Lowest temperature ever recorded in Bangladesh history

“Record cold in Tokyo, record cold in Bangladesh, but the MSM doesn’t report this,” says reader Argiris Diamantis.

The mercury fell to 2.6 degrees Celsius at Tetulia in Panchagarh on January 8,  the lowest temperature ever recorded in the country’s history, beating the country’s previous the record low of 2.8 degrees Celsius set in Srimangal in Moulvibazar in 1968.

Hospitals have been flooded with kids and elderly patients due to the severe cold across the country this winter.


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  1. This is the advantage has having a permently written history of nearly 6K years long, One third of this Interglacial to date, which records GSM, Drought and Famines and benign Solar Warm Period times of plenty.
    Such a history is very difficult for civil servants to modify or homogenize to produce climate propaganda unless they are digital to such justify massive tax rises on carbon based energy production, and consumption and impose the corupt Wrold Bank’s management of Carbon Credits in so called democratic western states, which is simple redistribution from the working poor, to crimina leaders and governments in the Third world.
    The only reason the Western states have been hoodwinked by this fake news, and fake science, is that the Climate data captured since the 1900s has been digitised and the originals destroyed by the same Green AGW nutters who are in charge of maintaining the consistency and truthfulness of the 4 main climate data sets.
    This is the same as allowing the Mafia to be in charge of the finances of both Italy and Russia, and expecting then not to fiddle or defraud the people. Oops I shouldn’t have said that, as it’s possibly true. Given that Italy is so bankrupt it’s the next state to fall out of the EU.

    • “…the Climate data captured since the 1900s has been digitised and the originals destroyed by the same Green AGW nutters…”

      I take exception to that statement. They are not, on balance, nutters per se.

      They are, rather, hustlers, con artists and venal apparatchiks.

      Its just so damned easy to adopt the language and visage of a true believer when your grant money is dependent on your level of faith in the Lysenkoist Machinery of the Established Orthodoxy.

  2. not the place you expect to need woolly socks and jumpers on the average..
    and even storing winter clothing wouldnt be easy in the normal warm humid climate either

  3. That’s because it is weather not climate numbskulls.

    When temperatures support the narrative, it is climate. When temperatures do not support the narrative it is weather.

    Why can’t you science deniers get it?

  4. Agree that the MSM avoids all “cooling” references and only plays up the hot temperature stories. Our local radio station is no different. It is always WAY above average when nowhere near record and yet it’s merely a cold snap when we have near-record temps.

    Certainly cold in Bangladesh but not sure about this being a record cold in Bangladesh.

    “…the lowest temperature ever recorded in Bangladesh was 34°F (1°C) on February 3, 1905.”

    Might just be the coldest in 50 years of “formal” records.

    “It is the lowest temperature since authorities started keeping records in 1948,” Shamsuddin Ahmed, head of the Bangladesh Meteorological Department (BMD), told AFP. The previous record low of 2.8 °C (37 °F) was recorded in 1968, he added.


  5. There’s a variety of citrus named ‘Rangpur Lime’ from that part of Bangladesh.

    It’s hardy to 15F.

    Perhaps that’s the ‘cold’ that part of Bangladesh has experienced during the Maunder.

  6. If there were such a thing as a greenhouse effect as claimed by climate “scientists” the only effect it could have is to raise the minimum temperatures as the sun always rises “pumping” powerful heat inducing radiation into the Earth’s system. It could not possibly cause higher maximum temperatures – we all should understand cold objects cannot make hotter objects hotter.

    Every time there is a sequence of colder than normal temperatures it is more than weather as alarmists insist – it is a direct challenge to the only possible alleged effect so called “greenhouse gases” can have which is causing slightly increased minimum temperatures so next day the Sun causes slightly higher temperatures because it started out a little warmer.

    Of course alarmists are so contradictory they also claim “greenhouse gases” radiate ~83% of the infra-red to space which cools the Earth whilst at the same time they “trap heat”.

    Their claims are one of the best comedy routines ever but most people are so illogical they can’t even see this obvious paradox.

    Just how do you “trap heat” yet at the same time you radiate MORE to space as is proven by the satellites recording more IR radiated to space. They use these recordings of IR to calculate temperatures and make those graphs showing higher temperatures ? If you “trap heat” there should be LESS radiation to space and the satellites would show lower temperatures !

    That is funny but all the zealots can’t see it.

    • You obviously have not been to college:

      Global Warming = Climate Change = Man Made C02 = Climate Change = Temporary Global Cooling.

  7. Why are these FACTS about lowest cold in Tokyo and Bangladesh NOT reported by the BBC or the Press.
    Please write letters to London’s DAILY MAIL, TELEGRAPH and THE TIMES, stating facts such as these.

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