Lowest May temp on record for Lithgow, NSW Australia

Two days in a row.

Monday’s low of -7.7 degrees broke the previous record May low of -6.1 at the old Lithgow weather station at Birdwood Street and -5.9 at the new Cooerwull site.

Tuesday morning’s -6.1 degrees also would have equaled or beaten the previous May minimum records.


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5 thoughts on “Lowest May temp on record for Lithgow, NSW Australia”

  1. this is classic:-)
    why bother paying a motza for beachfront property then installing a pool??
    the pool itself survived rather well
    the land UNDER it however……LoL

    oh and not a word re the cold temps from any of the warmist mongrel MSM shills
    just their local report

    • And yet, just last night, I heard on the ABC news report that this year was shaping up to be the warmest on record! They just blatantly lie rather than bother dealing with the truth.

      Never let the truth get in the way of a good story… 😉

      • Every year since 2000 is the ‘warmest on record’ according to the warmist fools. Or since Al (globalist criminal)Gore ‘inconvenient truth’ (that its getting colder Al!)

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