A LOT of cold water out there

A LOT of cold water out there

There’s a whole lot of cold water hanging out off the western coast of the United States and Europe, even off Africa’s western coast.

Do you suppose that humans are causing it? I mean, if we cause ocean warming, couldn’t we also cause ocean cooling?

I wonder how this will affect the weather during the coming months?


Thanks to F. Guimaraes for this link

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  1. I live in Sacramento, California, right next to that large body of cool water. This is the coolest summer I can ever remember. Yesterday morning, we had showers here in Sacramento. This graphic is amazing and explains exactly why the weather is so strange right now.

  2. This map would indicate to me that just as was said last year by an Italian Professor, I cannot remember his name, the North Atlantic Gulf Stream has stopped flowing. Last year 2011 when I heard him make his statements I was at first a little reluctant to believe him. However events are indicating that his observation appears to be true. Without the North Atlantic Gulf Stream flowing, to keep us warm in the winter, it is obvious that we are going to be having problems, with not only cold and wet summers, but exceptionally cold and perhaps very snowy winters too. Return of permafrost to Europe is in the pipeline. Much of our agriculture will become impossible. Not only because of the coldness but, as we are already seeing, also because of the wetness. One very omminous development is the growing amount Noctilucent Cloud spreading out from the Arctic latitudes, blocking out sunlight, thus leading to colder conditions. Looks bad to me. For some parts the droughts will continue as cold air from the Arctic flows south to create areas of high air pressure.

  3. With the PDO in a cold phase, look for more La Ninas versus El Ninos, that alone is going to bring global temperatures lower. Much less the low solar activity and all it’s associated secondary effects.

  4. I wonder if underwater volcanic activity could be altering ocean currents.
    There is also a lot of warmer water where underwater volcanos have been found in the last decade or so.

    Nah…it has to be man made.

  5. —added to which, the jet stream has stayed very low this year, whereas it normally flows north of Scotland. This is apparently (according to the Met Office in London) the reason for the very wet and cold summer we have had so far.

    Yesterday we were told that the jet stream has now moved north to its proper position and we shall be having a week of dry, warm weather.

  6. The Greenie troll bias are clear in this crappy ocean-temperature map! You Robert shouldn’t display the works of the Devil on your site!

    • The only problem I am upset about is that most of our renewable projects are from China which means you’re in theory supporting slave labor when you buy in China unless it’s your only option like here in Oregon where NOTHING is made in America.

      I often wonder if some states have more Made In America products then others…..

  7. Well…Let’s see… Those cold spots seem to be very near the mouths of major rivers, most(not all) of which are fed by snow melt. The spot off the African coast corresponds to where the Senegal and Niger dump out. On the west coast of the US you have the mighty Columbia the Sacramento and the Colorado. Of course you have the Elba and the Rhine among many others in Europe. Lots of extra snow lately. Could that have something to do with it?

  8. It’s a travesty that Trenberth (sp?) can’t find his missing ocean heat/energy. Could it be the ocean has cooled it without help from us?

  9. The current SST off the the north coast of Ireland at 55 degrees north at around 13 C – is the same as the SST for western Iceland at 65 degrees north. This is probably a legacy of the months Ireland has been on the cool side of the jet stream.

  10. Neil, let me assure you that if the Gulf Stream stopped flowing the surface temps on the east coast and Caribbean would be MUCH higher and those hot areas around Greenland and the northeast would be cooler!!!

    Maybe he said slowed??

  11. I live in southern California. I agree with David, we actually had light rain twice this month and have yet to see a day over 95 and only a couple hitting 90!!

    • What part? Where i live in L.A. County it was over 98 today. I know that CO2 has next to nothing to do with it, but it has been about normal and far from cool this summer.

      • I’m in Pasadena, among the hottest spots in L.A. County, and it was 92 today, but as far as I know this is the hottest day we’ve had all summer. So I don’t know where you’re coming from, Caliboy, as you didn’t spell out your location, with that 98°.
        Actually, this is the 5th summer in a row for L.A. that has been unusually cool. If you check the temperature records, you find confirmation of my sense that these last 4 summers have indeed been oddly cool. This is not what “global warming” is supposed to be.

  12. How can you explain fact that we have THE WARMEST summer that I remember (i`m 40-years old). I live in Republic of Macedonia in Balkan peninsula – south Europe. I never remember summer like this to have temeratures up to 40 degrees celsius so long period (in past we had several high peaks like this but lasted for several days or on week) it lasts from middle of june until now. It is also same situation in surrounding countries (Serbia, Greece, Bulgaria, etc…)

    • Do you not suppose that your lifetime is but a fraction of a fraction of time and that THE WARMEST summer that you have experienced is totally insignificant in the history of this 4.5 billion year old planet? Don’t be fooled by the propaganda that today’s climate is unique or unprecedented. It is not. The only thing that is unprecedented is the tyranny that is being thrust upon humanity by our so-called “governments.”

      • Try telling that to the 1 millon people on the east coast that were going days without power due to severe thunderstorms and miserable heat.

        Not that I am on the government side but I won’t blindly follow anyone’s religion.

  13. Would someone explain the bar graph. There is red on both ends, how do you determine which red. Do I assume that the graph is in Celsius since Americans only use Fahrenheit? Thanks.

    • see the link, temp anomaly (variances) in Degrees C. The only place I noticed reddish in the negative(cold) was up in the James Bay portion of Hudson Bay.

      • there’s some more cold red hues up near where the Aleutians extend from Alaska, Western side.

    • Thanks for the link to the British Green story.

      Question for anybody:

      Is there still a Gulf Stream. If the North Atlantic is colder, does that mean the Gulf Stream is being overpowered? That the conveyer is falling apart because of cold arctic water?

    • your link shows ocean temps by colorcode,Roberts link shows ocean temps compared to average. So you can bet the water off of greenland is much colder than the gulfstream.

  14. As I understand it, even when the Ice Age glaciers were half way down into what is now North America, the climate just south of the line wasn’t hideously cold. The cool summer we have had so far, in Southern California near the ocean, has been quite nice. With various astrophysics genius types warning us of cold climate setting in within the next few years, and with the discoveries showing that full Ice Age creating conditions can develop in a year or less, just how bad WILL it get and how fast will the changes come? Dr. Abdussamatov says “Little Ice Age coming, Professor Vladimir Paar says 70,000 year glaciation cycle coming, and BOTH have picked roughly the same time slot for it to begin (around 2014, tentatively). The sun getting into some VERY weird behavior of late and the changes going on with the jet stream and ocean currents and the geologic change clock ticking down to the ending of our inter glacial cycle and it’s all in our own lifetimes. Very exciting.

    • On the contrary Leon all the oval ponds in the arctic, south africa,patagonia, australia and south of the ice age ice sheets are evidence of permafrost lenses in the soil that lifted the ground exposing sand and gravel to wind erosion that removed the top cover exposing the ice. When the climate warmed the ice melted leaving shallow depressions that flooded. So it is entirely probable that during the last ice age there was a tundra zone and then a boreal forrest that in america probably extended almost to the gulf of mexico. In an ice age expect thew new temperate zone to be from some where in georgia and right across to the pacific on more orless the same latitude and this will vary according to the subcycles with in the big ice age.
      I am inclined to think that robert is being optimistic when infact things can get very bad for his country. For Canadians and Americans learning arctic survival skills and or spanish might be a smart idea.

      • I wonder what a positive PDO will be like during an Ice age for the PNW?

        Will an elnino still be the same bringing warm/dry conditions to the PNW shunting the Polar jet to the north?

        Will El Nino become wetter with more storms form the south?

      • @Steven Rowlandson, These oval ponds you speak of being caused by ice lenses- it sounds logical to me. Is this perhaps also a possible explanation of the ‘Carolina Bays’ R. Felix (and others) have blogged about here and elsewhere?

  15. Re: David Leroy’s comment that he lives in Sacramento and had showers yesterday morning.
    I live in Petaluma CA, (west of Sacramento, about 100 miles or so) and yesterday morning we had showers, also. It is unusual for this area to have rain during the summer. The rainy season is mostly Oct.-May. This summer has not been exceptionally cool, thougb. Mostly just average for this time of year.

  16. Wow, it looks like the beginning of th ice age has started. All it took was a low jolt of energy levels from the sun to kick it in. Man, Robert is so right! It is scary how right Robert has been and looks like he will be this winter I am afraid.

    • Don’t worry. In the winter it will warm right back up as usual and people will be wondering if we will get snow.

      Then next summer will be the coldest on record. :p

    • Either way it’s pretty scary since that means we’ll have more and more heavy snow/hard freezes during growing season.

      That means more food panics which means higher prices which means people will demand government action.

      Then when the government gets involved scary things will start happening worst then the food panics.

  17. No one mentioned the worlds most powerful ocean current (ACC)antarctic circumpolar current,it must play a role in global SST. Its 150times stronger than all the earths rivers,4km/hr and is said to be the giant pump of the thermohaline current(THC). 2008 antarctic current study by 18 scientists,it was quickly realized the power in this current has”a large impact on earth climate”. Many anomolies exist in the ACC, recently discovered stats that are very important to global climate. In my opinion..the antarctic circumpolar current, should be mentioned a lot more in the science of climate study,it is an extremely powerful entity and should not be overlooked!

  18. I agree with Neil love the has not but has changed its course just south of the Azores back south one limb still remains but its it weak and dying it should run towards Greenland it shifted towards Iceland NOAAs own RTOFFs sat shows this and British waters are sitting at 13c but should be setting at 15c in Scottish waters 16 to 17c in English waters we good 2 to 4c below normal but yes I see Britain in real trouble no heat moving north in to Norway its a sign of big freezes a head hints why winter geese did fly away to the arctic to breed o that’s eastern Greenland waters super cold hints why the bearing straights still frozen no heat now and I betting the UK could see there very first arctic ice burg flows no gulf stream keeping them away now plus NOAAs own arctic rtoff shows unusual arctic currents coming off the arctic garro currents slowly coming ever further south from off Greenland is now shy 500 miles of from Scotland that current should be there it like the song titled (There Is Trouble A Head) but still look on the bright when these ice flows come free holidays for us Britons to Norway,france or Holland plus new wild life to look at polar bears and wolf’s

    • I t was hard to read your posts as you didn’t use paragraphs but from what I’ve got you’re saying the gulf stream has shut down with the Artic current shifting south more then usual?

  19. I live in south west france and the weather has been below average for most of the summer. It has been rare that the temperature has gone above 30C. I have been noticing that the temperatures drop more than usual during the night. Also so far this seems to be the summer without wasps – I have not seen one wasp this year when in previous years there have been lots. The cooler wetter weather is obviously affecting insect life as well.

  20. i though that this was an average annual or an average for half of current year(2012) but this is for July the warmest summer month.

  21. It’s interesting to compare this Temp anomaly map with the current jetstream forecast here: http://www.stormsurfing.com/cgi/display_glob_alt.cgi?a=glob_250_alt

    Notice how much more active the S.H. Polar and Subtropical jets are compared to N.H.

    Land-mass cools faster than ocean areas so you can imagine just what the coming Winter may have in store for the N.H.?(with its greater land-mass), but ultimately, it’s anyones guess at this point. We’ll know it when we get there.

    • looks like jetstream current is all over Europe, then why northern and even central Europe had cool summer, with new low records?
      I think i know how winter will look like this season, probably harder then last year 🙁

    • Ummmmm no because I don’t see any jet streams.

      However I do notice wherever the water is warm there seems to be high pressure.

    • By active I mean windy, the yellows and reds are higher wind speeds of the jets.
      When the seasons shift from N.H. summer to S.H. Summer I expect the Jet Stream dynamics will do a reversal as well, with the N.H. jets looking as the S.H. jets do now.

    • These things are drawn up by the US NOAA, who use buoys in all the oceans to measure temperatures, which are sent using remote sensors/satellites back to mission control.

      I believe the data.

  22. May-be I am too suspicious, but looking at these kind of official maps it always strikes me that it is so often cold where many people live who are connected to the Internet. And it is always so very warm where very few people live, at least very few people that could tell us otherwise using the Internet. Novaja Zembla is warm, Greenland is warm, great parts of the oceans around Antarctica are always warm in these kind of temperature maps. Fiji where we know that it was cold, seems to be a rather small cold spot, surrounded by much warmer ocean waters. It is almost impossible to proove that there is something not quite right about these maps, but it seems odd that global warming is mostly taking place at corners of the earth where nobody lives that could tell us otherwise.

    • The colors of the Sea Surface Temp Anomaly map,(this is only for July 19th, 2012) do not indicate water temperature, but Celsius degrees departure from “normal”.

      …though I don’t know how they determine ‘normal’ or ‘nominal’ in a constantly changing circulation pattern. Probably from bouy records compiled over time.

    • I’m suspicious of the maps too, but this UNISYS map seems to have capture correctly the low (relative) temps of Alaska this year and now the fact that the AMO is flipping negative (anytime soon).
      The colder weather of Australia and New Zealand have also been shown there (I’ve been following these maps for a few months now).
      The high positive anomalies in the N. Atlantic could be a result of high pressure from colder polar regions and colder middle Atlantic, in this case they should dissipate soon if the present trend continues.
      On the other hand, regarding the sea ice extent of the Arctic, for example, we have the data from the UK Met Office here
      and the data from NOAA here,
      Both are very similar up to 2002, telling basically the same story, and then the differences are remarkable. The Met Office data clearly shows a rebound of Arctic ice after 2008, which is absent in NOAA data and, if you analyze it in detail, it shows a immediate response of the ice extent to solar radiation since 1973 (which is absent in the Antarctic anomaly). At last, it’s coherent with the record snowfall and expanding glaciers that have been observed in Alaska recently, specially after 2010,


      Therefore, I have good reasons to believe the Met Office data is sound and meaningful, and the same good reasons to think that NOAA data about the Arctic is bogus.
      But this agrees with your observation too, because the NOAA data for Antarctic seems correct, possibly because Antarctic is so far away and no one can check if it’s cold or not, but for the Arctic ice, people can even make expeditions to there to check if the ice is melting or not, as I’ve heard some reports on the news.
      We must compare various sources and have our own perception of what’s right or wrong, independently of what the MSM, the government, etc., say.
      A small lie in the middle of correct stuff makes the entire thing wrong.
      I tried to read what the NOAA site has to say about the Arctic ice and I could not finish! It’s full of half truths and misleading conclusions.
      Interesting enough, they don’t have a detailed report about the Antarctic, go figure!

  23. The colder than normal Sea Surface Temp Anomalies off the west coast and the warm SSTA North of Hawaii that sort of arc back into the NW Pacific is the signeture of a Negetive PDO (pacific decadel
    Osc). Keeps upper troughing more often then not in the pacific NW and higher pressure aloft WNW of Hawaii.

  24. These days, since the media is trying and for the most part succeeding, to control us for business purposes, I believe that almost all data is limited or changed to whatever degree any particular entity needs to be for those same business purposes. As Argiris Diamantis, the previous commentor, said, why are the waters warm where there are few people to question it. Argiris Diamantis does not believe the data. I remember the winters of the early 90’s in northern Wisconsin. The temperatures would commonly reach 50 below F away from the towns. Not a mention of it in the news. It is only “a big deal” if there is money somehow for someone.
    I have no idea if the earth is warming or cooling to any great degree. How is one to know when there is SOOOOOO much BS on all of these sites.
    Somethings I do wonder about. The first is, “Why are there massive seed storage sites being built at several places in the world?” A second question is, “Why has NASA recently sent a number od solar research satelites to surround the sun?” NASA could have done this years ago for “research” but only recently have they have spent many billions to do this. Just a thought. Again there is so much BS who knows.

  25. This looks bad. I was counting on El Nino breaking through, in scant hope of a wetter than normal winter here in Nor Cal. And they are going to vote on knocking down Hetch Hetchy some time around 2020? Utter insanity.

  26. Not really sure about the cooler water temps and how it effects the weather but here in colorado in the USA, it’s been the hottest summer we already have past the record of 100 degree days and It’s the 23rd of July.. Hoping that winter comes early this year!!

  27. Thanks for posting this Robert.
    We must keep an eye on the Atlantic and the Pacific now that both the AMO and the PDO are about to be in negative phase simultaneously. Add to that the low solar radiations we’re presently having and we’ll possibly have the trigger of much colder weather worldwide in the near future, even if no major volcanic activity happens.

  28. Since we have been in this solar minimum, I have been noticing how weather patterns seem to get “stuck” from one big flare to the next. We get massive amounts of electromagnetic energy from the sun. It almost seems like the big flares, once they get here, shove the planet’s magnetic field (and the jetstream?) into a different location, where it tends to stay until the next big flare arrives. In the absence of frequent blasts from the sun, weather fronts are larger, not as broken up. They seem to stay in the same areas for weeks at a time. But when we do get several volleys from the sun in close succession, then the weather fronts are much less consolidated.

    Also, since we have been in this minimum, I understand that the ionosphere has been lower. I believe it was in 2008 that NASA sent up a probe to find it. They found it was 400 meters lower than expected.

    That gives me the idea that the level of the ionosphere has an impact on how hot things get. If it’s higher, then the weather under it gets warmer. If it’s lower, things are colder, perhaps due to the fact that the cold of space is closer to the surface when the layer of the atmosphere is thinner.

    That said, I get the idea that there is a magnetic anomaly centered in the Greenland area that is setting off the undersea volcanoes, as well as causing a persistent high pressure center to stay put.

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