Look at how huge this lava flow is! – Video

See the small the boat in the lower left corner of the photo? That gives you an idea of the scale of this monster lava flow.

A couple of days ago I posted a video of a ‘fire hose’ of lava pouring into the Pacific Ocean. Trouble is, that video didn’t have any people or boats in it, so you couldn’t get a handle on just how big the fire hose is.

This video gives you a better view. It shows a steady stream of lava pouring from Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano into the Pacific Ocean.

The lava flow began as a drizzle on New Year’s Eve.

I can only imagine how much this is heating the water. According to the USGS, the magma within the Hawaiian volcano of Kilauea can reach 2,120 degrees Fahrenheit (1,160C).

Now imagine a few thousand of such fire hoses pouring into the world’s oceans from underwater volcanoes.

Video courtesy of The Wall Street Journal:


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  2. How do the people in the boats know a large chunk of rock isn’t going to dislodge and be propelled towards them with great force ?

    • They’re Democrats getting the high temperature of the water there so they can go squealing to public how hot the water has become in Hawaii

    • one report did say that large chunks were being throw back up onto cliffs
      as the camera person said…see Darwin award winners on the cliffs;-)

  3. Can you do a energy comparison with solar influx.
    How many square kilometres/miles is this monster lavafall equivalent to: 10’s, 100’s?

    • flow x delta T x density x sec/day x heat cap = joules per day

      Flow: say 10m x 5m going down 10 m/s

      Delta T: 2000, heat cap 1 know /kg/k, density lava 3100 kg/mmm

      10x5x10x2000x3100x3600x24x1000 = 2.67 x 10^14 j/day

      Average solar insolence 2.16 x10^7x1000x1000 = 2.2×10^13 j/day/ sq km

      That’s about 10 square kms of earth’s surface per monster lava fire hose.

  4. Jim, I believe Alaska is, too.

    I wouldn’t be in a boat near that. The steam coming off that is highly toxic and one shift of the wind can put steam bearing sulfuric acid into your lungs.

  5. This lava is flowing into the sea just a few miles from my home . Its flowing in a lava tube so no smoke, which I sincerely appreciate. Sea warming is caused by underwater volcanoes and melting ice in the arctic is also caused by underwater volcanoes.

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