Lots of cold records fell in Georgia and Florida this morning

St. Simons Island, Georgia set a record low of 32 degrees this morning, breaking the old record of 33 in 1988.

Alma, Georgia set a Record Low Temperature of 27 degrees this morning, breaking the old record of 29 in 1951.

Record Low Temperature of 25 degrees set at Gainesville, Fl. breaking the old record of 32 set in 1999.

Record Low Temperature of 28 at Jacksonville, Fl. this morning, breaking old record of 30 set in 1988.


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1 thought on “Lots of cold records fell in Georgia and Florida this morning

  1. So much for that old lady who I met last X’mas in the Villages who told me that she believed in global warming just because it was warm there lately. I told her that it would be just a matter of time when if freezes there again. Sometimes it can take a couple of years (or more) for it to return. We had mild winters here for 5 consecutive years in the SE states, from 04/05 thru the winter of 08/09, remember anyone? Then in 09/10 we experienced record cold into Florida frequently and even snow on the SE coast. Charleston had 14 nights of sub-freezing lows, consecutively, in January 2010. In Dec of 2010, the Coral reefs nearly died in Key West because of the cold, remember? It just depends on the pattern in place each winter. But a hard freeze in mid March certainly is very unusual in Florida. It came back with a vengeance. Therefore it’s quite likely that these intense cold waves along with freezing temperatures will become more severe in places such as Florida and other low latitude regions as global cooling intensifies in future years, assuming the right pattern is in place. If this scenario had played out in January, temperatures could have easily dropped into the teens in the same areas that had experienced record lows in Florida. So nothing has changed as to the potential of freezing temps into Florida – even if several years pass with relatively mild temps and no freezing weather. It’s a matter of when it returns, not a matter of if. The same can be said about the next ice age.

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