Here are a few images that display the craziness we’re being subjected to.




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  1. this remains my mantra for likely the rest of my life as i do not expect that the society pre-virus will return:
    the virus infectd 1% of worldwide populations, no matter if they had great or poor medical systems; 1 one thousandths of 1 percent have died and 95% of those were elderly or have other conditions or both. driving in traffic is more dangerous than the virus for anyone under 65.
    i will not were facemasks, i will shake hands amd give hugs and if that means i can only hang out with 5% of the people, so be it.

  2. I have been cutting my own hair for almost 40 years now. A Norwegian socialist government employee compared a barber job to a job at a mechanical workshop and said they were of equal importance.

    Thanks for staying on top of this issue, I bet it is very much related to the fear of CO2 as well.

  3. Welcome to our New Normal – Social Distancing Crowns, Bumper Cars and Pac-Man Eating Masks

    Really Graceful – is Really Amazingly Graceful too
    What the Media Won’t Tell You About YouTube

    Amazing Polly
    YES! African Leaders Stand Up! Tanzania & Madagascar
    everybody including Jeff and Larken kicked in to help settle Polly’s tummy;)
    Larken Rose
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    BEHIND THE MASK: Fake Sky News Report On Mexico City Crematoriums and Death Counts Exposed

  4. My take on masks – I do not wear them and will not except where it is legally required. I believe they are damaging to your immune system and agree that anyone who feels scared of me because of that… .by all means stay over 6 feet away.

    However, I would also want to make this point – it seems to me that most of those wearing masks (other than workers who are required to)… are absolutely oozing with bad vibes in the form of fear, negativity, anger and self-righteous indignation. I do not believe those feelings are good for anyone! I recently read of one store (Staten Island I think) where customers in a store yelled and harrassed a fellow customer who chose not to mask, and basically kicked the out of the store.

    Does it not seem odd to you that an entire culture (that would be China) where for decades has had people wearing face masks in public… still got an outbreak of the virus?? It seems to me that more or less proves they are useless, unless you can get the medical ones which require a fitting…. and that those are NOT intended to be worn for long periods of time.

    • That is too generalised. I wear a mask and observe hand hygiene when I go out to shop, etc. To me, that is just commonsense atm in view of my age and a couple of problems healthwise. It is protection to some degree against those who totally disregard notices in our local supermarket asking people to use the handgel supplied.
      I refuse to stay locked up unecessarily; that is very unhealthy, but likewise, I will take what steps I judge to be necessary for my health.

      • It is your right to do as you please. Some people say that it is still a free country. I doubt it. I don’t care if you wear a mask but let me do what I think is best for me.

      • Annie,
        It sounds to me that you may be wearing a mask because you think it’s going to protect you from getting the virus (“commonsense … in view of my age and a couple of problems healthwise”). Am I right in this understanding this?

        There have been numerous (even “official”) articles written about the fact that the masks do NOT protect the maskwearer from getting the virus. They are only intended to reduce transmission from a person who might be asymptomatically infected.

        If you are immune compromised (plenty of reasons some people are)… I would recommend highly that you discuss your concerns with your primary care doctor and ask for their recommendations.

        • I am not telling you what you should do! I am making up my OWN mind as to what is right for me. You can believe what you like; by the same token, so can I. You sound more bossy about this than those you are criticising in your first comment! I do not tell others what they should do.

          • Thanks fine with me. Not sure why you think I’m “bossy” but feel free to think what you want.

            I have had people with masks glare at me and as I noted, there have been documented examples of people with masks screaming at those without… and even a group bullying and “kicking someone out” of a store for not masking, just saying.

      • An N95 mask has holes in the filter material ~2.5x larger than the virus. Cloth masks have holes ~100 times larger than the virus.

        Those masks are for *dust*, not viruses. They are wholly ineffective as protection against viruses.

        Further, the virus can enter through the eyes… are you also wearing a face shield?

        Well, even that may not be enough… a new study finds that ~33,000,000 viruses per square meter per hour settle out of the atmosphere. This is why lockdowns are effective in slowing the faster human-to-human spread in the initial stages of an outbreak, but long-term have no benefit. The virus gets blown up into the upper troposphere, and is transported all over the place, where it then falls out. This is why they’re now finding cases who had no contact with anyone infected.

        “But the virus dies after x hours on surfaces, so it certainly wouldn’t be able to travel very far in the air!”, you may surmise. Yeah, no… the reason the virus ‘dies’ (it’s not really alive or dead to begin with) on surfaces is because other growies eat them or light destroys them. In the air, the only thing that can kill it is UV light. On a cloudy day and at night, viruses can travel hundreds of miles.

        While it is your choice to wear a mask or not, what are you accomplishing, knowing that you’re not really protected unless you’re wearing a full-face force-air respirator? At this late stage, masks (especially cloth masks) are nothing more than Kabuki Theater… a means of making the lesser-educated believe they’re *doing* *something* (even if they’re not) to stop the virus, thus they emotionally buy-in to the zeitgeist that we must remain locked down.

        The lock down is designed to bankrupt as many people as possible, to get as many people dependent upon government as possible. Now… remind me, which party is it that has kept certain segments of society dependent upon government, living in slums, and for what reasons?

        Start thinking for yourselves, people. I know, thinking is hard… trust me, socialism is harder. Unless, of course, you *enjoy* defacto slavery and widespread famine. Because if you don’t WAKE UP immediately, that’s what’s in store for the US and for the world.

        There are those who’ve said, “Oh, that can’t happen here.”. It is happening here Right Now.


  5. Good for you Jean. In CA I think they ARE legally required now, but we are a few scattered resisters in a few stores that don’t enforce it. Our county has started enforcing it in buses just today. That is, CA is still tightening up, hasn’t started loosening yet.

    I actually did try to wear one for a few minutes the other day, cuz I couldn’t find any other notary. They supplied me w one, but I had to repeatedly hold it away from my face– terribly hot & I couldn’t breathe. No way, Jose!

    I’m still passing out the first 4 pp of (It automatically prints both sides, so it’s just 2 sheets). Several people have recognized me & come up to thank me for them. A young pharmacist is the latest, “Thank you for that information. I suspected there was something wrong.” Only 1 person in about 50 refused to accept it.

    • thanks Penelope. I’ve passed the link along to several people (my printer in is out!) and plan to pass it along to others. Very good summary of what’s what… and not compromised by politics & general BS.

    • I live in CA and wear a mask into the stores to humor the people who actually think it is doing some good. (Oh yeah, and also comply with the edicts from on high) Wearing a mask in CA has become yet another virtue signalling behavior like driving a hybrid or electric car. These behaviors do nothing to meet their intended “virtue” but make the pious appear virtuous.

      • Amen, brother. Same here.

        I actually emailed the head guy where I work, presented evidence that the cloth masks we’re now required to wear are wholly inadequate for anti-viral purposes and accomplish nothing… I was ‘called into the office’ and warned not the question anything anymore, with a veiled threat that ‘it would come back on me’ if I continued. Not one of management has the cajones to ask the question: “Why are we listening to incompetents masquerading as ‘experts’, who have an ulterior motive in pushing these destructive actions that are destroying the very business which gives you your job?”… they are all ‘go along to get along’… but that’s not going to work for much longer. Those incompetents masquerading as ‘experts’ usually target those ‘go along to get along’ milksops eventually. The incompetents generally being cowards, those who stand up for themselves and promulgate truth are generally left alone for fear of provoking us into exposing the incompetents *as* incompetent.

        Masks are merely a tool to condition the sheeple into believing they’re “doing something” in stopping the virus, which leads to those sheeple buying-in to the consensus that we must remain locked-down until the virus is eradicated (remember… the initial purpose of the lockdown was to prevent overwhelming the hospitals… they are not overwhelmed, ~1 million nursing staff have been furloughed nationwide… so that goalpost was moved), and those lockdowns are designed to bankrupt those sheeple so they are dependent upon government… if one is dependent upon government for their daily bread, they’re less likely to argue against actions taken by that government, and less likely to vote out those politicians providing that daily bread.

        This is an enslavement of the populace to government, nothing more.

        You’ll note this follows closely the historic line taken by democrats in keeping black US citizens ‘on the plantation’ (ie: dependent upon government, without a job, voting for democrats)… the democrats have merely expanded their ‘plantation’ to include anyone gullible enough fall for the socialist lies.

        The democrats call their system of veritable enslavement of blacks ‘the farm’ (no joke, they really call it that), presumably because actually calling it ‘the plantation’ would be just a tad bit too obvious.

        Meanwhile, the business is running at 4% of prior business, and management is “We’re still in business! Nothing to see here! Everything is fine! No problems whatsoever! Don’t bother the head guy with your questions, he’s busy running a business! He can’t be bothered with considering why the business is bleeding out.”.

  6. The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation and their vaccines have been thrown out of India and other countries. They are charged with using poor children to test vaccines and they are dying. Poor Bill, Our President told him to stop his tracking in Wa. too!

  7. Missing the citation, but we recall a commentator saying, “Wearing a mask is like putting up a chicken-wire fence to guard against mosquitoes.”

  8. was amused to hear the spiffy masks with the oneway vent…
    are basically pushing possibly buggy breath straight out;-)

  9. I recently found two excellent websites with information why and how (especially constantly) wearing a mask can actually be harmful to you. Both are by experienced health care providers.

    As an FYI, I do feel that with my background (as a retired epidemiologist) I have a personal responsibility to share information of this type and to expose misinformation whenever I see it… but if it offends you feel free to ignore me.

    (OK for you men, the one with the UK nurse, she is very pretty so have fun listening to her give you a “bossy lecture”).
    (UK nurse explains why wearing a mask is bad for you)


    I took a little drive this afternoon down to Tubac (closer to the border with Mexico) and on the way back had to go through the border crossing. Our poor border patrol offices are now being forced to wear masks (this week we are having a heat warning with temps expected over 100 degrees F). They work outdoors! But forced to wear masked because some fearful people here were complaining … despite the fact the ONLY time they get more than 6 feet away is when they suspect people of doing something illegal. They have dogs that can sniff for drugs and have done an excellent job detecting some really bad stuff people were trying to get into our country – including several recent attempts to transport huge shipments of heroin and fentayl over the border here.

    Note also there have been increasing incidences where YouTube and other internet sources have been censoring alternative information (much of which I agree with).

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