Lowest temps in Moscow in 120 years – Video

9 Jan 2017 – Deep freeze across Europe

Thermometers in Moscow stand around negative 30C (-22F)

Much of Eastern Europe is setting records for cold temperatures.

The extreme cold has worsened the situation for thousands of refugees still stuck in Greece and in the Balkans.

Thanks to Kevin A for this video

5 thoughts on “Lowest temps in Moscow in 120 years – Video”

  1. Maybe the Russian scientists that said we are starting a global cooling period, little ice age, are on to something?

  2. No one will believe it when in just a few more years from now it will get to be minus 100*C in Europe, yet alone Russia and Siberia too. That is how cold it was on occasions during the period between 1645 through until 1715. The Maunder Minimum. Needless to say no one is in anyway prepared for such extreme cold. The British Isles will be a death trap. I reckon that North America will become uninhabitable ! Everyone might end up mass migrating to Mexico ? I suspect that the Mexicans will be the first ones to be building a wall on the border. The problem in Europe is that our journey to Africa is blocked by the Mediterranean Sea. Mass migration into Europe by millions of Middle Eastern and African refugees is simply suicidal madness. Look at how they are literally freezing to death.

  3. Here in Australia our government thinks that they have this little problem of refugees covered. They are going to get a slap in the face pretty soon. A head turner in fact. I think that the Chinese government has everything sorted, they are already colonizing Africa.

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