Lots of tremors beneath Katla volcano

“Map and table shows magnitude 2 to 3 is now at 65 total in past 48 hours!” says reader Thomas Loher.

“The number of 2 to 3 is increasing. Eruption coming soon??”

“Wonder how much longer the wait will be!”

Thanks to Thomas Loher for this link

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  1. Geological activity has been on the rise in response to the prolong solar minimum , and the active spurts it has from time to time create a larger jolt to earth. This has happend during the Dalton Minimum and the Maunder Minimum.

    Since the sun has had sudden burst of activity in it’s otherwise prolong solar minimum phase, geological activity has picked up significantly. This year especially so.

    Weak magnetic fields due to low solar activity and the earth’s magnetic field weakening seem to correlate with a persistence in weather patternsand a slowing down of weather systems. (Result more extreme climate.)This in turn is probably due to an increase in high latitude volcanic activity along with the ozone distribution changing in the stratosphere, both which serve to warm the stratosphere more in the high latitudes.

    In turn, more meridional circulation creates more clouds, more snow cover and precip, and thus increases earth’s albedo and lowers the temp.

    Cosmic ray increase also causing more clouds when magnetic fields are weak.

    Low solar activity can also be correlated with a +SOI index and a cold PDO/AMO all which conspire to cause a temperature decline, and if the duration and mgnitude are long enough and great enough, perhaps thresholds can be met which result in abrupt climatic changes.


    Temperature declines will be sure to follow as the prolong solar minimum exerts more influence on earth’s climatic system.

    • Have volcanic and/or tectonic activity increased outside of “normal” variation, say within the last 500 years or so?

  2. Salvatore,

    I was wondering if you might be able to guess how quickly the climate will change. Would the climate on earth dramatically turn cold, or will it be a long process? If this change was to occur in a short space of time – would it be over years, months or weeks?

    Woolly mammoths have been found frozen with summer buttercups in their stomaches. Could there be a snap freeze?

    No one seems to be prepared to come out with a guesstimate.

    • The mammoth case sounds like a more abrupt process than geologic climate change because the animal still had food in its belly so it didn’t slowly starve to death over several weeks.
      If we are entering a new Dalton Min. scenario we will probably still experience the usual climate variations but winters will be snowy and summers will not be bright/warm enough to melt so much of the winter snowfall.
      Even the mega eruption of Tambora in 1815 only caused minor temporary cooling. My concern is that regions such as Europe which are already poised on the brink of financial meltdown, may soon be unable to feed their own population.

  3. i can’t agree more with salvatore. it seems like after the 11,500 year expanse in time has finally ended. we truely need to prepare for the upcoming downturn in temperatures. it could be fast!.

  4. an older book I have , called The Sixth winter, describes the rather fast means by which severe cooling onsets.
    every year the snows do not entirely melt that has a cooler following year builds on global cooling. now it is an older book written by 2 weather related chaps, but I have also read similar by later authors.
    we are into year 3 as far as the uk and europe and use go. when planning new, or renovating older homes DO take into account the chance of extreme cold to come. if it happens you benefit, if it doesnt you still gain by the insulation sealing etc.

  5. I totally agree with Frank. It is time to stop messing around with “green” energy and encourage coal and nuclear powerplants, with lots more money diverted into producing somewhat cleaner, but cheap, sources of energy (e.g. thorium reactors). That may Western governments are not doing this is tantamount to declaring war on their citizens. Thousands are going to die as a result of the willful pursuit of the AGW agenda.

  6. I think how fast or slow the cooling proceeds this decade will depend upon the degree of magnitude and duration of time, that the items that control earth’s climatic system phase into.

    Example how deep will this solar minimum be, how much volcanic activity will result, how negative will the Arctic Oscillation be,how cold will the PDO be, how many La Ninas and how strong will they be?
    That will determine how much cooling there will be.

    One thing I do know is last century and especially from 1978-2000 all those items were in a warm phase, that has since changed ,and now the question is how much of a cooling will come as a result.

  7. There is a place about 5 km south of the volcano that has something going on almost all the time. I’m suspect that lava is pushing up an old chimney.

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