Look at this video from Binghamton New York

Binghampton was hit by record-breaking snowfall yesterday. Snowfall waist-deep.

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Much like the rest of the area, the City of Binghamton remains under a state of emergency as crews continue to work clearing the streets.

More than three feet of snow. More than a meter.

My guess is that the residents of Binghampton are not too overly concerned about global warming today.


8 thoughts on “Look at this video from Binghamton New York”

    • yeah and they’ll tow cars on kerbsides?
      might be amusing to see them try that;-)
      at least the garbage delay wont cause smells or rat problems, it will all be nicely frozen

  1. When we lived in Idaho, relatives back in Carolina would ask, “why do you shovel all that snow?”; the answer: because if you don’t, you’ll get 24-48 hours of warm enough weather it melts some, and then refreezes something awful for a continuous ice build-up.

  2. Looks like it’s nature’s “Lock-down”!
    Meanwhile, I got a “Emergency Alert” on my phone stating that “All Bay Area Counties are now under stay at home order” (San Francisco Bay Area)
    Must mean our useless governor Newsom (I call him, “No-sense”) must be going back to the French Laundry and doesn’t want witnesses!
    The French Laundry is an expensive French Restaurant located in the city of Yountville, Ca.
    About 10 miles north o the city of Napa. The dinner plate starts at $350.00 and up. Many of my customers said they paid about $1000.00 per person overall. I wonder who paid for “No-sense’s” dinner?
    My point is that the only “Lock-downs” should be due to the weather like that of Binghampton!

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