Lying for the Cause

Hitler once said: “People will believe a big lie sooner than a little one; and if you repeat it frequently enough, people will sooner or later believe it!”

“The Climate Industry is following this advice.” – Viv Forbes

Lying for the Cause

By Viv Forbes

Modern climate alarmism was launched with the 2001 IPCC report featuring the now infamous “hockey stick” graph. This showed global temperature flat for 1,000 years and then soaring skywards from about 1900 onwards. There is just no way to say this politely – this graph was based on lies.

First, the Medieval Warm Period was erased from the record and second, they used selected tree-ring temperature proxies that were known to be misleading and unrepresentative. Then they stretched the vertical axis to create a more alarming picture. The Hockey Stick established the idea that it is OK to lie in support of a great cause.

Gore’s biggest lie

The Hockey Stick was followed by Al Gore’s 2006 film “An Inconvenient Truth” – inconveniently, a British judge found that there were nine “scientific errors” in this film. The biggest lie was Gore’s claim that carbon dioxide triggered and drove global temperature. However, the ice core graphs which he presented showed that temperature changes always preceded the changes in carbon dioxide.

No unusual rise in sea levels

An ever-green climate lie says: “Sea levels are rising fast and will soon drown a city near you. We need money from rich countries to cope”. Leaders in the Pacific nations should monitor the tide gauges which surround the Pacific Ocean from US west coast, Canada, Alaska, Australia, New Zealand and Hawaii. They show no unusual rising in sea levels. Land and sea levels are always changing, totally oblivious to trace gases in the atmosphere. There are marine fossils in the Himalayas and the Andes, and ancient cities now lie beneath the oceans.

Then there is the recurring lie that ocean “acidification” will kill the Great Barrier Reef. Corals have survived for many millions of years, despite many changes in the climate and the atmosphere. The vast oceans are not controlled by the puny atmosphere and if they do warm for whatever reason (including natural changes in solar intensity, volcanic activity, Enso/El Nino events or ocean currents) they expel carbon dioxide or deposit it in vast beds of carbonates on the sea floor. Ocean chemistry is controlled by river inflows, melting and growth of ice sheets, oceanic sedimentation, marine plant growth, submarine volcanism and changes in ocean currents, not the atmosphere.

Over 31,000 scientists dispute the “consensus”

Finally, there are two big lies – the “Consensus” myth and the “Settled Science” claim. Both ignore the fact that over 31,000 scientists have signed a petition disputing them. Moreover, the shoddy science, data manipulation, concealment of worksheets and distortions of truth are exposed on a daily basis by competent scientists and dozens of sceptical bloggers, many with relevant qualifications and experience.

The Climate Industry flourishes on government funds and is dominated by vested interests and their media trumpets. Climate Science is so infected by lies created and spread by red/green promoters and one-world government extremists that honest enquiry and research rarely gets public airing.

All of this wasted effort is just adding to the burdens on tax payers and electricity consumers: Here is the real hockey stick:

Hockey Stick Graph

Hitler once said: “People will believe a big lie sooner than a little one; and if you repeat it frequently enough, people will sooner or later believe it!”

The Climate Industry is following this advice. They need to be told that lying for the cause is not science.

New PM Turnbull was quick to clean out the cabinet room. Now he needs to clean out the climate stables.

Viv Forbes,
Rosewood    Qld   Australia

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9 thoughts on “Lying for the Cause”

  1. I’ve read that new studies show CO2 follows Warming and Cooling by no more than 200 years. If true, this makes it easy to slice off a period of time and see CO2 rising and the Temperature rising, then relate that rise to CO2 causing temperature rise rather than CO2 reacting to temperatures 200 years age.

  2. Hitler did not say “people will believe a big lie if repeated over and over” (not exact quote).It was Joseph Goebbels the propaganda minister of the Nazi regime-kind of like the current regime repeating the Globaloney/Climate Change lies every chance they get and I am sick of hearing it!

    • And it is my understanding that he was referencing the practice of the European Ashkenazi race when we made that statement.

  3. Nice to read Viv here;-)
    and sadly ,
    his hope that turncoat backstabbing lowlife excuse for a pm the polls driven fools ditched an honest man for..
    is in any way going to be a friend to the NONdeluded amongst us..
    hes a goldbags sux/maquarie man, once n always
    hes into power n money
    so the greentinge is going to seep in slowly but in devious ways that might slip by at the slime it is!
    hes going to help push TPP through to further ruin our nation or whats left of its industry
    not much truth be told Labor managed to wipe out the little that was there with the greentarded policies we lost Alcoa portland and a pile of manufactories.

  4. The big lie is coming from what is being taught in education facilities. It is amazing to think it is preached that humans can take on the forces of nature, bend it to our will and expect instant climate change without understanding that, when one part of the equation is changed it effects the other factors in the equation also. There are so many causes for climate and maybe humans have played a minor part. However, this old rock has had a lot of changes long before the fish walked on land. I think all this 20 years of noise is because the science community has forgotten just how long humans have been around and we have forgotten in our age of instant gratification that the earth is in constant flux. Better hope we are living on Mars when the next major plate boundary shifts and really changes things.

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