Low magnetic field strength linked to both extinctions and evolution

New paper confirms what I said in both Not by Fire but by Ice and Magnetic Reversals and Evolutionary Leaps, that low magnetic-field strength during magnetic reversals can trigger both extinctions and evolution.

Unfortunately, magnetic-field strength is now declining rapidly.**


New fossil finds, improved fossil dating, knowledge of the past strength of Earth’s magnetic field, and refinements in the human evolutionary tree, suggest a link between ultraviolet radiation (UVR), magnetic field strength, and mammalian evolution, says a new paper by Channell and Vigliotti.

The earth’s  magnetic field shields us from galactic cosmic rays and solar wind, and from harmful UVR.  During magnetic reversals, that protection declines.

Over approximately the last 200,000 years, evolutionary changes corresponding to low geomagnetic-field strength support the proposition that UVR that can affect mammalian evolution by influencing DNA and Y chromosomes.

The demise of the Neanderthals about 41,000 years ago can be closely tied to low magnetic-field strength during the Laschamp magnetic excursion, and the survival of anatomically modern humans can be attributed to the evolutionary response to UVR flux.

Fossils in Australia and Eurasia from about 40,000 years ago, close to the Laschamp and Blake magnetic excursions, record an important die‐off of large mammals that included Neanderthals in Europe.

In the Americas and Europe, a large mammalian die‐off occurred about 13,000 years ago. Both die‐offs can be linked to low magnetic field strength implying that UVR flux variations to Earth’s surface influenced mammalian evolution.

Magnetic excursions have been named after the location where they were initially recorded such as Mono Lake (34 ka), Laschamp (41 ka), Blake (~115 ka), Iceland Basin (190 ka), and Pringle Falls (211 and/or 238 ka).

At least seven magnetic excursions have been documented in lavas and sediments of the last 300,000 years.

See entire 43-page paper, “The Role of Geomagnetic Field Intensity in Late Quaternary Evolution of Humans and Large Mammals:”

Thanks to Richard Allen for this link

** Note: When I wrote Not by Fire but by Ice, the earth’s magnetic field strength had been declining five percent per century. Now it’s declining five percent per decade!

14 thoughts on “Low magnetic field strength linked to both extinctions and evolution”

  1. Is it really evolution or more simply the advancement of species previously present and now flourish and thus become recognized as new?

  2. Very interesting in this respect are the publications of Ben Davidson on his site SUSPICIOUS OBSERVERS elucidating more the science of these processes from a cosmological perspective .

    • Ben also does a brief video daily update on youTube, and if I’m not badly mistaken Robert Felix is going to one the speakers and the next “Observing the Frontier” event Ben and his wife are hosting next year.

  3. According to Diamond at Oppenheimer Ranch Project, we have 2 more years til the next mass extinction. Except for those who are “prepared”. But unless I mistook him, he said that crops will not grow outside. So I guess in order to be prepared, one needs to find a nice cave, stock up on led grow lights and plenty of fuel for a generator.

    That lets me out, and 99.999% of the rest of the human race as well. What I cannot undetstand is why these cyclical events only extinctify certain living creatures instead of scouring life off the entire planet. Clearly, life is not starting over from scratch each time the magnetosphere dies out.

    Does anyone really know what we’re in for? Everyone keeps saying” Grow your own food! Grow your own food!” and now it’s “No, you can’t grow any food.”

    Fine. I needed to go on a diet anyway.

  4. hmm and i reckon thats had a bearing on the NON appearing migratory birds downunder
    add the lousy fishing season up nth for the muttonbirds as well as weak magnetic fields and the poor buggers that did try misjudged and are washing ashore starved and mostly dead
    the swallows made it(friends curse them) I adore them but mine moved out some yrs ago(feral cats i think)

  5. How might this diminished magnetic-field intensity, with concomitant atmospheric penetration of cosmic radiation, affect the well-attested decline in male testosterone levels, hence worldwide fertility rates, not just in humans but wildlife populations over the last fifty years?

    Establishing a link would mean that “pesticide pollution” as well as variously bruited environmental factors (sic) are not the culprit. Unless you’re some robotronic avatar, exo-solar genomic effects are not only inescapable but socio-economically disruptive.

    • It would not seem unreasonable that a “natural” response to an impending major cyclic change might well be that all species start to reproduce less since there will be less preferred food for a large population. For some species, that might drop them below a sustainable population, thus extinction. This well may be in the genetic code that has not been adequately explored.

      When you watch “wildlife,” there seems to be some reproductive reaction to such things as drought and wet periods. There seems to be fewer born when there is a drought in the future, larger families when there is going to be good growing seasons.

      The field strength may be a trigger that drops reproductive desire or preference. So much we don’t know, yet there are those that think they have all the knowledge of the Eternal Creator in the way they are willing to play with genetic manipulations.

    • That’s not the cause of low T. It is estrogenic compounds in plastic and pesticides/Herbicides. It’s the current enviroment in other words.

  6. Oops. Looks like Diamond’s timeline is 2 years to the Stone Age because of grid down, a little longer til mass extinction.
    So sorry.

    • Oh, I’m sorry…but Diamond lost lots of his credibility a few months ago when he insisted on Shiveluch having a 70,000 foot eruption when all available evidence was to the contrary. Please take his words with a grain of salt.

  7. I am fascinated to know why THIS paper, written in 1965, linking catastrophic extinction events with rapid magnetic pole changes, had remained CLASSIFIED by the CIA until recently, and even then, a “sanitized” or redacted version was released. Robert’s two books. “Not By Fire But By Ice” and “Magnetic Reversals” were written MANY years before the release, but it is striking to see just how much his excellent works have in common with this document. To be perfectly, honest, you need to read his books first, and THEN read this CIA piece. If that doesn’t wake you up to action and prepping for disaster, then NOTHING will!

    IF the stories that permeate SO many cultures and religions were simply fiction, as many believe, and if, as we are told, a Magnetic Reversal or excursion will hardly affect us, why did the CIA suppress this piece?

    THE ADAM AND EVE STORY by Chan Thomas
    LINK – https://www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/docs/CIA-RDP79B00752A000300070001-8.pdf

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