Loveland Ski area has more snow so far this season than ever in it’s 80-year-skiing history

This just in from reader Harry in the Vail Copper A Basin area:

“Just moments ago, on Denver Fox 31 met, Greg Dutro said, “Loveland Ski area has had 81 inches of snow so far this season, and has never seen this much snow in it’s ~80 years of skiing history, at the area and pass, since it began”.

That’s almost 7 feet! Almost 206 cm!

“In Vail, Vail Pass and Copper, A Basin areas, already sub zero nights more than once, so far.”

I just checked, and the Loveland ski area website confirms the 81-inch figure.

Thanks to Harry for this info

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  1. Loveland Pass is well known to truckers who haul Haz-May over the Pass, which is I 70 to Denver. Most traffic uses the Eisenhower tunnel, but it’s restricted for Hazardous Materials. Must be a real mess for the snow plow operators as it crests at 11,999 feet! Don’t ask me how I know!

  2. That’s surprising. I csn see why though. Winter was a month early. I just find it difficult to believe all these environmental writers still talking about global warming never step outside.

    • Ryan, they (Scum Warming Propagandists) “have” stepped outside and they could care less, and they are correct (They are “never” Right !) no matter what your lying-eyes see, so stop arguing with “them” because [ You ] lack the expertise to question “them”… !


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      One more thing, DID YOU BUILD THAT BRIDGE…….

      • Soon they will say that you’re required to have a cork stack in your a$$ to stop pouting the air, and at every street corner they will have check points to make sure that you’re wearing your fart stopper.

  3. They must mean Loveland has never received this much snow THIS EARLY in the season in its history, because 81 inches of snowfall is not a record for the entire season. The avg. annual snowfall at Loveland is 422 inches. Also, 81 inches is a healthy dose of snow, but that is not the settled base. The current mid mt. base is 28 inches which is great for early November. However, once again the alarmist predictions that “man made global warming” would kill the ski industry have failed. I heard these predictions in the mid 90s. Total tripe. Seasonal variability is real. Man made global warming is fake.

  4. thats no small amount of snow, wheres the unprecedented claims from the agw crew?
    oh yeah…cold isnt newsworthy is it?

  5. In November 2010 I skied waist deep powder at Breckenridge just a few peaks and valleys west of Loveland. The 2010/2011 seaon brought 500+ inches of snowfall to Breck, and I skied knee deep powder on May 15 at Berthoud Pass. Meanwhile in November 2015 I skied waist deep powder at Wolf Creek, Colorado. This snowfall at Loveland is not alarming. Impressive yes. The takeaway is that “man made global warming/climate change did not and is not killing the ski industry. Unfortunately my brainwashed peers in the ski industry do not understand seasonal variability, so whenever a ski area or a region has a low snow season they immediately claim it’s due to climate change/global warming.

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