Looking for a new Career?

“Some folks think history can be re-written by tearing down statues.” – Dr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser

Looking for a new Career?

By Dr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser

With the current “War on Monuments” just getting underway, new and lucrative jobs will be coming up soon, for example, for good stone masons and foundry workers.

After all, what is going to replace all the well-crafted monuments in the public squares of nearly every town in the country that may soon get torn down? Surely, these century-old town squares can’t be left empty, devoid of any visible memorials to the new age of revisionist thinking!

How about novel monuments extolling the virtues and inventors of modern windmills, solar panels, electric cars, computer chips, cell-phones, “alternative energy,” and so on?

Clearly, the modern version of the “Bildersturm” also needs novel icons of its own.

Bildersturm-II, the coming and going of statues

As you may have learned from recent media reports, there is a new mood in town – out with the old — and in with the new (if such exist), statues that is.

From the Carolinas to Nova Scotia (Canada), some folks think history can be re-written by tearing down statues of people whose actions may have had a significant influence on the historic developments in their era and locale.

A few days ago, in Charlottesville, NC, the statue of Gen. Robert E. Lee (1807-1870) came to be a focal point for resistance. In Halifax (NS, Canada), the statue of Edward Cornwallis (1713-1776) is currently another bone of contention, and also this week in Durham, NC, even a Statue of the Unknown Soldier, commemorating the Confederate Civil War soldiers was torn down.

How will such current events look from the future historians` view, many years from now?

It all is reminiscent of a period of time, some four to five hundred years ago in Europe, when the Bildersturm (a German term, meaning “image/statue storm”) took place. People tore down and destroyed paintings and statues of former times, primarily in public places and churches, only  to be replaced with nothing, except, (perhaps), with white-washed walls.

That whole Bildersturm period lasted about one hundred years before it had run its course over much of Europe. It destroyed countless artistic works that are gone forever.

Today`s historians call the period the Iconoclastic Fury.

Iconoclastic Furies

It wasn’t just paintings that were destroyed then; rather whole edifices were razed in the 1500’s. Those statues and whole buildings were not simply moved and relegated to a backyard, but destroyed wholesale, to be gone for good.

Of course, there are some modern day equivalents to that period already. Recent iconoclastic furies are known from various places. Just think of ISIS’/ISIL’s destruction of the ancient temples and artifacts in Iraq. Or remember the Taliban destroying ancient Buddha statues carved into a mountain side in Afghanistan some years ago?

When all that medieval fury ran out of any raison d’être, i.e., there was nothing left to destroy, that period too, ended with a whimper – and a great new beginning – the Renaissance. That, in turn led to the Age of Enlightenment that influenced Thomas Jefferson’s work on the Declaration of Independence (1776) and James Madison’s contribution to the U.S. Constitution during its framing in 1787.


Both the Bildersturm and Renaissance periods did away with much – let me call it – “superfluous” stuff that came into being during the then prior centuries.  Neither the artistic objects nor the intellectual ideas of the time were superfluous by themselves. What was superfluous and detrimental to true progress were the entrenched powers of the earlier days. These powers simply could not accept any thoughts that may have curtailed their lock on authority.

You may recall the then prevailing (and Vatican prescribed) world view of the Earth being the center of the solar system. Just think of poor Galileo (1564-1642) – and he was lucky (by getting away with the punishment of house arrest for the remainder of his life) for his then “heretic” findings. Others of his time were less fortunate, being tortured, burned at the stake, or whatever the punishment was.  At least, Galileo was exonerated by the Vatican, though only a few centuries later.

Unfortunately, anything that claims to be novel and “inconvenient” is in all likelihood just more of the same, the entrenched powers in new “clothes” – don’t fall for it (again).


In history nothing ever appears to be entirely new. As some historians and philosophers have noted, already for millennia, history keeps repeating. For example, Pearl S. Buck’s novel “Imperial Woman: The Story of the Last Empress of China”, a history of Tzu Hsi (1861-1908) shows that re-writings of history were common throughout. Tzu’s “good friend” was both celebrated and expunged from the history records of the country — repeatedly.

How do the recent Bildersturm-II events at Charlottesville, Durham and elsewhere relate to history?  The details really don’t matter. In my thinking, for any country to destroy symbols of historic reference (as opposed to reverence) is a permanent loss.  Would Egypt now have to destroy their “World Wonder,” the Great Pyramids of Giza?

Indeed, as President Trump has rightly asked “Where does it stop?” Statues have come and gone all over but, throughout the world, the history never changed.  Trying to look ahead, the new Bildersturm has yet to run its course; perhaps, it has not even hit its crescendo.

In either case, you may want to hone your stone masonry and foundry skills.


Dr Klaus L E KaiserDr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser is a professional scientist with a Ph.D. in chemistry from the Technical University, Munich, Germany. He has worked as a research scientist and project chief at Environment Canada‘s Canada Centre for Inland Waters for over 30 years and is currently Director of Research at TerraBase Inc. He is author of nearly 300 publications in scientific journals, government and agency reports, books, computer programs, trade magazines, and newspaper articles.

Dr. Kaiser has been president of the International Association for Great Lakes Research, a peer reviewer of numerous scientific papers for several journals, Editor-in-Chief of the Water Quality Research Journal of Canada for nearly a decade, and an adjunct professor. He has contributed to a variety of scientific projects and reports and has made many presentations at national and international conferences.

Dr. Kaiser is author of CONVENIENT MYTHS, the green revolution – perceptions, politics, and facts

Dr. Kaiser can be reached at: mail@convenientmyths.com


24 thoughts on “Looking for a new Career?

  1. Observing the mobs tearing down or vandalizing the monuments, like the Red Guard in China’s “cultural revolution,” I suspect they will want to replace the statues with their own heroes — Che Guevara, Fidel Castro, and the late Hugo Chavez, who did so much for Venezuela. If government agencies want to remove the statues and monuments from public places, I think they should do so, after proper deliberation, but having the mainstream media glorifying and encouraging lawless mob action or night-time raids ordered by a single publicity-hungry politician is a dangerous precedent. Violent mobs are seldom heroic.

    It’s turning out that Robert E. Lee was right, after the Civil War ended, when he discouraged the building of statues and monuments to himself or other Confederate leaders, because he felt that doing so would be divisive, at a time when the nation needed to heal its wounds and come together. His admonition was not heeded, and we’re paying the price now with the current racial and political division of the country. (A poll last week showed that 62% of Americans didn’t want the monuments removed, 27% did, but the 27% have the full support of the media and ruling class, so it will happen, regardless of how much anger it may generate.)

    Where it will stop, nobody knows…. The Green Party V-P candidate in 2016 Tweeted this week that we should also eradicate monuments to Washington and Jefferson, who also owned slaves, which is the logical next step. (And what about Abe Lincoln? He, who made racist statements in the Lincoln-Douglas debates, even though he argued for freeing the slaves and eventually did so.)

    Insanity is apparently contagious, and an Oregon school district just changed the names of two “Lynch”-named public schools, because the name might be threatening to some people. They ignored the fact that the person (Lynch) after whom the schools were named was an exemplary chap who had fought Fascism in WWII and worked tirelessly after the war, helping to resettle European refugees, before donating the land on which the two schools were built. But we seem to have begun an era of mass hysteria like Dr. Kaiser refers to, in which political correctness determines everything, much like religion did in the Middle Ages, another ideology that was based on “zero tolerance.”

  2. Statue toppling is likely just the beginning, imagine how many free jail cells will be created when all those incarcerated due to racism and bigotry are released.
    Certain lives matter far more than those with right wing views, expressed in terrabytes of data recorded by such groups as google (android, google keyboard).
    Have to fill those cells with somebody, though a final solution to sustainability is no doubt just around the corner.
    Get out while you can.

  3. you cant remove hostory by removing local reference points
    japan and germany tried that
    only worked on the very young who grew up reading doctored books.
    eventually the real world intruded on them too.
    1984 was NOT meant to be an instruction manual..but its happening.
    interesting how Soros funding seems to be behind charleston antifa mobs
    hey at $25 n hr when people work for 7 n hr and have to claim foodstamps to survive
    who cares what theyre on about lets join in anyway..is a mindset.
    the new monuments may as well be giant black white n rainbow snowflakes..in honour of the very few but violent rabblerousers behind all this crap going down. anyone noted the remarkable similarity in the antifa flag to the german socialist one yet?
    scream re white nazis but theyre following the footsteps?
    now thats cognitive dissonance!!

  4. Pulling down statues is nothing less than the usual gesture politics that the left really enjoy.
    Sure it lets people dramatize their feeling, their resentment, their anger about the past. Destroying something may make them feel better for just that moment. However removing these reminders of history helps only in defocusing the historical narrative and context, helps only in obscuring true history, assists in opening the door a little and allowing narrative distortion of past events, fictionalizations of history, important events to be glossed over.
    These structures should be kept as reminders lest we forget our history, and in not doing so we are fated to repeat similar mistakes. Or are we headed, like the Taliban would like, to a future free of monumental statuary, free from permanent graphic reminders of the past?
    A future where history has no context, where people have no connection to their past.

  5. A statue of Elon Musk, next to Jim Hanson and Al Gore? Oh g*d no.

    Of course as mentioned above, all the communist Heros would get first shot.

  6. Maybe this started two years ago in South Africa, when students at the University of Cape Town first defiled, then demanded the removal of a statue of Cecil Rhodes. Despite being the founder of the University (by a grant of land) he was unacceptable because he was ‘white’ and therefore “stole the land”. Add that to a student at Oxford University who demanded that they remove a similar Rhodes statue (for simular reasons), despite being at Oxford because of a RHODES SCHOLARSHIP.

    • I am a South African and not on Rhodes’ side of the political spectrum. Yet, historic monuments should be respected and preserved. Demolishing historic monuments is the act of uncivilized thugs. It is despicable that the media encourage such behavior.

  7. I suggest that they erect a bunch of replacement statues to people like Michael E Mann, Al Gore, Krugman, the IPCC, Bill Nye etc so that my children and grandchildren will have something to “tear down” when cheap energy and transportation no longer exist and starvation and poverty afflict the whole world… except the liberal elite of course.

  8. The UK has seen several episodes of destroying artifacts of the past, and is currently at the beginning of another PC driven phase.
    My grandfather was a great lover of the Cathedrals and Abbeys, and probably visited virtually all them in England. At times he was brought to tears by the destruction wrought by both Cromwells.
    It’s strange that those wanting the removal of “dubious” memorials can’t the parallels between themselves and histories religious fanatics and invading armies.
    I often wonder if the Vandals have an undeserved bad reputation in this. After all as a Nomadic people they had to carry wealth with them on their journey through Europe and North Africa. From Scandinavia, through Poland, Germany, France, Iberia, North Africa and into Rome establishing kingdoms on the way is pretty impressive. Whereas the Romans seem to have an undeserved reputation for culture, “To robbery, slaughter, plunder, they give the lying name of empire; they make a solitude and call it peace.” Calgacus AD 84

  9. 1984 anyone ?

    Orwell was spot on in his novels – thought police, rewriting history etc.

    And don’t even start on Animal Farm and how applicable and relevant that story is.

    Hold on to democracy because the people behind these “movements” intend to take it from all of us in the name of our own good – how often have you seen the claim that democracy cannot solve urgent crises like climate change ?

    • This isn’t about “rewriting history.”

      This is about removing monuments that extol the virtues of those who made war on the United States of America to protect the “right” of white people to own black people.

      • Looks like re-writing history to me. Just for the record, I am totally against slavery in any form … including Socialism. And I am proud to say that my great grandfather, Francis Xavier Felix, voluntarily joined the Civil War to help free the slaves. He was a wagoner in the 1st Vermont Heavy Artillery.

      • The Civil War was not initially about slavery, it was about states’ rights. However, there were many black slaveowners. Never understood why you never here about that historical fact

  10. The Left does not really care about removing the monuments. Taking down the monuments is the current vehicle they have found to facilitate their main goal – keep the United States in general unrest, the peoples of the United States fighting with one another. It is in that unrest they hope to take over the US and replace the Constitution with total Socialism.

    “We will take America without firing a shot … we will bury you!
    “We can’t expect the American people to jump from capitalism to communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving them small doses of socialism, until they awaken one day to find that they have communism.
    “We do not have to invade the United States, we will destroy you from within.”
    This is a quote attributed to the late Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev.

    • I agree. Government by the people, for the people should not include the erasure of our historical monuments under the cloak of darkness

  11. Presumably the Founding Fathers pulled down any statues related to the UK Monarchy they fought a war to become independent from?

    America is just as imperfect as everyone else, it is just too psychologically incapable of facing up to that….

  12. Bottom line, and people better pull their heads out of their butts on this one, these people could care less about the statues, the history or the significance to our society remembering it’s past so as not to repeat it. They are hell bent on causing deep injury among the people who have been less fortunate, less educated, less successful less informed etc…. WHY?

    Because when one is able to divide along education and poverty one can bring up grievances like RACE and use it as the crudgel against common sense.

    This civil violence is all about racial violence. ANTIFA is supposed to be an acronym for anti-Fascism. These people are acting out as Fascists, the same abomination they are supposed to be against. Think they don’t know it? They do and THAT fact should alarm and awaken every gun owner in America.

    Get your guns out, dust them off, oil them and make sure you have a supply of ammo. Once the food shortages begin, these people will be coming to our doors and when we don’t open them they will bust in and take what they please. If you’re white you probably screwed.

    AND just a little generally unknown fact >>> Scripture warns there will be “wars and rumors of wars, Nation shall rise against Nation and Kingdom against Kingdom”…. Just a point. The word nation in the original languages means RACES. So the quoted verses actually say “There will be wars and rumors of wars, Races shall rise against Races & Kingdom shall rise against Kingdom.>>>” Believe or not this is what we are seeing the beginnings of in our lifetimes.

    Be well all.

  13. “How about novel monuments extolling the virtues and inventors of modern windmills, solar panels, electric cars, computer chips, cell-phones, “alternative energy,” and so on?”

    Good idea! Best post guards though due to the risk of anti white terror attacks. Many of these wonderful things are the product of white European minds.

  14. For land’s sake, some people need to get a life. Firstly, history cannot be changed. Secondly it should be interesting to know about the characters, armies, etc. who have changed the course of a nation’s history. People who had their causes defeated throughout history often have other views and turn out to be sore losers. For example in Canada, we are familiar with the 1759 British victory in capturing French held Quebec. It was well known and when the British Atlantic coast colonies learned of it, celebrations were held and bells pealed in such cities as Boston. The victory changed the course of history and even benefited the U.S.A in the course of history. It benefited the Quebecois as the British let them enjoy their own customs and instituted just and beneficial laws for the French Canadians to live by. But no appreciation for their having better lives under British rule than they would under French. In fact in recent years, the ungrateful Quebecois destroyed a huge monument of the General Wolfe, the English victor in 1759. This reminds me of the present destruction of the Confederate monuments in the U.S. old south and the only difference between 1759 and the Civil War is the fact that the North were the victors and in fact some do not value their country’s history and just quietly take pride in their victory or they become no better than the sore loser Marquis de Montcalm in 1759 Quebec.

    • You need to read somes history book wrote by real historian and not orangist propagandist…

      1- France do not held Quebec this is the name english occupant gived to Canada (the real name given in 1534). Who was a part of Nouvelle-France.
      2- France also held Accadie. The accadiens also enjoyed the benefit of British regime, like mass deportation, house and farm burning, etc, etc…

      «It benefited the Quebecois as the British let them enjoy their own customs and instituted just and beneficial laws» LOL!
      Benefit like changing the name chosen by their ancestors for their land Canada to Quebec.

      Benefit like seeing the occupant robing their canadian identity and starting calling himself canadian. Identity fraud is a great benefit you can enjoy!

      Benefit like seeing the occupant robing their symbol and anthem.

      Benefit like having their acadien brothers mass deported. Ethnic cleansing is so enjoyable…

      Benefit like excluding them from administration.
      Benefit like imposing foreign civil laws contrary to their tradition.
      Benefit like the Brutish regime trying to eradicate their culture and language.

      Benefit like been told «speak white» when they speak in their own language between each other.
      Benefit to live in economic and social marginalization on the land of their ancestors until the 1960 decade.
      Benefit like having their homes and farms burns.
      Benefit like living under foreign occupation.
      Benefit like being colonized
      Benefit like being cut from french speaking Europe for a century.
      Etc, etc, etc,etc…

      How dare those ungrateful «Quebecois», who are in reality the true Canadians, to do not chant the virtues of the British empire? I wonder why?!

      • There is a special place in my heart for Quebecois. My 10th great grandfather on my father’s side was a soldier from Niort, France, assigned to Quebec around 1689/1690 to fight the English and the Iroquois. He liked Quebec so much that he decided to stay. My great grandparents on my mother’s side emigrated from Ireland to Quebec during the potato famine.

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