Lowest solar activity activity in 200 years

Lowest solar activity activity in 200 years

Falls within the Dalton Minimum.

The current level of activity of solar cycle 24 (SC24) seems close to that of solar cycle number 5, which occurred beginning in May 1798 and ending in December 1810 (thus falling within the Dalton Minimum), says meteorologist Anthony Watts. 

Comparing SC24 to SC5 and Mean

The maximum smoothed sunspot number (monthly number of sunspots averaged over a twelve-month period) observed during the solar cycle was 49.2 in February 1805 (the second lowest of any cycle to date, as a result of being part of the Dalton Minimum), and the minimum was zero.

If the sun drives the climate, which I think it does, then we’re in for some rough times.


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  1. Gorey detail:Central Park just canceled their weekend ICE Festival.If it hits zero,it’ll be the first time since Jan.1994,a time when Nicole Brown was still alive.

  2. A cycle, a cycle, a cycle.
    With additional unnerving factors thrown in.
    Read Roberts book for some of the ones thrown in.

  3. Anthony Watts is not a qualified meteorologist – let’s not reduce credibility with false claims.

    He was a TV weather reporter.

    Climate change sceptics do not need to exaggerate their qualifications or claims as climate advocates do.

    Always remember the consensus of qualified “experts” practise group think more than anyone who is not part of their cabal and most of the pronouncements of the consensus have been ridiculously wrong !

    None more obvious than the consensus over Martians building canals in the 1900’s, Insulin does not treat diabetes according to the Royal Society of the early 20th century, and Helicobacter pylori does not cause ulcers – again according to the Royal society !

    Keep it real and avoid ad hominem personal attacks from the jackals who run with the pack of climate nonsense !

      • So are accountants and auditors, their profession has significant problems with individuals bending mathematical reality to meet their personal objectives, or personal belief systems and a few are subsequently spending time sowing mail bags for the state.

  4. Global warming is merely a mental preparation for the masses, so that they CONSERVE fuel. Those in the ‘know’ do NOT want us to burn too much. So the myth was propagated.
    Why? Because they know that the fuel will be desperately needed to keep billions warm very soon. I might be shot for leaking this, but it is time…

    • John, just as much to your reasoning there is still the “Planet Earth” Religion/Cult (Occult is a better word for it).

      These people are atheists and therefore Mother Earth is their god/creator and since there is/are no repercussions for the elimination of a few billion earthlings, why not just do it ?

      Through their philosophy, God is a figment of their imagination and since it doesn’t exist, tremendously reducing the population is a good thing, especially since only the strong survive !!!

      Now how do we do it without the majority noticing ? ! ?

  5. It’s a pity Anthony Watts is not using like for like counting of spot sizes with the Dalton records and continuing counting of fragments as full sized spots, if he were, the community would be able to see the true nature of our variable stars periodic slow down.
    In looking at various peer reviewed solar papers 70% of all Solar Warm Periods in this Interglacial, have been immediately followed by a Grand Minimum
    If you count full sized spots using a 40mm optic as per those used for the Wolf counts, I think you will find that the counts for SC24 are way below those for Dalton at this time.
    Fortunately, this current main Grand Minimum will be a two cycle event the same as Dalton but much lower in power output.
    This has always been the issue with Solar observations and with NASA community in particular, there are two many large egos involved, all trying to get their name on a piece of scientific real estate, but have lost sight of the reality of being able to compare apples with apples from the valuable solar records since 1700s.
    For comparison look here:
    For counting methodology see here:
    However, I agree entirely with his comments regarding the Sun driving the climate and in particular the amount of EUV energy being emitted. We all are going to live in interesting times, at least until 2060 for some of us, that it.

    • Anthony Watts doesn’t think solar activity has much influence on our climate, apart from warming it up. He’s backed up by a guy called Lief Svallgaard, who attacks anyone who suggest otherwise.

      Another guy on wuwt, constantly has a dig at Piers Corbyn, saying he’s no better than an astrologer. Despite the fact the Corbyn has a 85% success rate.

      Although it’s a good site for all things climate related, it’s really a place for lukewarmists, sadly. You want the truth. Stay with Ice Age Now. 🙂

    • In the thriller I read called ‘The Cassandra Sanction’ the solar scientist talks about the Great Solar Conveyor Belt slowing down. I checked that out, and it seems to be correct, but nobody seems to mention it. Wonder why?

  6. I don’t mind some ad’s except when they actually. Over up part of the article I’m suppose to be able to read.

  7. In times of wide spread moral corruption we must remember
    what Job said to his friends that God sends the hoarfrost to
    shots men indoor and make them consider their wheis!

    • And just watch Lucky Luciano, watch what this cold spell brings forth ?

      You’ll find much of that in Daniel and Revelations !

      Seriously !!!

    • A solar minimum, a significantly cool climate period with intense and long winters, referred to as a (LIA) or little ice age or (MIA) Mini Ice Age, in climate terms in Western Europe this can be windier and much wetter weather at low altitudes, but snowier, very cold winters in the central regions of major land masses.
      The climate change from ordered to disordered can take place in as little as 10 years, but takes much longer to return to more normal climate conditions, after the causes of the Solar Minimum dissipate. What can be observed is the significant reduction in EUV values being emitted by the Sun as the spot count for major spot deceases to very low values, and the fragment count increases significantly. EUV is emitted by the phage area around major spots; fragments have very little phage area, and emit reduced amounts of EUV. EUV is what drives the Jet streams and the lack of it causes their nature to change to meridonial.
      A full on Ice advance may be another 1000 years away.
      The definition of an ice age is an Ice cap at, or close to both poles we have had that situation for the last 400,000 years, however, each ice age is affected by a 100,000 year cycle which produces an Interglacial like the one we are in at the moment.

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