the flow moving fast toward the bay it was also damned HIGH! crossing one of the roads the mass appeared to be around 20ft or more and fairly fast flowing while dropping huge boulders at the edges
    so not only is that impressive channel amazing for its length n flow speed as well as sheer volume
    but no ones been able to say how deep it is

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