Looks like Colorado and Washington are over-reporting Covid-19 deaths

Even the entire country of Italy has revised it’s numbers down.

Colorado’s corona death toll may be inflated by as much as 20 percent.

And according to data from Washington State Department of Health, Washington’s coronavirus death total may be inflated by as much as 13 percent.

Watch this short video on Fox news as Laura Ingraham interviews Max Nelsen, labor policy director at the Freedom Foundation.


Washington state even admits to counting GUNSHOT DEATHS in their Covid-19 tally

3 thoughts on “Looks like Colorado and Washington are over-reporting Covid-19 deaths”

  1. Your April 27 video of Knut Wittkowski has been taken down by youtube– probably some time ago; I just realized that it affects YOUR importing of it too. It is clear from your text excerpts which survive that there is nothing objectionable in what he said. I guess we’re not even pretending to be a free country anymore.

  2. The fact that it’s Fox News can’t protect it from being taken down apparently. The ABC interview of Dr. Dan Erickson was taken down, so I expect this one will be, too, unless someone knows a way to protect this copy of it.

  3. I’ve read that deaths have been inflated by 25-33% nationwide.
    I’ve personally known of a person that died of a cardiac arrest but the death cause of death was listed as Covid 19. Could it be that hospitals get payola for Covid 19 deaths?

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